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Apex Legends: How To Play Revenant 

Apex Legends How To Play Revenant

Apex Legends has come a long way, and that has led to Revenant becoming the most divine legend. After steering through season 9 along with Octane, the devs agreed that changes were being launched in season ten, and that’s when they amped up the Death Totem Ultimate. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that for people who like gunfights and love playing aggressively, Revenant is the ultimate legend for you. 

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Honestly, Revenant can be hard to play, but we are here to share the details, so you can become the winner that you are!

Apex Legends How To Play Revenant

The Abilities of Revenant in Apex Legends

Revenant boasts three different abilities just like other legends, including Death Totem (Ultimate), Stalker (Passive), and Silence (Tactical). These well-defined abilities make legend a soaring character who knows how to control the opponent and stealth. Being an offensive legend along Fuse, Horizon, Octane, Bangalore, Wraith, and Mirage, Revenant has gained a high-ceiling name in the game. His abilities empower him to fight the enemies in unique manners. 

Ranging from safety hobbling to approaching from unpredicted angles from the first contact point, Revenant does everything that surprises the opponents, but improper utilization of his abilities is the real range. That’s to say because the skillset is loaded with game-changers, but they can be easily wasted and misused if you aren’t prepared. So, if you are ready to ace the game, we are here to share some tips. 

Tips & Tricks

Before we start talking about the individual abilities of Revenant, let’s tap on some general tricks and tips on winning the game as the most powerful legend of the game, such as;

  • To begin with, you must be aggressive because it’s all about using your abilities as aggressively as possible. Also, don’t even think about wasting your Death Totem or Silence by placing them down, hesitating, and then picking  them up.
  • Secondly, you must stay close to your roommates because wandering far off isn’t going to help anyone. You must resist the urge of pushing alone because this legend is a flanker, accrediting his wall-climbing experience – he is the most powerful out there.
  • Make sure you are communicating your intentions clearly because active abilities demand proper planning to ensure effective use. Also, if the team is ready to support you with the big push, it will all go to waste. So, start communicating the game plan precisely to the teammates before you start enacting it on your own. 
  • Always learn the crouch-strafe technique by thorough and consistent practicing, be it in matches or in the firing range. Similarly, the movements must be unpredictable and quick. 
How can I Play Revenant


The ultimate description is crouch-walking faster and climbing up the walls higher. It might seem like an uninteresting and straightforward ability, but it’s one of the biggest assets. It can ramp up the crouch-strafe and crouch-walk speed to the non-crouching levels, irrespective of the fact that you are aiming your sights down or not. Having said that, you will be able to indulge in intense crouch-strafing throughout the firefights to ensure the target is fast-moving and small.

Stalker also allows the legend to climb the highest as compared to other lends in the game before you lose the grip. As a result, the Revenant will have a similar attitude and aptitude for flanking the enemies and going to unexpected places – it flanks the enemies to Valkyrie, Horizon, and Pathfinder, but it also depends on the right terrain. Generally, playing around the Fragment and other highly built-up spots is apt for stretching the climbing muscles. The additional tips include;

  • First of all, you have to learn strafing because you won’t be able to find a legend more effective than Revenant when it comes down to strafing. This is because it allows the legend to crouch-strafe without any movement penalties. 
  • Secondly, you have to crouch-strafe while healing to transform into an agile and small target 
  • There are various man-made structures that cannot be climbed by the legend. The legend will be able to climb the six-story and five-story buildings when impeded. It can be used to get the real drop on the enemies who think they are fully secure because of the height benefit. 

Keep in mind that this ability allows the Revenant to become janky. This tends to make him struggle up the terrains and mountains a bit more, especially when there is a will because that’s what is needed to find the way. Having said that, it’s best to grab on the little bits and hold onto the uneven terrains and other surfaces with minimal effort. 

Different ways To Play Revenant


Silence is all about throwing the device that disables the enemy’s abilities for some time and dealing with the damages. The cool-down period is over twenty-five seconds. It comes in the form of a throwable projectile, such as a grenade, which deals with minor damages (it tends to be over ten damages). In addition, it deals with further damages over the course of time when enemies are standing in the effective area. 

Even more, when the enemy is hit by the effect, they will be silenced and won’t be able to utilize their abilities for over fifteen seconds. There are other tactical tips, including the following;

  • Silence is thrown with the off-hand, reflecting that you will be able to use it during reloading, shooting, and healing, just like Smoke Launcher of Bangalore.
  • There is a high-end visual effect that has to be silenced and is suitable for obscuring the screens of the enemies. It will transform Silence into a powerful and high-strength zoning tool because not many legends will intend on pushing through Silence and receive Silence, obscured vision, and damage.
  • It can be thrown in front of the doorway, or you’ve the choice to hide behind it. As a result, the device won’t absorb any damages, but it will surely block the enemy’s view. 
  • Silence is likely to stick to doors and walls. There will be a tricky interaction that you can follow by sticking to the upper half of the door from the inside and opening the door whenever the enemy is on the other side for silencing them. 
  • Silence will impact various abilities of Passive, including the revival of Lifeline. 
  • The projectile that’s already thrown can be easily shot down by the Wattson Interception Pylon, which is why you must be careful while teaming up against the enemies. 
How To Play Revenant

Death Totem

Death Totem is perfect for protecting the players from death which means you will return to the Totem whenever you get killed. Also, Death Protection deactivates the Armor. Whenever the Ultimate is deployed, the glowing totems will drop right in front of you for around a second. It will stick for over thirty seconds, during which the allies can interact by entering the shadow form. 

Within the shadow form, you won’t be able to use your abilities or cause any damages, and Shields are bypassed. On the other hand, if you end up dying, you will turn back to the Totem by losing only 50% of the health (yes, this is the maximum health loss). Some other tips to gain the most value from Death Totem include the following;

  • It can develop a huge visual effect which makes it challenging to implicate the Death Totem in a secretive and stealthy manner.
  • This is one of the most high-strength and powerful abilities for starting the fight, especially when it’s integrated with the Octane Launch Pad that helps you initiate the fights pretty quickly and get back into the fights when you return back to the Totem. 
  • Your objective is to deal with the damages as much as possible and get back to fighting as quickly as possible before the enemy gets the time to heal. 
  • It is important to be careful about the timer on the screen’s bottom in the shadow form. Totem will disappear if the timer runs out of time before death and stay at the same place. 
  • The Totem cannot be destroyed or shot, which results in a premature ending of the effects. For this reason, it must be kept in a safer place to make sure it’s safe from the enemies. 
  • Keep in mind that the Death Totem can be used by anyone, which is why hiding it is critical. It is important to ensure that the Totem cannot be used against you. 
  • With the launch of season ten, there is an audio and visual cue that enemies hear and see whenever the roommates are about to get out of the Death Protection. For this reason, you need to be careful because it keeps hearing whenever you are alone. 

The Bottom Line

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Revenant is one of the nastiest legends in Apex Legends and is all about causing destruction and murder wherever he steps his foot. That being said, the story isn’t one without a tragedy. So, just use these tricks on time, and you will be able to use this legend to your advantage!

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