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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Ying In 2022

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Ying In 2022

Rainbow Six Siege is an action-packed multiplayer game that offers its players a chance to deploy their extensive in-mind planning and tactics to lead their team to victory. It highlights two different modes a player can adapt to before starting the game i.e. playing offensive or defensive. If you think this is no different than any other shooting game, you’re very wrong. 

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When you play Rainbow Six Siege, you don’t go on choosing whatever hero, or in this case, an operator you want. You must realize and remember at all times that not every operator is suitable for every position. It’s like telling a toddler to go on a 100m sprint against Usain Bolt. That being said, another commendable operator in Rainbow Six Siege is Ying.

How to Play Ying in Rainbow Six Siege

Making of Siu ‘Ying’ Mei Lin

Siu Mei Lin codenamed Ying was born in the Central District of Hong Kong and was always populated with adults regularly discussing serious topics. Being only 10, she started to feel agitated and would escape out to roam around her city. 

It was only after just graduating from secondary school, Ying became a close protection operative soon and also developed short-range power and combat skills. As she grew up, her skills polished which led her through a series of reorientations throughout her career only to then end up being recruited by Rainbow in 2017.

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Ying is an inconsistent yet extremely powerful offensive operator when utilized skillfully. She is very proficient at pushing the objective and ensuring the objective is completed with as low as casualties on her side as possible. That being said, even though Ying has mediocre weapons and a rather inconsistent utility, she’s given a high-capacity magazine on LMG of which she makes complete use. It’s safe to say that Ying is a very complex attacker and specializes in blinding the defenders efficiently.

How to Play Character Ying in Rainbow Six Siege

Ying’s Psychological Profile

With her hardcore training and missions, Ying was always keen and successful in ensuring casualties were at the bare minimum while leading VIPs protection operations. A notable mention here is the effect all this had on her over time which led her to be diagnosed with PTSD.

However, Ying always maintains a cool and easy-going façade which allows her to blend with her teammates and colleagues and also makes them feel secure around her. 

For someone like Ying, calculating multiple adaptive routes is far easier than for anyone else. While it’s an impressive trait, she’s relying on extreme maneuvers to combat her memories. Needless to say, illustration of the tactical maneuvers comes in very handy when a strategic plan needs instant improvisations. When required, there’s no one better at it than Ying.

Ying’s Utility

Ying’s special utility is called Candela, a ‘stunning’ cluster flash charge that is unsurprisingly similar to a stun grenade. Rainbow Six Siege’s complex operator Ying is equipped with 3 Candelas as the round begins. Additionally, every Candela has six flash charges. Putting Ying to optimal use, can blind the defender and give you the upper hand in an instant. 

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There’s a specific duration for how long the Candela can blind the defender’s opponent.  Through a single flash charge at long range, the defender is only blinded for half a second. However, if the operator is blinded at a point-blank distance, it can last for 3 seconds and 4 seconds when all-flash charges are hit on the defender. 

As convenient as this may sound to many, Candela has a high flash charge spread and the duration of impact on the operator is highly dependent on the number of charges burst on the defender operator. This makes Candela quite inconsistent considering how intense the game gets over a few seconds.

Tips to play Ying

What Makes Ying’s Candelas Special Is Their Dual Mode

Let’s discuss factors in detail:


Since they are similar to grenades, they can be thrown like them too. However,  unlike the bouncing style of a grenade towards its target Candela rolls towards the suspect operator, in this case, the defender, and light up in a star pattern when using the throwing mode. 


Planting is similar to Fuze’s cluster charges on penetrable surfaces and barricades but Ying’s Candela’s fire in a straight line and directions right to left. 

While there’s only Ying herself who has no effect of those flash charges and can take her allies in the swirl too, no flash has any effect on the Warden. 

Rainbow Six Siege Play Ying

The No-Turn Effect from Candela

Even though there are lots of similarities between a stun grenade and Ying’s Candelas, what makes it special is the no-turning effect from its effect. If an operator gets hit with a stun grenade but turns away just in time, that does not affect them. The same situation does not apply to Candelas though. 

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In the community that Rainbow Six Siege has grown into what seems like a huge fandom, the fans tend to have varying opinions and views regarding Ying. 

It’s no surprise that Ying is a very complex attacker and rather inconsistent. But if a capable amateur or pro league player plays with Ying as the operator, the results vary by an exponential.

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