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Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Mira in 2022

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Mira in 2022

Rainbow Six Siege offers all its players top-tier graphics experience that continues to bring in new players every day. With a perfect mix of strategy, tactics, and action, Rainbow Six Siege has become one of the premium choices of gamers who enjoy a high-end multiplayer shooting game.  

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What makes the game a delight is how every protagonist, depending on what part you’re playing in the game, has a uniqueness to them. In the game, these protagonists or heroes are known to be operators and are either offensive or defensive in nature and combat. 

Rainbow Six Siege takes a lot of pride over the fact that they have made available every character’s maximum abilities to the players. It’s only a question of players’ potential from here and how much they can utilize the character up to their expectations. This brings us down to revolutionary to defensive meta, Mira. 

Rainbow Six Siege: How to Play Mira in 2022

The Defence Squad Operator Mira

Alvarez, known as Mira in the game, was always a mechanics fanatic which led her to spend most of her time working with her father from a very young age at the store. 

Though, as she grew up, she made her way to the police force and joined them with a stern faith and belief system that she needs to protect and serve the country. A real patriot out there. 

Alongside the unspeakable love for machinery and working with her father, she also showed a valiant heart, brute guts and strength, vehicle knowledge, and endurance which made her the perfect candidate to join GEO. She was soon assigned to develop and test bulletproof materials for numerous reasons.

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Rainbow Six Siege Play Mira

Alvarez Mira’s Utility

When you choose wisdom over brute force and aggression, even the smallest things make a huge difference. Unlike Rook or Hibana who have special abilities and tools that seem like defining factors, Mira has a set of Black Mirrors that are one-sided mirrors. 

Mentioning that they are one-sided holds a lot of importance. Using these Black Mirrors, the player’s team gets an opportunity to look through the wall and at the other side of the mirror while the other continues to be at point-blank.

This lets your team and Mira have an opportunity to get visuals on the opponent making Black Mirrors an excellent tool for area denial. 

This results in either the attackers having to sacrifice their utility to dispatch mirrors or go head-on with the huge risk of death in any part of the game. While this feels like having a supreme ability, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege likes to keep them just and fair. This is why Mira’s Black Mirrors cannot get overpowered.

Mira character in Rainbow Six Siege

Pros & Cons of Using Mira as your Operator in Rainbow Six Siege

Using a defensive squad operator for an all-out offense is going to do no good anyway. But apart from that, even when using a defensive operator to defend, the player needs to realize the pros and cons of using a certain operator for the mission. 

Any character cannot be good at everything at the same time. That being said, there are certain pros and cons to be considered while playing with Mira as your operator in the game.

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How to Play Mira - Tips for Rainbow Six Siege


Mira’s loadout has the flexible ability to easily and compatibly synergize with the utilities. Unlike other operators that need multiple experiments to find out the best loadout, Mira synergizes with mostly everything naturally. However, it might not always be the case. Sometimes, things may not work out for you while they are for others.

Additionally, Mira is quite versatile when it comes to tactics as well. While some other operators might have rigid tactics and go in the mission with a certain mindset and tactics, Mira’s utility helps her improvise the tactics depending on the situation.


Mira plays an important role as a team player and fills the role of intel gatherer and area denial. That being said, her role doesn’t give her much of a chance in a head-on fight. With a defensive protocol, she scores only one point on speed and fails to yield exponential damage per bullet as well. When you play with Mira, your best bet should be avoiding direct contact at all costs.


One thing to remember when opting for Mira in the game, she requires quite a lot of setup time. So while using the defensive squad’s assets, make sure you keep that in mind as well. Having advanced map knowledge and Rainbow Six Siege experience goes a long way for someone who plays with Mira. 

When you play as a team player, cooperation and communication are assets. Mira not only helps in setting up the defenses, but she also uses her utility to offer further team cooperation. With advanced usage, Mira is not a recommended operator for newbies.

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