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Genshin Impact: Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Genshin Impact Beginner's Tips and Tricks

With the ongoing pandemic, many individuals had to spend time between the walls of their homes. During this time, many tried to find something to spend their time as they were quarantined. Among these individuals, many turned towards video games. Genshin Impact was one of those video games released during the pandemic on 20th September of 2020. 

It was developed by Shanghai Miha Touring Film Technology Co. and miHoYo and attracted various gamers over a short course of time. As new updated versions of the game keep coming, the game’s audience keeps growing. 

This multiplayer action-filled and adventurous role-playing game can be played on your phones, Playstation 4 and 5, as well as on Microsoft Windows. Considering you are reading, you might already be interested in this game and wondering how to master this game.

If you are a beginner, do not worry, as you will be finding various detailed beginner tips and tricks underneath to help you through the game. 

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Disclaimer: It is important to note that some of the information underneath might not be applicable in case of any changes in the future updated versions of the game.

Different Beginners Tips and Tricks

Top 15 Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Let’s discuss all the best tips and tricks that every beginner should follow before start playing Genshin Impact.

Maintain Your Stamina

One of the most important factors in the Genshin Impact that you should look out for is your character’s stamina. Your stamina is majorly required for you to be able to do various essential activities in the game. Whether you are running, climbing, gliding, or even swimming, you will need good stamina in order to do so. 

You can see your stamina on your screen when your stamina goes majorly low or is in the process of being charged, and besides your character, you will see a yellow bar UI element. It would help if you monitored your stamina and worked on improving it overall by collecting Anemoculus and Geoculus and visiting the Statue of the Seven. 

Statues Of The Seven

You will be facing various battles or fights throughout the Genshin Impact as you go on your adventurous journey. You may face some injuries or wounds while fighting, attacking, and defending your team and yourself. Similar is the case for your teammates who may face injuries during a battle and be in need of healing. When such a scenario arises, you should try not to utilize any food if you are able to. 

This suggestion is because you do not have an unlimited amount of food that you could use every time your squad gets injured. Therefore, as an alternate option, you should move to the Statue of the Seven. You can teleport there along with your squad. 

You may be thinking about how that will help your team or you. The answer is that once you transport there and are in a close radius to it, you can have your wounded team members revived in a matter of seconds. Eventually, their health can go all the way back to being full. Your team is important in the game, and therefore, it is important that they are healed and have good health. 

Utilize Resin Carefully

When you play the Genshin Impact and open the map, you will find on the right corner of the screen an indication of how much amount of Resin you have. You can consider it a source of energy for you to participate in a number of activities. 

You will notice how it is able to recharge after some hours. It would be best to consider using it carefully as you will have to wait. Although, it is important to ensure that it is recharging as well as it is not capped. You can have a maximum of one hundred and twenty Resin. 

It would help if you considered fighting the Weekly Bosses to obtain their rewards. They drop rare and required materials if you want to upgrade or level up the talent of any character. It also only uses about one hundred and fifty Resin for one week. Additionally, you should consider spending your Resin on Ley Line Overflow as well as Overflowing Mastery. 

The first provides double Hero’s Wit or Mora, and the latter gets you the double Talent Ascension Material, and overall, three times every day, you can get these double awards. 

Cooking Barbatos Ratatouille

Although you know this game as an action-filled and adventurous one as you fight through different enemies, you can also be indulged in a lighter activity, i.e., cooking. You will be able to cook various dishes in the Genshin Impact, with each recipe bringing its benefit for you. 

It is up to you which recipe you want to opt for. Among the various recipes, you will find Barbatos Ratatouille in the updated version of 2.5. This recipe is worth considering as it usually proves to be useful for beginner players. 

In order to achieve its benefits, you will first need to access Barbatos Ratatouille’s recipe. You can obtain it by speaking at the Eastern end of the Stormbearer Point to the Vind. If you wonder what specific ingredients you will need, you will need four onions, carrots, and potatoes to make it. 

When you are either gliding or running around, your stamina consumption decreases through this recipe. Eventually, you will be able to move quickly, which can come in quite handy as a beginner who mostly runs around intending to explore the different locations. It is important to note that if you are in the Co-op mode as you play the Genshin Impact, this dish would not be impactful for other players. 

Key to Master Recipes

You read earlier that among all the recipes in the game, the Barbatos Ratatouille is one of the best ones that you should consider cooking in the game. While it is one of the best recipes in the game, you can cook it and cook other recipes too. 

If you want to opt for making other recipes in the game, then you should be aware of how you can master those recipes or dishes. The answer is to learn. You should learn the recipes as it will make things easier for you and in general help, you cook your dish. The main purpose of making any dish in the game is for eating them, which can help your character raise their stats. 

Similar to the way each recipe has its own ingredients, you will need them for the dishes in the game too. You will have to gather those ingredients throughout the game and even take them from the individuals you meet in the Genshin Impact. An additional task you should do while cooking in the game is to put effort into getting to the highest proficiency level of each recipe. 

In order to have some recipes unlocked, you will have to work on upgrading your Adventure Rank. You can also achieve a character bonus while you are cooking a particular dish, so make sure to keep a check on which character you are playing while you are cooking. Overall, keep in mind these advantages and tips and learn the recipes so you can achieve maximum benefits from this. 

If you are looking for suggestions on which dishes to keep your main focus on when it comes to deciding a dish to cook, then you may already know that the Barbatos Ratatouille is one of them. Additionally, you can also suggestively cook Zhongyuan Chop Suey and Lotus Seed as well as try to master them. 

Best Beginner's Tips and Tricks

Do Not Focus Only on the Story

Once you start any story-based game, you may find yourself curious about what next is to come and about all that awaits ahead. Story-based games, in general, can be fun and exciting. Generally, you may find yourself rushing through the game, trying to complete the story soon. But, it is important to note that completing a story or the entire game is not that simple. You will find such a case in Genshin Impact too. 

For every chapter of the story, you will notice how there are specific requirements for each level. While you may assume that completing the story will enable all the levels for you, that is not the case. You will have to complete various tasks, challenges, quests and achieve various points and rewards to win your way towards the end of the game. 

In this specific case, you will have to win your battles with enemies, run and look around, have waypoints unlocked, as well as be indulged in puzzle solving.

You Should Opt for Xiangling

You have various game characters in Genshin Impact that you can play through the game as you go on adventures, fight battles, and complete various quests. Each character of the Genshin Impact brings in their own strengths and skills that can come in quite handy through the Genshin Impact. While you may be lost in the sea of options of characters in the game with you, you can opt for a strong character that can help you majorly. You may be wondering who that specific character is. The answer is that you can opt for Xiangling. Although, it is important to note that you will have to work and reach certain requirements to unlock her character.

She is a Pyro character, and for you to unlock or access her, you will need to fulfill certain requirements. She is not only a Pyro character but considered one of the best ones in the game. Firstly, your team would have to reach levels around forty to forty-five, and you will have to complete the area located on the map about far east of it, i.e., the 3rd floor of Spiral Abyss. 

Generally, gamers enjoy playing Genshin Impact characters that are strong and are able to give them the most benefits. Among these characters, Xiangling can achieve that as she does have high damage, and if you are looking for someone in a team, you should consider her as she does make a good combination of team. You can also purchase her or try your luck at unlocking her character. 

Aim for the Achievements

When you start the game, you will find a section of Achievements that will require you to put in effort in order to unlock them. It is important to note that they are very important, and you can find them in the main menu on your screen. For every achievement, you will be able to get equal to or more than five Primogems.

You will notice how as the story progresses and you are completing each level and different quests throughout the game, you will be given achievements on their own which can be beneficial. Ensure you thoroughly check all the Achievements and have received all the Achievements you have earned. Also, try completing some extra ones to get those Primogems. Assume you have completed a total of five hundred and eighty-five available Achievements; you can get yourself rewards up to about forty-seven hundred and fifty-five Primogems.   

Hidden Achievements

There are chances that you may have skipped on some Achievements while looking at them, and in such a case, it is important to double-check and ensure that you do not miss any one of them. There are hidden Achievements in the game which you need to be on the lookout for. Try discovering them and working on completing them. In the 2.5 updated version of the game, you will find about five of these, including Impeccable Judgment, Inugami’s End, Basically Harmless, Hard Landing, and Beware of Angry Dog. 

Impeccable Judgment: In this Achievement, you will be required to attack or shoot only the original opponent or enemy among the clones present there. You cannot be told more than this for now, as it might spoil the story or game for you. 

Inugami’s End: In this hidden achievement, you will be required to destroy about 2 of the Rifthound Skulls. 

Basically Harmless: While you were required to destroy Rifthound Skulls in the hidden Achievement of Inugami’s End, you have to fight off a Specter in this achievement. A tip is to use weaker attacks when you try to defeat them. 

Hard Landing: You have to work on bringing the Bathysmal Vishap that you will find climbing back to the ground.

Beware of Angry Dog: In this Achievement, You will be required to fight off a Rifthound while it is roaring, for which you will need a Rifthound Whelp nearby. 

The above Achievements might not be easy to discover, but once you know about these Achievements, you can get those extra Primogems for yourself. You will not exactly have all this information given to you in the game or the exact tips to help you unlock these but to help you, it has been mentioned here and above, so the Genshin Impact might become slightly easier for you. 

Quests, tasks, and challenges can sometimes be fun and exciting while tough or tricky on the other hand. Some of these are harder to achieve, while some are easier. They have been added to the new 2.5 version of the Genshin Impact. You should consider completing all these Achievements and utilize the tips and the information mentioned above to the best of your ability to gain the benefits they provide to you.

Collect All that You Can

You can say you have been given the privilege of collecting as much material as you can throughout the game. In other words, at a single time, you can carry as many items as you want to. Moreover, even for the weight of the items, there is no limit. Although, there are various games that do give the player a specific limit of materials they can carry along the Genshin Impact. 

When you are given the privilege of carrying as many items as you want, you should consider taking them to your advantage. You should consider collecting the various items you find as you are exploring the map or, in general, moving around. The overall territory within the Genshin Impact is quite huge, and you will be spending quite some time exploring every bit of it as you meet various items or enemies, or animals in the game. You should try collecting particular flowers on which you can put elemental magic to have them picked. Additionally, pick up food and treasure chests too.

Various items bring in their own specific benefits, and you may not be easily able to predict when those things might come in handy. Therefore, consider picking up items on your way and saving them in case they do come in handy later on in the game. You should try your best to make the most out of all the available opportunities and resources in the Genshin Impact. 

Beginner's Tips and Tricks 2022

Knowing the Importance of Anemoculus and Geoculus

You will be able to find various items and materials throughout your exploring journey as you run around the map. You will find various quests or challenges to complete in the game, and there are high chances that you will find many Anemoculi (about sixty-five) and Geouli (about one hundred and thirty-one) along the way. These two can provide you benefits, and therefore, they are worth considering taking them. If you do not want to take them the exact time when you find them, you can choose to instead mark that specific area or place and come back around to get them later.  

The reason why they are important and suggested to be taken are that they can help you with upgrading the Statue of Seven about which you read earlier. You already may know about the benefits the Statue of Seven brings, as mentioned before, and these Anemoculus and Geoculus can further help you achieve its benefits by providing you with a further increased stamina of your player. 

If you have overall good stamina, you can improve different activities of yours such as running around or climbing, or gliding. All of this is very important in an adventure and action Genshin Impact. Additionally, you can get Mora and Adventure Experience rewards and many others.

Utilize Available Artifacts

As mentioned earlier, you should try making the most out of all the available resources in the game. Among these resources, you will find a number of artifacts along with the Genshin Impact. Every single artifact brings its benefits to your character and game in general. These artifacts can sometimes help you level up or cause great damage, which is important in a game like Genshin Impact. Therefore, they are worth considering using. Before you can use any items or available resources, you should have sufficient information on how useful they can prove to be for you. Underneath, you will find relevant information on some of the artifacts that might come in handy for you. 

Sands of Eon: You may know this artifact as the Timepiece or the Clock or various other names given to it. While you may know or will read ahead that some of the other artifacts provide either the HP or ATK stat, this artifact has the ability for more. You can get about five different stats. You may get an extra ATK or Energy Recharge or DEF or HP or the Elemental Mastery.

Flower of Life: It does have a set main stat and can help your character achieve that extra HP stat. 

Circlet of Logos: Other names that you may know this by includes the Mask, the Headgear, and various other names. It has seven possibilities when it comes to stats which includes four of the ones you read in Sands of Eon, excluding the Energy Recharge and additional Crit Rate, Healing Bonus, and Crit DMG stats.

Goblet of Eonothem: You might know this artifact as the Goblet or the Cup. While Sands of Eon had about five possible stats, this artifact has about eleven of them, including those of Sands of Eon, had and the additional six being the Geo DMG bonus stat, Cryo, Physical, Electro, Pyro, and Anemo.

A Plume of Death: You may also know it as the Flower or the Plume. While you read how Flower of Life increases the HP stat, this artifact increases your ATK start by giving you an extra or additional flat ATK. 

Above, you read about a few of the main artifacts that you should consider making use of in the game. Artifacts are important and can be beneficial. They have their own stats, as you read above as well as rarity. For every artifact, there are 4 sub-stats that will bring you extra bonuses along with the main stats you read above. There are various artifact builds that you can go for as well to further make the most out of the Genshin Impact using artifacts. At a beginner level, you may want to use artifacts as it is and understand them fully before you start diving into their builds and additional details. But, if you are still curious about the specific builds from the start, you can utilize them. 

Aiming for the Battle Pass

Among various features in the game, you will find the Battle Pass, which you should aim for completing. While it may not seem necessary to go for, it still brings you those extra number of rewards that can benefit you. You will have to reach the twentieth level to avail this feature. Generally, the Battle Pass missions were different in the other versions of the Genshin Impact and different in the 2.5 updated version. It does help you progress through the game quicker. Therefore, if you are aiming to survive and win through the game quickly, this feature might be the one to consider for using for yourself. It brings rewards of not only the Primogems, which you also receive through Achievements, but it can get you further rewards of Fates and Mora. 

You can utilize the Acquaint, as well as Intertwined Fates, rewards to make special wishes in the game. On the other hand, you can use the Mora rewards to buy a range of items and upgrades. Primogems are considered the main currency in this game, and that may already give you a hint on what they are used for. You can use them to restock your Original Resin, or you can even use them to buy Wishes. Overall, you can gather from this how important these rewards are, and eventually, by completing the Battle Pass missions, you can achieve these useful rewards. 

You can enjoy the benefits of Fates, Mora, and Primogems and use them for various purposes. The Battle Pass missions are not as difficult once you are determined to complete them. They bring you these rewards and help you progress through the Genshin Impact quicker. Therefore, you should consider aiming for the Battle Pass in the game, completing it, and availing the benefits brought by the rewards it brings, such as brought by Fate, Mora, and Primogems.

Upgrade Your Adventure Rank

As you read earlier, in order to unlock some recipes, you will have to upgrade or boost up your Adventure Rank. The question that may stand with you is how you can upgrade this Adventure Rank. The answer is that you will have to get Adventure EXP by completing various quests and the storyline. You will have various quests or tasks to complete through the game which some might be easy or others a bit tricky. You should work on completing the quests, especially by completing the daily commissions, as for every quest, you are able to get two hundred and twenty-five Adventure Rank XP. Upgrading this rank can bring you benefits like the one you read earlier, and it would help if you consider working on it. 

Refine Your Weapons

In the Genshin Impact, equipping yourself with weapons is also an option that you have. You can refine a particular weapon if you have two of the same type of that weapon. Eventually, it will help you upgrade the buff or stat it gives to you. On the other hand, you can work on raising your weapon’s base damage by utilizing metal resources, creating the Enhancement Ores, and using them to enhance your weapons. If you find yourself struggling to create the Enhancement Ores due to any reason, you can consult Wagner in Mostadt, who is a Blacksmith that can do this task for you.

Beginner's Tips and Tricks for Genshin Impact

Additional Information for Beginners

Now that you have read all the important tips and tricks for the game for a beginner player, you can learn some additional information about the game. In the Genshin Impact, you have regional cash called the Sigils, which you can find while you are exploring or win it from the treasure chests. There are some places with its store and others without it. It is suggested you visit the Sacred Sakura and give sigils to upgrade your electrogram. The co-op mode is unlocked on the sixteenth Adventure Rank. You can access it if you are having trouble fighting off an enemy or have been on the same level for a while. You can also access it to visit the maps of other players or have them over at yours. 

Above, you read all about some of the many tips for a beginner player in the game of Genshin Impact. You should consider choosing your character carefully and based on which you can enjoy the most as well. You should try to get access to Xiangling and, along with the game, try to make the most use out of her or any character you choose. Since you do have a large territory in the game, utilize your time to go through it and explore around as you collect items that can be useful later. 

Work on refining your weapons and upgrading your Adventure Rank and make sure you complete your tasks and get your achievements as well as the hidden ones. Furthermore, work on improving your stamina which is essential for you in the game, and utilize the available artifacts in the game. You will also have to think carefully over when to use the Resin and also consider gathering Anemoculus and Geoculus. Do not majorly rush your story in the Genshin Impact, either. In the end, remember to have fun. All the best!

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