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Minecraft: [Top 12] Tips to Mine Like a Pro in 1.17

Minecraft: [Top 12] Tips to Mine Like a Pro in 1.17

If you’re a gaming fanatic, there’s no chance you haven’t heard about Minecraft. With the ever-growing community, Minecraft has now crossed over 200 million units in terms of sales. This might have been a normal thing if there wasn’t a competition at stake but Minecraft enjoys the position alongside the world-renowned Tetris as well Grand Theft Auto V. 

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  • Don’t ever dig straight down

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Given the fact that Minecraft’s graphics are in no comparison compared to what huge games like Skyrim, Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto, and Rainbow Six Siege offer, it’s rather astonishing and a proud moment for the followers that the franchise’s popularity continues to grow above and beyond even in 2022! Who would have ever thought that even after 11 years, Minecraft continues to be in the spotlight of gamers?

Ever since its release in 2011, Minecraft has failed to disappoint its loyal players with back-to-back updates. Apart from upgrading the quality of the game, bug fixes, and more, it also brings new and exciting upgrades now and then with every release. 

Minecraft 1.17 was one of the biggest defining moments for the franchise as well as for its loyal players because the virtual world of Minecraft had grown and become better. 

New cliffs and caves became part of this adventurous virtual world and gave the game a big boost with new users and the old ones becoming more active day by day. Even though there were some other great updates in 1.17 like the introduction to new creatures, different types of blocks and glow squids, it’s safe to say the upgrade in cliff and caves got the most attention.

12 Tips to Mine Like a Pro in Minecraft 1.17

There’s no age limit to who can or can’t enjoy playing Minecraft. With its regular updates now and then, it goes far to show how many people are still engrossed in the franchise’s work. Minecraft 1.17 is a special upgrade with numerous new cliffs and caves for the players to explore, discover and find exciting bounties from. 

But to get those bounties and rewards, one must know how to mine like a pro. This leads to the following 12 top tips out there to mine like a pro in Minecraft 1.17.

It’s a struggle to get hands-on valuable ores, materials, and metals that aren’t available over the surface, and going down to mine underground, you’re going to have to be aware of all the tips and tricks you can. 

Mining underground can be frustrating and take long hours of your gameplay but with the right tools, tactics, and strategies, it’s either not going to take long hours or it’s going to stop being frustrating altogether.  

Golden Rule: Don’t dig straight up or down

A rookie mistake every other Minecraft player continues to make is the tendency of digging straight down as they get into the game and start mining. While it feels like the easiest and most convenient way to mine and gets to the base, it’s rather risky and could end the health bar then and there. If, while digging down you hit a cavern or mine, there’s a high probability you could fall from their dice in an instant. Though dying might not be the biggest risk factor, what is more, grieving loss is all your gear along with it. 

Digging up makes the problem nowhere easier. While in case of hitting against a mine or cavern you could fall and die, digging up could catalyze a water stream could drown you down the shaft and have your mine become flooded as well.

If you want to be a pro at Minecraft 1.17 as soon as you can, make sure you adapt to the staircase method of digging and mining right from the start. This is by far the most efficient way of preventing severe damage.

Bring loads of pickaxes

In Minecraft 1.17, every player gets an opportunity to store up additional things in the inventory and bring it to a viable condition. That being said, every player needs to realize when to use which tools for specific action. Having a good quality pickaxe goes a long way when it comes to mining.

Diamonds and red stones, as rare as they are, you wouldn’t want to miss out on the chance of obtaining those precious fragments using wooden axes. Every tool has a purpose. In this case, iron pickaxes were designed specially to mine precious ores like diamonds and red stones. Using wooden axes at them yields nothing despite the prolonged mining duration.

Having one iron pickaxe should be necessary and if you’re running low on iron supplies for pickaxe, using a stone pickaxe works efficiently to mine through the stones. When you see your desired reserves of precious ores, use your iron pickaxe wisely then. 

Instead of crafting and carrying around multiple pickaxes, carry with you a hefty supply of materials and a crafting table. You won’t need to worry about too many axes and easily craft the one you need at the time using the resources wisely. Plus, you can craft them in the mine too!

Tips to Mine in Minecraft

Food, food, food, bring it

As you get engrossed in Minecraft 1.17 and go out for mining, you will notice how there are so many abandoned mine shafts and caves. You’re likely going to find pretty valuable ores and material there and that shouldn’t be ignored or procrastinated for anything. However, as the name suggests, you have to go all survival mode there. 

There’s a chance you’ll find an abandoned mine shaft while digging and you have to be prepared for it.

At times, when you’re out of valuable sources, you tend to stay underground for a long time. Though that has its advantages in terms of claiming valuable ores and materials, you need to be well prepared in advance before you dig deep in the mineshaft or cave. 

Having a steady supply of food goes a long way and allows you to spend more time comfortably inside. To ensure that your hearts replenish at a steady rate and provide maximum health, choose to eat foods that offer higher saturation. Foods like bread and cooked meat are considered to be the best choices while avoiding cookies, apples, and raw meat is highly advised. As well as bringing the right type of food, you should bring a great quantity such as a stack as 64.

Use Way Markers (torch strategy)

It’s a big world, this Minecraft, and considering Minecraft 1.17, it comes with an eagerly-anticipated upgrade. New and exciting cliffs and caves have been added which is certainly news to the fans. With new exciting places to discover, players make their way to the caves and cliffs instantly.

Considering the fact these are new places to discover, it requires one to be able to navigate their pathway. 

It’s easy to get carried away by the newness of things and get distracted to the point you don’t know how to get back and out of the cave. In Minecraft 1.17, the franchise hasn’t only upgraded to offer new cliffs and caves but also items like adorable axolotls, glow squids, mischievous goats, beautiful amethyst geodes, and over 100 new blocks and items. 

There are numerous ways a player can make navigation convenient for them but one of the best ways to achieve that is if you’re going in a cave or any dark place, put all your torches on the right wall. 

As you continue furthermore and go deeper, this practice comes in quite handy on your way back. Simply follow the line of torches on the left and you won’t need to worry about getting lost in the realms of Minecraft world.

Enchant your Tools

Minecraft fanatics have varying perspectives when it comes to mining. It’s more like a universal truth that mining for valuable resources is a long, tardy, and exhaustive process and can take hours and hours of your time. Some players would rather do a whole lot more than spend up to some hours in the mine shaft and caves, scratching through the layers to find precious material. 

Regardless of how long and time taking the process can be, for some Minecraft passionate players, it’s a haven and they find serenity and solace here as they mine and listen to music or podcasts. 

Nevertheless, good comes to those who wait and in this case, Minecraft rewards its players’ patience and relaxation with unique and upgraded tools. Unlike any other findings, these tools can double or even triple the number of resources or cut down on the time by a big margin.

Mine Like a Pro in Minecraft 1.17

Only mine the essentials

Nobody likes a hoarder but when on your journey to mining in Minecraft 1.17, you might want to reconsider everything that you’re taking along with you in your chest. Not every item in the chest is required to take alongside but if you take coal as an example, there are several useful things you can do with it. One stands out the most, you can use the coal to mark with torches and leave it for later. 

Unless the ore or block holds value to you or a friend, toss the item. You may think you want it, but truly it is hogging up your inventory space. Remember, you can never have enough iron!

Build a Safehouse in the Mine

While mining for resources and valuable, precious items is the go-to choice, investing in a safe mine of your own is a pretty solid option as well. When you own a mine of your own, you don’t particularly have to worry about the horrors of the abandoned mine shafts or worry about the long-term food supply either. 

Having a personal mine eliminates the stress of going into unhabituated areas leading to dangerous scenarios.

However, it’s always better to be safe even when building your safe mine in Minecraft 1.17. To do that, the best thing you can do is efficiently light up the area in such a way that you can easily confirm where the possible pitfalls are located to secure your mining facility. This way, if someone, unfortunately, does end up being in your safe mine by force, they wouldn’t find it too fruitful before ending up in the pitfall by choice. 

Having a personal safe mine can also be a huge blessing regardless of the hazards. With things in store in your ownerships, they are ready for use as well. In addition to that, you can also make use of the minecarts in your safe mine. If you have a Redstone at hand, pairing it with the minecart allows you to make traversing personal mine a piece of cake!

Learn how to mine stragetically

Needless to say, if you aspire to level up in the world of Minecraft, you can’t achieve that without mining. It can often be dangerous, given that there can be pitfalls anywhere or water can flood you down the shaft. It’s also often very time-consuming which is one of the biggest reasons why any Minecraft player winces at the thought of mining and going deep into the cave or mining shafts.

In Minecraft, there are numerous ways to make mining effective. This includes using special techniques and enchantments over your tools. Some of the most renowned special techniques for mining include tunnel mining, multi mining, TNT mining, mass mining, silverfish mining, and many more.

However, considering things at the base, one of the most important things while mining constitutes a basic strategy of line and angle. To mine, the player must go for a straight line with an angle of 45 degrees downwards and continually move one block across continuing to mine in that direction. This also makes staircase-style mining which is practiced by most of the Minecraft players regardless of what version is being played.

Always carry a stack of torches

If finding precious and important material as possible over the surface and on the exterior, Minecraft would have probably gone with some other name for the game. Talking about mining, in Minecraft, you play in daylight as well as in pitch-black night and torches are essential.

Even when you’re not mining, you need to have torches on your panel to be able to see at night, scare away the wildlife and have your house protected. However, it gets extremely dark underground and there’s equivalent to zero possibility for the player to see anything. Worse comes worse, you could run into lava or get flooded resulting in death and loss of all your gears. Make sure you carry a stock full of torches as you’re about to go underground and keep your surroundings illuminated optimally. It’s also necessary to know that you have to be careful where you place your torch because water can easily wash it away.

You also get the option to increase how lit up your torch can be by increasing the gamma. It can be increased up to 1000.0 and provide a sufficient amount of light to make mining underground a comfort zone.

Don’t dig dirt or gravel with a pickaxe

In the virtual open world of Minecraft, every tool has its specific function like in any other world. What makes mining in Minecraft 1.17 special is the extended availability of tools in a player’s arsenal. Every tool has limited resources and unless your inventory is filled with the material required to make more along with a crafting table, you might want to slow down there.

A pro-Minecraft player knows the importance of every tool and instead of carrying numerous axes in their arsenal, they tend to keep the material for it with them. This not only helps them save up space for more valuable things in the items but it can be optimally consumed this way as well.

A rookie mistake when coming against gravel and dirt is using pickaxes to get rid of it. For what it’s worth, you might find it more stylish but the effect on your resource is anything but that.

If you g come across any gravel or dirt in the middle of your mining spree, punching through is convenient enough. Though, if you need to use a tool, a shovel works just fine too. Using a pickaxe to get rid of it not only is a waste of resources but it wears it down twice as quickly. Is it worth the gamble? Precisely not.

Minecraft 1.17 Tips

Locate the Optimal Spawning Spot for High Efficiency

Compared to the other versions of Minecraft before this one, in 1.17, you are no longer able to mine diamonds at the best spawning spot at Y level 12. For many old players of Minecraft, Y level 12 has always been more like a sweet spawning spot for diamond mining. However, times have changed and it’s about time others move on too.

In Minecraft 1.17, the spawning spot has changed to Y level -59. So if you want to get hands-on abundant diamond resources, you should hurry to level -59 and get to mining right away. But since too many people are already making their way to it, you best consider strip mining using a netherite pickaxe. Points on the pickaxe matter a lot too. With 5 efficiencies and 3 fortunes, you’re on the road to being the richest miner right away!

Always be open to different mining techinques

For someone who self-proclaims to be a Minecraft fanatic, don’t go with the stereotype and not try anything else. Minecraft is all about mining and caving and what’s a better way to look for different caves and mining opportunities than exploring and trying out different stuff?

To top it off, exploring caves can be very fun and interesting in its ways. With the latest upgrade of new cliffs and caves in Minecraft 1.17, the Minecrafters have new mining opportunities to try out. While some different ways to mining can be ineffective, there’s a chance you could find something that comes in handy depending on the situation. If nothing, it’s still good to obtain a few ores here and there so there’s no loss. 

Quarrying results in digging a large hole, straight down and leads to cobblestones but in the worst case, lava or pitfall as well. On the other hand, branch mining is often interpreted as a very effective mining substitute. 

Because it yields maximum ores for the least usage of pick it serves it right and is worth going for. Another great substitute is simple branch mining which opens up parallel tunnels for you every three other blocks and also branches out a perpendicular hallway for you.


Someone who’s regularly been keeping up to date with every mint release from Minecraft probably knows all the edges and crevices of the maps. 

If they don’t, they’ll make sure to do that before you even get started learning a thing or two. However, Minecraft is all about having fun as you explore through the caves and mine shafts, find precious metals and raw materials, and use them to your heart’s content. But to ensure that fun isn’t taken over by agony, it’s best to know how to mine like a pro.

In Minecraft, there are different tools, techniques, and enchantments to use for your mining and making your experience worthwhile. 

At times, while you feel like you’re making the right choice with the tools, sometimes you don’t even need the ones you’re using. This not only wastes time but also uses up essential resources. If you want to make sure you’re a mining pro, these 13 tips would make you ace like a genius. Happy mining!

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