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Apex Legends Beginner’s Guide: Tips For Surviving The Outlands

Apex Legends Beginner's Guide: Tips For Surviving The Outlands

Apex Legends is one of the well-liked online FPS games on the present market. The fast-paced and challenging nature makes this game quite addictive, even among folks that have played every FPS battle royale game in the last couple of decades.

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What makes this game such a massive success is the chaotic gameplay experience. Regardless of how many hours one puts into this game, they will never be able to master it, even with the best Apex Hacks with aimbot. Surviving The Outlands can be pretty challenging, but do not worry, as the below listed can surely make the task a tad bit easier.

Opt for a legend that matches your playing style

This is a tip that simply cannot be emphasized enough; you must be extremely careful how you decide on the best legend for your game. You cannot simply pick one at random without giving too much thought to the character’s abilities and skill set.

Basically, four different types of characters are there in the game: defensive, support, acknowledgment, and lastly offensive. They are all distinct from each other, so it would be best if you decide on your playing style before opting for any of the legends in the game.

Apex Legends Beginner's Guide: Tips For Surviving The Outlands

Stay with the team

While it is possible for one to go solo in the game and aim for victory, we would advise against such a strategy, especially if you are a beginner in the game. It might seem incredibly cool, but it is impossible for new players of the game to pull off. In many ways, Apex Legends is the ultimate team game, and you will need the help of your teammates if you want to survive in the game for more than a minute or so.

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Always drop in the general area of your team and keep one eye on the minimap. This allows you to stay near them at all times. Communication is certainly the most essential part of the game. You can quickly inform your teammates of a nearby enemy or even ping them the location of the ammo or healing items.

Use your ability wisely.

Every Legend in Apex Legends has unique abilities that can quickly turn the tide of the game in the player’s favor, but only if they are used wisely. It is highly likely that you already know this, but that does not mean you can use your given ability any way you see fit. It is pretty standard for many players to have a knee-jerk reaction on how they use their character’s ability which is only one of the mistakes you can make in the game – however it is a massive one.

These techniques have a cooldown before they can use be used again. So, if you choose poorly, it is very likely you will be dead before you get the opportunity to take advantage of the ability again in the round.

Learn the map

Understanding the nitty-gritty and learning every corner of the map can be a major difference-maker when it comes to your survival chances in the game. Put your focus on locating the hot spots on the map that see most of the action and figure out how you can take advantage of that. Now it might not be easy and would equally be time-consuming, but once done, it will propel you over your peers who are at the same level as you. It is a bit of advice that you can also follow for other online FPS battle royale games.

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Use the Replicator

Replicators are a handy machine in Apex Legends that can help you stock up on ammo and healing pads (which can be highly beneficial later on in the game). They can also provide you with unique special attachments that can benefit your character. However, you need to collect materials by either opening the supply bins or the blue containers found on the map that are essential for the Replicator. We have already said that the game is quite challenging but can also be equally rewarding.

You also need to be extra careful when using the Replicator, as other teams might be lurking around your location, waiting for you to drop your guard and take your loot.

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