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Apex Legends: How to Play Mirage 

Apex Legends How to Play Mirage

You may have chosen the strongest character of a video game and assured yourself how you could achieve victory through that character. But it is important to know that if you are not properly playing your character, the game may not be in your favor. You will find this happening in various games, including Apex Legends, a game by Respawn Entertainment. In the game, you will find a wide variety of characters you can choose from, and among them, you will find Mirage, which you should consider playing.

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As mentioned earlier, you should play a character properly to have a favorable game. Therefore, you should know about the character’s skills and abilities. Underneath, you will find all the information regarding Mirage and some additional tips and tricks to help you through the game.

Tips to Play Mirage

Abilities and Tips

Various characters in Apex Legends bring their different abilities to help you fight through the enemies, benefit your team, and help you on your path to victory. Similarly, Mirage in Apex Legends brings his own special abilities and skills to have you make the most use out of. One of the most important weapons you have is your knowledge of your character and the game. If you are aware of the tips and tricks specific to your character, it will benefit you in the game. Underneath, you will find the details regarding his abilities, what they are, the benefits they bring, and how you can utilize them properly. 

Passive Ability: Now You See Me

You may have already heard of such a title before in the form of the famous movie title. You may be able to get an idea from it of what this ability allows Mirage to do. You may also know about the invisibility cloak from the famous Harry Potter series. Similarly, the Now You See Me ability allows Mirage to be cloaked along with his teammates when he is reviving them. 

Additionally, while he is cloaked, he is able to deploy a decoy. While being cloaked, you are safe from potential attacks from the surrounding enemies, and you are able to revive your teammate successfully. You can refer to it as an automatic cover or an immediate hideout when you are down or any of your teammates are. You are also able to cloak yourself when you are utilizing the Respawn Beacons. 

Tips for the Passive Ability

While this passive ability may come off as simple to you or a quick cover-up, you should still carefully use it. When you are hidden through it and have a decoy deployed to trick your enemies, remember that this invisibility will last only five seconds for you. While being cloaked, you would not be able to stay in that state for long, and therefore you should be planning your next moves too. Additionally, it is not majorly recommended to utilize your knockdown shield while using this ability. 

You are using the Now You See Me ability to hide when you are downed but using the knockdown shield can act as an indicator of where you are to the enemies or opponents around you. Your effort to stay hidden might go to waste. Therefore, it is recommended you do not use your knockdown shield during this time. Instead of using your knockdown shield to give away your location, use the five seconds of invisibility to move out of the area you were previously in with surrounding enemies. 

While you may be safe once you are reviving your team member with the help of this ability, it is important to stay safe while you are reaching out to your downed teammate. Make sure your enemies are not looking in your teammate’s or your direction when you decide to move towards the teammate. Be careful when moving towards the teammate and then using your passive ability. 

Best tricks to Play Mirage

Tactical Ability: Psyche Out

This tactical ability of Mirage is an interesting one and used to have your enemies be confused or tricked. Through this ability, you can have a holographic decoy being sent out walking straight ahead of where you are. It will start to run and make all the enemies confused or tricked into thinking you are. The decoy will continue to run until it has arrived at your targeted destination or something has forced it to stop, such as coming in contact with an obstacle. Overall, this ability has a cooldown of fifteen seconds. 

While this may seem interesting enough, there is an additional power it brings to you to let you control the decoy’s movements. As mentioned earlier, the decoy is used to trick the enemies into thinking that the holographic decoy is you. Therefore, if you are able to control its movements, you can make it act or behave in a similar way to you to succeed in tricking the enemies. You can have it mimic you by using the Alternate Interact Button. 

Another advantage it brings along is providing you information about where your enemies are. This information can be received only in the case that your decoy has been shot by your opponent or enemy. Eventually, you will get to know where your enemies are, and you can share that information with your team. 

Tips for Tactical Ability

Psyche Out is an ability that can come in handy and have you be safe from your enemies as you distract or divert their attention through your decoy. As mentioned earlier, you can have it mimic your movements to further successfully trick your enemies. Therefore, the first tip would be to use this to your advantage and have your decoy walk, jump, and even slide like you so that the enemies believe it is you. Additionally, you can send out your decoy to act like it is peeking only to see if there are any enemies nearby waiting to attack you. 

You may want to use your decoy to safeguard yourself from attacks, perhaps, but you should know that it cannot shield you from bullets or stop them. Also, consider sending a number of decoys to various directions so that your enemies will be shooting at them, and you will automatically and safely be getting the information regarding their locations. Your enemies’ locations are really important, and this ability or tactic enables you to have information on it.

Different ways to Play Mirage

Ultimate Ability: Life Of The Party

As interesting as its name may seem, the ability’s use is interesting and creative too. If you have about five exact copies of you moving in the same direction as you in a circle, it can be confusing for anyone witnessing it. Similar is the case in this game, as Life of the Party allows you to do this exact same thing and have your enemies be stuck guessing which one is the real you. 

Additionally, to your benefit, you playing as Mirage will turn invisible for a second before this team arrives. Eventually, your enemies will find it more difficult to figure out who the real you are among the group. Overall, it has a sixty seconds cooldown. 

How to Play Mirage in 2022

Tips for Ultimate Ability

It would help if you used this ability to your advantage while also being careful when using it. When this ability is being used, you may be near your enemies and vulnerable to them, especially if you fail to deceive them fully. You can choose to move away from your decoys and spread so that once any of the enemies shoot your decoys, you are not immediately exposed. You will need to keep yourself safe if you are aiming to survive through the game. This form of disguise or deception can help you be safe as your enemies know they have to shoot at you but will find it hard between five other look-alikes of yours. 

Another tip is to use your passive ability with this ultimate ability which can be an effective combination. One of the ways you can use them together is to send out this circle of decoys towards your enemy and have them surround your enemy while the real you go to your team member in need of revival. You can then use your passive ability to cloak both of you and help him revive. Combining these abilities can be interesting and effective. It would help if you considered using them together and seeing them yourself.

Above, you read about how Mirage is a character who can use his abilities to trick and confuse his enemies in the game. He can use these abilities to remain safe covered and help his team members revive as well as know the location of the enemies nearby by using decoys. All of this information regarding Mirage’s abilities, skills, and additional tips can help you through the game and achieve your aim of surviving through the game and benefiting your team alongside yourself. In the end, remember to have fun. All the best.

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