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Stardew Valley: How to Level up Mining [FAST]

Stardew Valley: How to Level up Mining [FAST]

In Stardew Valley, Mining is considered an important step to access the best items by exploring the mine. By doing so, you’ll be able to get chances to craft and improve your farm at home. However, mines don’t open until the 5th day when Jojo Mart finally blasts and removes the rock that was blocking you from entering.

After you enter, you’re able to mine so you can raise your Mining, obtain the material for crafting, and raise the combat skills by taking down the monsters. The mines go down to 120 floors, each having different items and monsters. The deeper you go, the easier it is to acquire valuable items and more stringent to fight the monsters.

This in-depth guide will teach you to be a professional miner and help you boost your mining skills in Stardew Valley.

Fastest Route to Access the Mine

Few routes can be acquired to get to the mines; however, there’s one specific route that’s not hard, and it’s faster. Reaching the mine faster will help you boost up your mining skills. With the north-central exit of your farm, you head to the east and then go down the cliff and go around the tent. Once you reach, the bridge to the mine is located alongside the adventurer’s guild. After you enter, the head of the guild will be greeting you and will also provide you with a sword that you will use to fight and protect against monsters. By using a ladder, you’ll go down and enter the mine.

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Essential Tips for efficient Mining

There’s no exact time for the mines to spawn; it happens randomly. Based on how far down you go, you’ll find different biomes. When spawning occurs randomly, you’re able to go back to the levels, and you’ll see that rocks and monsters are back, and you can farm them again. By being able to farm them again, you can obtain specific gems, crystals and ores that are only available to a certain level.

You can always go back to a particular level and collect whatever you need by fighting your way to it. For the exit, you can usually find it anywhere though sometimes it’s hidden under a rock, and you have to see it, or you spawn it by fighting the monsters.

Stardew Valley: How to Level up Mining [FAST]
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Food and Other Items

With every level of the mine, you’ll have an elevator that will be used to help you return. The deeper you go; you’ll come in the face with stronger monsters than your previous level. And with your depth, you’ll find valuable metals more, like gold and iron. However, you’re still obliged to come back home by 2 am or you’ll breakdown regardless of your energy level.

To avoid that, it’s best to come prepared, or else you’ll lose gold. You should bring some food with you so you can fight and maintain your energy and don’t risk losing gold. One tip is that you leave around 12 am so you can manage yourself better.

Further in levels, you should also build a chest and place it near the mine’s entrance for storage purposes so as you mine, you have more space in your backpack. This also gives you less chance of losing items after you pass out or die.

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Rock Mining in Stardew Valley
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Rock Mining

There are few ways that can help you level up your mining skills. You can simply mine and break as many rocks as you can, and you’ll be rewarded a certain amount of experience, but it wouldn’t be enough. Normal rocks will only help you gain little skill XP, but naturally, gems and ores will get you more XP. To be able to obtain more mining XP, you need to go deeper and mine down the valuable items.

The deeper the level is, the more chances are for you to access the valuable items easier. With each level, +1 will be added to your pickaxe proficiency. This feature with each level will make it more useful, and you’ll have less energy consumed with your swings.

You can also find weapons in the mines sometimes, which help you not lose your energy. You will boost up your mining skills more when going into mines rather than farms. You can also use the bomb as it will help your skills to boost; however, you should stock them up for Skull Cavern as it’s a harder mine to deal with, and you’ll face mummies.

Be smart when you go down to the mines. Efficient moves will also help you get more mining skills fast, like bringing food, checking luck beforehand, and keeping an eye for patterns.

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