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Minecraft: [Top 18] Advanced Tips and Tricks (2022)

Minecraft: [Top 18] Advanced Tips and Tricks (2022)

Minecraft is perhaps one of the best nonviolent, educational games available. It may teach children the principles of programming, coordination, problem-solving, and strategic planning and provide a wonderful setting to promote creativity and an “out of the box” vision.

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If you are crazy for adventurous games, then you must be well known about the incredible features of Minecraft. But playing it can be a bit tricky for the new players; therefore, you must know about some advanced tips and tricks that might help you achieve the level cap in this outstanding gameplay. 

We’ve picked together with the best Minecraft secret tricks and advanced methods for beginners and experienced alike to help you dominate your blocky world, regardless of which type of player you are. Let’s get right to it without further ado.

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Minecraft – An Outstanding Sandbox Game

Minecraft is a top-rated game that started on PCs before expanding to other platforms. It allows users to explore endless blocky worlds, gathers materials, constructs shelters, and eventually develop massive automated machinery.

The best part is that you don’t even need a powerful gaming PC or one of the best Windows laptops to play this game. As a result, the game is now accessible to a broader range of people.

Game Release

Minecraft is a desktop video game created by Mojang Studios, a Swedish video game studio. Markus “Notch” Persson designed the game using the Java programming language. It was first made public in May 2009 after numerous early private testing versions, before being wholly released in November 2011, with Jens “Jeb” Bergensten taking over development. 

Minecraft has been considered the best-selling video game of all time,  with over 238 million units sold and about 140 million monthly users as of 2021.

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18 Pro Survival Tips and Tricks of Minecraft

This game is far more than a simple sandbox, with a hundred features to uncover and modifications that keep gamers coming back year after year. With so much to learn — and more being added all the time — it’s nearly impossible for everyone to know just about everything related to Minecraft, and if you’re new to the game, it might be a daunting experience.

With this short guide, we’ll reveal the most advanced pro tips and tricks of the game that help our novices achieve what they opt for in the gameplay. Let’s just dive into it!

1. Make Use of the Coordinates Feature

Turn on the coordinates in the game settings. When you’re playing, sit down with a notebook or snap screenshots of significant locations so that you know the location of the relevant place and can return if necessary. These crucial locations could be your main base, a community, a stronghold, or any building toward which you intend to go back.

2. You don’t have to Craft a Clock or Compass Anymore to Use them

It is a trick that everyone should be aware of. Clocks and compasses aren’t used very often, but they take up inventory and consume resources. Rather than creating them, just go to your crafting recipes, and the clock and compass there will work even if you don’t craft them.

3. Use Lava to Cook or Smelt your Food!

If you want to save your coals for torches, you should consider utilizing Lava to smelt or fry your things. This comes in very handy, especially while you’re in the Nether.

4. Store your Valuables in an Ender’s chest

Ender’s chest is similar to Cloud Storage. You can save your valuables inside them and retrieve them from another Ender Chest in another area. Storing your most valued assets and valuable objects by hauling them together inside an Ender Chest could be a lifesaver.

5. Making Golden Healing Food from Gold Nuggets

Gold isn’t beneficial as a tool because its durability is so low. This will destroy your equipment in a matter of minutes if you mine a few blocks. Using your gold on food items, on the other hand, is a very different matter.

Minecraft tips and tricks

6. Developing a Sugar Cane Farm

Sugar cane is indeed a critical resource. That’s true, especially once you’ve gained an Elytra in the late game. While providing an automated sugar cane farm is not mandatory, you should always have at least one bone meal farm Sugar cane. You should also maintain at least 1 Sugar can anywhere safe such that you may produce a lot of sugar out of it if necessary.

7. After Cutting Down Trees, Replant them

Make it a habit to replant trees whenever you harvest wood. It will make your environment appear clean and natural. It also helps to maintain your timber farming location without needing to travel further each time. Besides, that’s always a wise option to be environmentally conscious.

8. Constructing Double Chests

It is common knowledge that the double chest would be twice as effective as a single chest. Utilizing a double chest to hold Shulker boxes can help you save a lot of space.

9. First, Mine the Area around a Diamond Block

Before taking the natural Diamond, always think about mining around over a Diamonds Block. This assures there is no lava below the Diamond Block and saves you from the horrible experience of watching your newly discovered Diamond burn up next to your eyes.

10. When Exploring Caves, Keep Torches at your Left Side at all Times

When entering a cave, keep in mind to always put a torch on the cave’s left side. This ensures that the torches should be on your right if you need to exit the cave. It enables players to track where they’re while avoiding getting lost.

11. Keep Yourself Safe being Underground

Caves, while rich in resources, are also dangerous. Always use torches to keep regions illuminated, always have a weapon on your Hotbar, and always wear armor. A shield won’t hurt if you ever want to take extra precautions.

12. Always Keep a Bucket of Water on hand

In Minecraft, it’s a good idea to keep a water bucket on hand. Whether it’s just to get down a cliff, cross lava, or avoid a significant fall. Water buckets are indeed versatile equipment that you should carry at all times.

13. Keep a Keen Eye on the Lifespan of your Tools

When you’re mining and your final pickaxe breaks, or you’re taking down a horde of zombies, and your sword breaks or even elytra breaks while you’re flying around in your world, it’s always really frustrating. When your gear breaks, remember that it is less expensive to repair it rather than replace it. “A stitch in time saves nine,” as the proverb goes.

14. Invent Your Spawn

When you initially arrive in your new environment, you should choose a location to set down and call home. It is unlikely to be the exact location where you first appear in a completely random game, but it is the default spawn point if the monsters can get the better of you. 

Construct a bed from out three wool plus three planks and then use it to set the spawn point to that bed once you’ve begun building your new base or know where you’d instead spawn for a bit.

15. Hay Bale Farming as You See It

While going through villages, most players disregard Hay Bales. This means they’re leaving nine pieces of wheat behind for every bale of hay they pass. Always remember to gather this vital resource.

16. Going on Iron Golems in the name of Iron

Fighting Iron Golems with your sword is occasionally a good option if you don’t already have a full-fledged Iron Farm. Fighting an Iron Golem, fleeing to a safe spot, and just constructing at least three Blocks is a simple option to do this. This ensures that the Iron Golem will not attack you because your swords can extend that far. Iron is always dropped whenever an Iron Monster is defeated.

17. Using Foods With Higher Saturation Levels

Different foods have varying levels of saturation. This means that if you eat a particular food, such as meat, your hunger will decrease at a slower rate than if you ate something else.

18. Always Keep a Pebble & Steal with You

It’s a good idea to keep flint and steel with you at all times. You’ll be able to create portals anywhere you go, as well as utilize flint and steel to assault Cows/Pigs/Sheep before killing them off along with your sword, which will give you cooked chunks of meat. This prevents you from needing to go out and find a furnace and some coal just to eat.


You’ll be the lord of your Minecraft territory in no time if you keep these suggestions in mind and have a potent weapon, full armor, and a regular supply of food on hand. Enjoy your game with these pro tips and tricks. 

Keep in mind that Minecraft is only a game. Take nothing too seriously. Play for fun and savor every time spent doing so. Happy gaming to all of our gamers!

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