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Top 7 Poppy Playtime Secrets

Poppy Playtime Secrets

Poppy Playtime has become one of the most popular and most-played indie-horror games out there. In a short period of time, it has managed to give a bottleneck competition to Five Nights at Freddy’s. Honestly speaking, the game is challenging, but knowing the right secrets about the game can help you score better. So, let’s check out some secrets that no one told you about.

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Being one of the best horror games, it allows the players to interact with the surroundings with a device that looks like a Hookshot and a GrabPack. The game is loaded with nostalgia (it’s mysterious, by the way). Since it’s jam-packed with features and personality, it has sparked curiosity among many players, so let’s get into some secrets to enjoy the real essence of the game!

Poppy Is Not Only A Name

The first chapter of the game starts and ends with Poppy, who seems to be an emotional yet eerie doll. It goes without saying that it’s more than a dollar, but her name is the most important part. To be precise, the poppy is a red-colored flower – the color is the same as the color painted around Poppy’s room door. These flowers usually symbolize sleep, remembrance, and death. 

Whenever you pass around Poppy, you wake her up even when she is locked up in the room. In addition, she keeps saying, “I am a real girl just like you,” which means there are chances that she is the outcome of death. In addition, Poppy also means that you uncover the memories that are buried in the isolated, dark, and deserted factory that swoons with evil spirits. 

Disastrous Working Conditions At Playtime Co.

The questionable past of the facility is slowly revealed through impeccable environmental storytelling, and there are some hidden tapes that are launched during the process. In addition, the posters are plastered all over the rusted walls that show rules about the employees, including; 

  • Don’t hide behind the door to scare Laithe Pierre 
  • Don’t step foot in the innovation wing if you don’t have authorization

Honestly, the posters seem harmless on the surface, but the posters that say, “breaks longer than ten minutes aren’t permitted” are more suspicious. This is because it’s beyond the zippy and vivacious jabs on the current work conditions. 

Tapes Signal Some Disastrous Secrets

The plot of Poppy Playtime is loaded with mystery, and there is just-enough exposition in the game, but it’s not the same. This is because if you invest some time in exploring the factory, you will stumble across the optional VHS tapes that share secrets about the situation. These tapes can be easily located if you have an old TV and a VCR.

Each tape covers a specific part of the sordid history of Playtime Co., such as a scientist not caring about his colleagues’ screams as he conducts experiments and staving off old age. In fact, we think that the experiment 1-0-0-6 is highly likely to be Huggy. 

More Monsters Are On The Way

Ranging from a blue abomination to a leggy design, Huggy Wuggy is the ultimate monster in the horror history of the game. Huggy Wuggy is a thin and tall monster like Slender Man and is based on the plaything you regularly see in kids’ hands. However, this isn’t all for Poppy Playtime because, with the teaser of chapter two, there are more monsters on the way. 

For instance, the experiment 1-0-0-6 from the tape suggests Kissy Missy, who is a pink companion of Huggy Wuggy. In addition, there is Bron (it’s a brontosaurus), candy cat, and boogie bot. 

Everything Seems To Be Alive

Before the first chapter wreaks havoc on you by unleashing the full Huggy Wuggy, you have to put together a puzzle room – it’s pretty literal. This is because you really have to search for the parts and conjoin them together to create a toy known as Cat-Bee. It’s a cat with wings, but the machine you choose for storing the spare parts will keep watching you (yes, it has eyes!). 

There is a Make A Friend machine, which has huge and round eyes with little beady pupils; they watch you every step of the way. At this point, it’s important to wonder why a machine would have a set of eyes. Is it for experiment or for security? Only time will tell!

Huggy Keeps Watching You

You might think that Huggy is a mindless beast, but it’s not the case. Rather, it is a skilled and well-known hunter. As soon as you step into Playtime Co, Huggy will start keeping tabs. For instance, when you start the cursed quest, you will be able to see the prominent status of Huggy in the atrium. However, it vanishes away from the scene, particularly from the pedestal. 

In addition, the game has subtle visual and audio cues that show that Huggy is around, such as a pair of eyes peering through wall gaps and a sliding and fluffy limb that stares from the edge of frames. However, these small signs stop when the battle begins, or in particular, when Huggy is ready to hunt and kill. 

Poppy Playtime top 5 Secrets

Huggy Bleeds

When the scary running and chasing through the conveyor belts and ventilation ducts end, Huggy will come off the catwalk and keep bouncing off the walkways and pipes until Huggy is swallowed by an industrial abyss that’s placed below the catwalk. Honestly, it’s hard to identify, but there are some dark blood spots where the mass of Huggy meets metal. 

Having said that, there are chances that Huggy is not just cross stitches and synthetic fur; rather, it’s a living organism. It can be ensured by human-like eyes and wicked teeth. 

Tips To Level Up In Poppy Playtime

Now that you know the game’s secrets, let’s check out some tips to score the best scores and level up in the game!

Try Experimenting With GrabPack

GrabPack is one of the best companions throughout the game because it can be used to interact with in-game items and solve puzzles. However, you might have to experiment with the GrabPack to understand its mechanics. For this reason, it’s recommended that you take a few minutes to use the GrabPack to make sure the red hand doesn’t fumble. 

Check Out The Gift Shop

To begin with, you have to start by unlocking the security door that allows you entry into the factory – it’s the initial puzzle. However, some players might have difficulty finding the code because it’s not always visible in the first go. Well, to find the code, you’ve to go into the Gift Shop, and it will help you unlock the door and allow entry into the factory – it won’t be visible at first glance, so look around. 

Use Fuses To Search Different Areas

When you get your hands on the blue hand for GrabPack in the game, the player will need to search for the red hand. For this purpose, the player will need to look for various fuses to put them into a control panel. Except for one particular fuse, the fuses are usually generated in a random sequence, so a player has to look for the fuses throughout the room. 

Keep Interacting

In the major part of the game, the player has to interact with the environment to solve the puzzles and learn about the surroundings or uncover the mystery of people disappearing. In simpler words, there are too many secrets to be found, which is why you’ve to keep interacting with everything that comes your way. As a player, you need to be thorough with your search in every room, even if you don’t find a specific answer to the puzzle. 

Focus On Video Cassettes

To learn more about the Poppy Playtime, nothing will work better than video cassettes, and you might even find some tips and tricks to make the best scores. The video cassettes are shown as instructive and tutorial videos, which are dispersed all around the factory. Honestly, viewing them is optional, but you should take out time to watch the cassettes. 

Try To Stay Alive

Poppy Playtime is meant to get difficult, and at some point, Huggy’s statue will become alive and will start chasing you. In such instances, it will be dangerous to stay in one spot because you need to be alive. Having said that, you should drop whatever you are doing and try to confuse Huggy by changing the path constantly. Honestly, staying alive is easier said than done, but you’ve to try. For instance, you could try staying away from Huggy because this blue monster won’t stop running until it cuts and kills you! 

So, are you ready to be the best Poppy Playtime player?

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