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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Lesion in 2022

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Lesion in 2022

Let’s talk about style, precision, and powerhouse at the same place in a single character, Yes we are talking about Lesion. Rainbow Six Siege continues to wow its players with different heroes honing unique abilities and characteristics. With an increasing number of Rainbow, Six Siege servers and unending pop-ups of questions regarding any issues, one thing is for sure, this game will not be going away anytime soon!

Quick Guide

  • The best maps to use Lesion on are: Tower, Villa
  • The best primary loadout is: T-5 SMG (muzzle brake, red dot)
  • The best secondary loudout is: Q-929 (silencer)
  • The best counter for Lesion is: IQ, Thatcher
  • Make sure to use your GU traps only in tight areas such as doorways or hallways
  • Lesion is mainly an anchor but can be used to roam just around the site

Table of Contents

Many players have different playstyle and that goes a long way in deciding which heroes would work out the best and suit their desire and requirement. In Rainbow Six Siege, these heroes are called Operators and every operator has a different approach, mentality, and movement. While some brisk through or softly step around, the other might be sprinting and swiftly moving around the map. In most cases, regardless of which operator you use, having good map knowledge and game experience goes a very long way.

How to Play Lesion in Rainbow Six Siege

Lesion’s Background Information

One of the top-tier defensive operators is Lesion. A powerful and strong-willed defensive operator who takes immense pride in being a great anchoring operator. It’s satisfactory to say that Lesion is one of the best defensive operators anyone can use. Be it an amateur on the console or a pro league player, Lesion works extraordinarily for either.

Liu Tze Long, who goes by the name Lesion in Rainbow Six Siege, was born in Junk Bay and worked for a ship-breaking company alongside his further and dismantled obsolete ships. Soon, with the business starting to come apart and his father ending up with a terminal illness, Liu Tze Long crumbled under the heaps of debts and looked for quick money-making methods.

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Given the opportunity, he volunteered for two years in mine clearance and defused hazardous ammunitions over time. All this lifelong experience convinced him later to join Hong Kong’s Explosive Ordinance Disposal Bureau and move on to the Special Duties Unit. 

In the game, Lesion is a unique anchor operator and his GU mine utility is often suggested to be treated as an intel-gathering tool. Along with the intel-gathering, they also tend to drain the opponent’s HP as well.

Lesion’s Aresnal

Equipped with the choice of an SMG (T-5) and a silenced shotgun (Six12 SD), Lesion is a formidable opponent on the field. While both weapons are fairly close-quarter weapons, his SMG has proved useful in medium combat situations.

His secondary is a fairly strong pistol called the Q-929. This weapon proves very useful if you are in a tight squeeze. Lesion gets the choice of two gadgets: Impact Grenade and Bulletproof Camera. From writer to reader, I highly recommend the impact grenade.

Lesion’s Best Loadout (with attachments)

  • Primary: T-5 SMG with the attachments of (muzzle brake, red dot)
  • Secondary: Q-929 with the attachment of (silencer)
  • Gadget: Impact Grenade

His shotgun is also a very nice weapon of choice, the only drawback being its super short-range capability. If you choose to go with Lesion’s shotgun the impact grenades are not needed. Happy shooting!

Lesion’s Utility

Talk about leaving the opponent at your mercy. In Rainbow Six Siege, Lesion is equipped with GU mines which are throwable traps and invisible to all the attackers. Only Lesion can see the GU mines he has deployed using UI indication. As the preparation phase starts, Lesion is only equipped with one GU mine at the moment but upon every 30th second, a new GU mine trap is generated. At maximum, 7 traps can be generated throughout the round and can be retrieved and re-deployed by Lesion.

Lesion GU trap
Photo by R6 Siege Center

It’s necessary to place these traps on a flat surface and they can be deployed outside the objective building as well. Therefore, if not thrown wisely, you could run out of traps at the worst moments. 

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While there are some restrictions to the GU mines like having a trigger range of 1 meter and Lesion should be having a direct line of sight and be within 8 meters, the traps are invisible. Once stepped on, it emits a noise most defending players can hear. This gives the defending team a way to track or catch hidden enemies behind walls

There are multiple uses of GU mines and Lesion makes sure he consumes every inch of it.

How Play the Character Lesion

Slowing Attackers Down

The GU mines work exceptionally well at slowing down the attackers, especially if they sprint. For defensive operators, a sprinting attacker is a nightmare and nothing works better than slowing or removing their assets through traps and getting an upper hand on them. Particularly, Blitz is stale and stuck in his place due to sprint with shield ability.

Damage to Attackers

Since the initial damage of 10 HP has been removed, as long as the mine is still intact, it yields damage of 4 HP per tick i.e. 2 seconds. Imagine consuming every GU mine trap effectively and leeching out the HP off of all the enemy operators!

Where to place GU traps? (plus secret)

In a general sense, the best places to use GU traps are doorways as well as long hallways. These traps are very useful in maps such as Tower and Villa due to their long and windy hallways. Another great place to place traps is on the stairs as it helps deter enemies from advancing on you if you are not on the main floor.

A nice secret spot to place traps, that not many players know about is in window seals in the prep phase. When attackers repel next to the window it will set off the charge. Attackers have to stop rappelling to take out the trap as well you have a clear indicator where an enemy is pushing

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Action Prevention (defuser)

Apart from just damaging the attackers while keeping them trapped, the GU mines also prevent the attacker from planting a defuser or any other utilities that can turn the tide over the defensive team.

Rainbow Six Siege


  • Use your GU traps strategically such as in door ways or main traffic areas.
  • Lesion is best paired with his SMG
  • Use his traps to understand your enemies positions around the site

For someone who has just started playing Rainbow Six Siege, Lesion might not be your best bet for beginners. That being said, it doesn’t mean he’s not a good defensive operator. Using his ability, Lesion disrupts attackers and is a formidable intel gatherer. Along with great SMG weapons and flexible trap placement, playing with Lesion as your operator also rewards you with a better game sense and map knowledge.

Enjoyed this guide on how to play Lesion in Rainbow Six Siege? Consider checking out our many other guides on Rainbow Six Siege to make sure you are ahead of the completion. As well, comment down below if we missed anything!

Is Lesion a roamer or anchor in Rainbow Six Siege?

Lesion is mainly an anchor in Rainbow Six Siege. That being said he can be used to roam very closely around the site(s) to place his GU traps.

Is Lesion a good operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Being a 2 speed and a 2 armor, Lesion is a very good Defensive Operator. Using his SMG for close quarter combat as well pairing it with his GU traps makes him a menace in the field.

Should I buy Lesion in Rainbow Six Siege?

Yes, you definitely should! Lesion is a great defensive operator and is very versatile in many of the maps in Rainbow Six Siege.

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