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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Rook 2022

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Rook 2022

In almost every recent action-packed shooting game, there are always at least two modes two play in i.e. offensive and defensive. While most might prefer to go rogue on the field because that just feels like the best thing to do, Rainbow Six Siege facilitates the players with something more than just that.

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In the gameplay, you get to choose whether you want to go all out on the offense or you want to defend and take out the enemies in your sight before they take you out. It seems rather simple this way but there’s certainly far more to the whole game than that.

Tips to Play Rook in Rainbow Six Siege

Featuring Rook

Back in school, a premiere at athletics, Rook’s firearms skill was discovered by Nizan during his basic training after he turned 18 and was then enlisted in Gendarmerie Nationale where he continued to develop his skills. Rook’s rifle skills were a masterclass and attracted the attention of GIGN. In Rainbow Six Siege, Rook is one of the most valuable operators playing a supporting and anchoring defender.

As valuable as he is, it’s rather expected of him to die very soon in the game as the action phase commences due to spawn-peek. It’s likely for him to get pummelled there and then. Rook is by far the easiest operator available for proper utilization, making him the perfect choice for any rookie or new player.

Rainbow Six Siege: Play Rook

How to Play Rainbow Six Siege with Rook

Regardless of Rook being the easiest choice from all the operators in Rainbow Six Siege, to play well with Rook requires a whole lot of patience and calmness. For someone who has a good understanding of defensive positions, line of sight, and shooting angles can go a long way playing with Rook.  

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The Weapons Versatility

What makes Rook one of the most valuable operators in the Rainbow Six Siege is his versatility and flexibility with weapon choices. Starting from the beginning, Rook initiates with the first weapon known to be P90. However, it’s rather difficult to aim perfectly with it for medium to long-range because P90 has a very high recoil for even someone like Rook. Though, as you continue to level up, Rook gets to use numerous weapons including MP5, HK417 DMR, SG-CQB Shotgun. Known and acknowledged for his rifle skills, you can even unlock the rifle V308!

Rook also has secondary firearms suited to his defensive traits in the game. As his sidearms, he keeps a P9 and an LFP586 that’s a sure-fire way for area clearance with stealth.

Rook’s Unique Abilities

When using a defensive operator, it often becomes a battle of stamina and shear strength. In case you’re about to get cornered, you would want to have some extra health on you to be able to combat and hold on longer until either the game is over or reinforcement arrives.

Rook’s unique ability makes him capable to protect his teammates and himself by increasing everyone’s HP by 20 with armor plates. It is called R1N “RHINO” ARMOR and is a very powerful defensive buff and reduces damage from gunfire and frag blasts.

Rainbow six siege play rook

What makes the RHINO ARMOR unique is that if your teammate is hit by a bullet or explosion, they go down but stay alive anyhow. However, the ARMOR is not available around the headgear, thus resulting in death upon a headshot.

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To ensure that the RHINO ARMOR is safely put on, it’s essential that you wear the armor plates at the start of the game during preparation time. This is the safest time to deploy the armor as the enemy can’t reach through the doors or windows at that moment. This also goes without saying that the armor should never be deployed near doors and windows because the enemy can easily target your teammates at this point.


Rook is like a walking tank for the entire team and best put to work that way. Rook’s initial and foremost duty includes preventing the team from getting ground right from the beginning of the game. Moreover, the RHINO ARMOR deployment is more than just a safety measure to amp up the team’s health. It is more of a lifesaver that way.

In Rainbow Six Siege, Rook has one of the highest armor points i.e. 3 and just because you’ve taken on some direct hits, Rook can continue on and retaliate. There’s no point in making a retreat with him when you’re already in the warzone.

The one-speed three-armor operator isn’t just slow himself, he also slows down the opponent giving his teammates leverage. While playing with Rook at easier difficulties becomes boring pretty quick, he is the prime choice at higher-difficulty missions.

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