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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Hibana in 2022

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Hibana in 2022

For someone who’s interested in high-end multiplayer games, Rainbow: Six Siege is the most perfect choice to exist. It requires the player to make use of great tactics and strategies, have keen observation and tactics, and be a fanatic when it comes to unique heroes. 

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Rainbow Six Siege offers 3 modes of team death games including hostage, secure area, and bomb. Unlike other games out there relating to such niche, in Six Siege, teams get a certain length of time for preparation. 

Using numerous gadgets, the gameplay provides both defender and attacker fair opportunities of pre-planning their defenses in every way and attempts to infiltrate the defenses. 

Rainbow Six Siege Tips

Featuring Yumiko ‘Hibana’ Imagawa

In the game, these heroes are generally referred to as operators which brings it down to the newly added new operator named Yumiko Imagawa. She goes by the codename Hibana and is a first-person shooter that is specialized in techniques related to paramilitary. By convention, Hibana is a hard breacher but there’s more to her character and how you can give a killer performance every time playing with her as your operator.

In Rainbow Six Siege, either for defending or attacking, choosing the right operator has a huge effect. Naturally, how one might be great at one thing and not the other, the same principle applies to the operators as well.

How to Play Rainbow Six Siege with Hibana

As mentioned before, one needs to carefully choose what operator they will play with depending on whether they are attacking or defending. Hibana, the new addition to the operators, is an attacking operator through and through. She’s a hard breacher making her the best choice considering the backline offensive team. 

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If you choose to play with Hibana, having a strong knowledge of the map, a steady game sense and experience is equivalent to higher victory chances. If you’re locked out by the enemy’s defensive walls and reinforcements, she makes holes and opens up pathways and new safe streams for the entire team to move along. Talk about the safe play from an attacking perspective.

Rainbow Six Siege Tips to Play Hibana

Presenting Hibana’s X-Karios Launcher

However, the crux of Hibana’s specialty lies in her X-Karios Launcher which is more than just a special firing machine. It comes with a 40 mm caliber launcher that can fire 6 explosive pellets at a time that can be placed over walls and hatches making pathways for your team. Hibana can detonate and trigger these pellets from a long distance as well. This comes in the handiest when the opponent has reinforced the obstacles for you and it can cause potential damage to members nearby it. Using these pellets from distance not only gets rid of those obstacles but also keeps your teammates safe from big damages.

To play with swiftness and elegance with Hibana, one must also have a keen knowledge and understanding of different shooting angles. Information about defensive reinforcements comes in very handy as well considering how pellets can be used to get rid of them. To top it off, the X-Karios Launcher also allows you to change the number of pellets you can shoot out depending on where you’re aiming the pellets at.

Rainbow Six Siege Play Hibana

Hibana’s Unique Abilities

What makes her unique abilities even more unique is that these pellets can also be used to make small sightlines to provide cover for other teammates. Her aiming scope is quite a on point, making her a perfect cover operator too. However, one thing to remember is that these pellets aren’t infinite. Make sure you use them wisely and along with a member’s support. While these can be shot and triggered from a distance, it’s also rather easy for the opponent to destroy them using bullets, electricity, and grenades.

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Playing with Hibana is rather tricky when you opt to maximize her abilities. Though new, she’s got a few tricks of her own up the sleeves, and to make the best use of it, one needs to have a wide knowledge base related to the maps, shooting angles, and wise use of those explosive pellets. When you’re playing with friends, using Hibana makes you go a few extra miles given there’s a better chance to split up and make a two-way attack.

Playing offensive in Rainbow Six Siege and not opting for Hibana is not a rookie mistake because it’s rather difficult and complex for any player to play her up to her potential. However, having her on the team increases the chances of winning exponentially. Due to her ability to put off and trigger the pellets from great distances, the opponent often mistakes her to be somewhere nearby. It’s considered best practice to do distant shooting since defences would be heavily armed closer.

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