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Apex Legends: Complete Beginner’s Guide

Apex Legends Complete Beginner's Guide

With the developing technology over the past few years, there has been an evident rise in the popularity of video games. If you were to compare the very first video game to launch with the latest one, the difference between them is evident. If you were to compare a game that was released last year with the current one, you might find a new version of it available already. Among the various video games released in these past few years, you will find Apex Legends.

Considering you are reading this, you might already be aware of this game Apex Legends which was developed by Respawn Entertainment as well as Panic Button Games.

This video game is available on various gaming consoles such as Xbox Series X as well as S, Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4 and 5 as well as on the Nintendo Switch. You can download and play it on your phone as well, whether you have iOS or Android. 

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When you start playing any new game, you may feel overwhelmed or lost as to where to start from or how to play the game. In order to help you find a direction and get a grip over the game of Apex Legends, you can find relevant and all necessary information underneath.

Experiment With Different Legends

Apex Legends is one of those video games that provides you with a number of game characters to choose from. You can choose from Ash to Horizon, from Bloodhound to Fuse, and various other game characters; to be more specific, you have about fourteen Legends to choose from.

It is important to note that each game character or legend brings its own strengths and weaknesses, and it is up to you to figure out which legend takes you forward and which one holds you back. When you start to play the game, you will notice how Every Legend has its own Ultimate ability and tactical ability as well as its Passive Ability. 

Once you experiment by playing different Legends, you will be able to figure out which legend you can play more comfortably and use that legend more effectively in the game. Once you have decided on the character, it will be easier for you to get through the game and master the game later on as well. If you want to take on the character that is a healer, then you should consider playing as Lifeline. 

Utilize the Training Mode

The game of Apex Legends will be completely new to you when you initially start to play it, and that can have you confused and lost. You may want to find a way to get familiarized with the game at first. In order to help you in such a situation and help you get familiar with the game, you have the training mode available in the game.

If you want to master anything, you will have to practice first. You may have to spend some time in the training mode, getting familiar with the way the game works and then the additional skills of shooting and aiming. 

How to Enter Training Mode?

The question that stands now is how you can access the Training Mode. The answer is that you will first need to look in the main menu, on top of the Play button, and then click on the dropdown menu that will be available there. After clicking it, you will find the option of Training that you will have to select and then press Play. Automatically next, you will be in the practice area.  

Shooting and Aiming

Make sure to spend your full time there and practice different tasks. In this shooting game, you will be required to aim and shoot at enemies. Therefore, you will be required to make a perfect aim and make critical shots to achieve maximum damage from it. In order to do this, you can utilize this model to practice shooting and snapping with the availability of moving targets.

Move from one target to another, practice hiding and taking cover, and practice how to shoot from your cover or without being too exposed to your enemies. 

Mobility is the key in combat, as you will be required to move with your weapon and attack while in motion. Practice the above-mentioned movements, and you will hold an upper hand when you start the main game mode.

Additionally, and fortunately, you have access to all the twenty different guns in the game. Therefore, you can practice having a grip over these guns and also decide before getting in the main game which gun you prefer for yourself and find the most comfortable using and from which you can obtain the maximum damage. 

Apex Legends perfect Guide for beginners

Familiarize Yourself With the Map

So far, you have read about how you should suggestively take your time experimenting with different legends in the game and spending your time in training mode to practice your movements as well as shooting and aim.

One other important activity that you can take at the start of the game is to explore the map. It will always be to your benefit if you know the map and some specific locations that stand better than some other ones. 

If you want to master this game, you should take your time running around and exploring the map. You should look for locations that are high-tier when it comes to looting. These locations will help your squad and you in the game by providing important and necessary equipment to take along and utilize in the game. You will be able to differentiate between the low-tier and high-tier loot regions and be able to strategically plan your movements. 

You will be getting to know about the importance of teamwork in this game (spoiler). For now, you should know that by knowing about the map, not only you but your entire team can benefit from it and plan their movements accordingly. Furthermore, you will be able to know which places are the best to land in and find necessary gear from.

It is important to note that truly it can be tough to get familiar with the entire map, and you do not have to necessarily do that. If you are able to recognize even a few locations that are good to loot and land in for safety, that is sufficient too. It is up to you how much is enough for you.

Additional Tip

Another thing you should know in the game is the meaning behind the different colors you will see in the game. You can find more to loot in the hot zone, which is the region on the map that you will see has a blue-colored circle surrounding it initially in the game.

It is important to note that many players aim for such a high-tier loot area, and therefore when you land there, you should be ready to survive and put in the effort to get your hands on the items to loot. 

Additionally, you can note that the legendary items are colored yellow or golden while the common items are grayish or white. You should aim for the legendary items but also pick up other items when necessary.

You will find epic items colored in purple and rare ones in blue. Remember this color scheme, and that can help you pick better items in the game, which is a crucial part of the game.  

Some of the important items that you should consider getting for yourself include the Knockout Shield, helmet, Digital Threat Scope, and backpack. All these items belong to the group of legendary items that you can find in the game.

By using the Knockout Shield, you have the advantage of healing yourself back to life only a single time after you have been knocked down. In other words, it is a way to self-revive, which can be quite useful. The Digital Threat Scope also proves to be quite useful with its ability to point out the enemies to you by highlighting them in red. 

Grab Whatever You Can

You will have to equip yourself with all that you can in the game if you want to make it out of the first few minutes of the game. Initially, when you enter the game, you will not have anything in the inventory and will be defenseless in a way besides the few punches and kicks you can hit your enemy with. If you walk into your enemy’s entire team or even one enemy, then a few punches or kicks might not give you the most chances of making it out alive.

Therefore, even if you can find the worst items around you, it is better you grab them and put them into your inventory. In this situation, you can say that ‘something is better than nothing. You may as well have something to hold to your defense at the start than nothing. 

Items to Grab

Now you might be wondering what kind of items you should aim to pick. The answer is that you should pick things that can help you in the game or be useful to you one way or another. You may want to pick up arc stars or thermite grenades, or any kind of grenades you find that can do damage to your enemies.

You should also get a body shield along with shield cells for your protection and get yourself a helmet along the way too. In order to heal your wounds, you might want to consider getting some medical kits and syringes. Try to get your hands on necessary weapon attachments and guns (of course!). Lastly, it would help if you considered grabbing a backpack so that you have more space in your inventory. 

You also read earlier about some of the items that can be quite useful. You read about the specific legendary items and the color schemes of the different types of items. This color scheme can help you identify the different items. Although it is recommended to pick whatever you can at the start after you make it through the start, you can be more specific with what items you wish to add to your inventory.


You can also find a box of useful items in the game named the Death Box. You can grab items from a player’s inventory that dies in the game. If you are combating the players towards the end of the game, you can get your hands on some high-tier items after they die. The box’s color can show you the type of items inside it, and the color scheme of the box is the same as you read earlier. According to the box’s color, you can decide whether you want to make your way toward the box or not. 

Complete Apex Legends Beginner's Guide

Teamwork is Important

It is important that you individually play your role in the game as you fight through various combats and challenges to make your way to the end of the game. While you focus on your character alone, it is important to know that your teamwork is also essential for the game.

You may be trying to survive through the game by keeping yourself safe, but if you work with your team or squad, you can keep the whole squad safe alongside yourself. Therefore, it is recommended that you stay near your squad and work with them. 

Combining Your Strengths

Working with your squad members can bring you various benefits. You can take cover while some stand in the forefront or save one squad member that might be in danger or help one that is wounded. As you read earlier, every character in the game comes with their own abilities and skills. While one may be a good healer, another may be good in defense.

When you play as a team or squad, you are able to bring together various different abilities and strengths of characters which can make your entire squad powerful and more likely to survive in the game. Additionally, by working as a team, you can outnumber your opponents at times and gain victory more easily, too, as you rain them with attacks or defeat them with your strategic movements and planning. 

Sharing Vital Information

One of the most important benefits that you obtain from playing as a team is the ability to share crucial information with your team. The game Apex Legends allows you to pinpoint locations for your teammates. If you find the location of your enemies or at what points or areas there is more threat, you can warn your team about them and then strategically plan your next moves.

You can also use smart comms to let your team know to which side you will be headed. Additionally, you can tell them about the locations where there are important gear pieces so they can grab them too. All of this information and more are very important and can give you an upper hand in the game. Using this information, you can plan out your moves as well as attacks and always be alert.

Healing and Reviving One Another

Your teammates can help you with healing too. While in combat, you can get injured after being exposed to the attacks by your enemies, and you can be down afterward. You would not be dead immediately and will be able to see how your character is in need of healing. In such situations, if you are near your team members, you can get the help you require and get back on your feet. Through the squad’s help, you can be resurrected, and your team as a whole can be safe from any increasing danger in a particular scenario. 

Complete Step by Step Beginner's Guide Apex Legends

Be Careful When Healing

It is important to look for the right moment before you are healing a squadmate or yourself. Now, you might be thinking that the right moment to heal yourself is as soon as you get wounded in the game or are knocked down by an enemy. But, the focus should also be on an additional factor if you are healing while being exposed to further attacks by enemies.

You may start to heal yourself in the game, but if you are in an area where you are exposed to the enemy and are vulnerable to their attacks, then your healing might not work in that situation. Similar is the case if you are helping another team member with healing. If you are healing your team member who is out on the battlefield exposed to the enemies, you are risking your health alongside.

Healing Team Members

Therefore, when it comes to helping your team members, it is suggested that you wait before going to revive your team members until you know that the area is clear from harm or potential enemies. The ideal situation will be if your team member crawls into a safer area so that you can remain safe while also reviving your team member. Even when you are going to recover your team member’s banners in order to revive them, make sure you do it safely and carefully. 

Healing Yourself

When it comes to healing yourself, it is important you take cover too. If you are already low on health and going out to take down enemies that have full health, it will be tough for you to heal, especially since it takes some time. If you are low on health, you should try moving away from a fight and focus on healing yourself first or focus on taking down only those enemies that are on low health as well.  

A Beginner's Guide

Summarizing it All

Above, you read about some of the tips and tricks that can come in quite handy for beginner players. This complete beginner’s guide can help you make it out alive at the initial start of the game and then skillfully get through the rest of the game. It would help if you took your time getting familiar with the different legends in the game by playing each one and knowing their abilities, skills, strengths, as well as weaknesses. 

Once you are aware of the specialty of each legend, you will be able to choose the best character for yourself that can bring you the most benefits through the game. Utilizing the training mode is a great way to have a demonstration of the main game right from the start. You will be able to train yourself and perfect your aims and shooting skills before you head out into the main game. 

Being aware of the important spots in the game by being familiar with the map can bring you many benefits as you will be clear-headed as to where you should be strategically moving and getting the most loot. You can save yourself time and effort as you will know where exactly to go in a particular situation.

You land with almost nothing at the start of the game and can be immediately vulnerable to attacks by enemies with only your punches and kicks as a defense. Therefore, picking up whatever you can from the start help you make it through the start of the game with some additional defense. 

Your teamwork is important in the game, and you can share vital information with one another and plan your movements together while staying close to one another and helping with healing. Also, be careful when you go to revive a team member or when you are reviving yourself. Try to choose a time when your team member and you are not completely exposed to the enemy.

All of these tips can come in handy in the game and give you a sense of direction. You may not get a hold of the game immediately at the start, but by knowing all these points, you can take small progressive steps and might hold an advantage right from the start of the game. In the end, remember to have fun. All the best! 

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