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Minecraft: Tips to Farming Like a Pro

Minecraft: Tips to Farming Like a Pro

Minecraft is one of those games that majorly gained popularity during the ongoing pandemic. While everyone was stuck between the four walls of their house, many individuals turned towards video games to get through. Among these video games, many started to play Minecraft. If you are reading this, then the chances are that you enjoy playing Minecraft too and are here to master that game or, more specifically, farming.

If you build a farm, you can get your hands on resources that you otherwise might not be able to get. Therefore, it is safe to say that farming in Minecraft is important, and you can benefit from it. In order to help you farm skillfully, you will find relevant information and tips underneath. 

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Materials and Tools for Farming

In order to start any activity, you need to equip yourself with the necessary resources. Similar is the case in Minecraft, where you will have to equip yourself with proper tools and materials. It is always helpful to prepare these items beforehand so you can use them later when farming. You may be lost on which tools or materials to prepare. Underneath, you will find out which tools and materials you should gather for yourself to use later in farming. 

Tools to Use

As mentioned earlier, you need to have proper tools to build anything. In order to make a farm, you will need a shovel and hoe. Although a shovel might not be as necessary for this process, it can help you if you plan to shape your land and remove any extra dirt from a particular area. You should also get a hoe which will be required later on a dirt or grass block when planting any of the fruits or vegetables on the tilled soil.

It would help if you also considered getting a torch you can have by putting one of the sticks under a single piece of coal. It will get you about a total of four torches which you can use to give light to your plants as well as help them to continue to grow through the night or if they are underground. 

Materials to Use

Two of the important materials you need to make a farm are fences. Similar to the way fences are important to form a boundary of any area or space, you will need it for your farm. You can take sticks in an amount of six and have them placed parallel to one another, forming rows of two. You can say you have created two fences through this placement of sticks.

Similarly, in order to form a fence gate, you will need to have sticks in an amount of four to be placed on any side of the two wooden planks. Now you have the fences and a gate with you which can help you keep away anyone you do not want to have near or inside your farm. 

Additionally, it would be best if you considered having a bone meal which can help increase the rate of growth of any of your crops. You can have them by killing any of the skeletons and obtaining bones from them. As you may know already, plants also need water to continue growing, and thus you should consider getting iron buckets that can help you store water. If you have a land of nine by nine dimensions, you will require a minimum of one block of water. 

Minecraft: Tips to Farming Like a Pro

Additional Tips

You read earlier that you can use iron buckets for watering your plants, and while it is true, there is another way to go about helping your plants continue to grow. It would help if you considered having your soil become and remain moist by digging a trench as you use the water bucket to have it filled. Furthermore, if you are contemplating where to plant your crops, you should consider having them about four blocks from any of the water sources. You can put it four blocks in a single direction ahead or diagonally. It will help your soil remain hydrated without you having to water it manually.

Building a Farm

Earlier, you read about the tools and materials to prepare before starting farming. In order to farm, you will need an area where you can plant and grow your crops, fruits, and vegetables. You will need to choose the most suitable place for these practices in such a case. You do not have any specific limit when choosing a specific size for your farm in this game.

Remember to keep in mind that if you are going for a larger area, it will require more resources or supplies. Therefore, you should choose an area size that is the most suitable for you. Ideally, you can consider going for an area of dimensions twenty-six by twenty-four. 

As a suggestion, you can for a land that is flat for farming. You can consider building it in a field. Although you will need to protect your farm against unwanted guests overall, it will be easier to build. Building your farm underground is an option too although it takes quite some time, it is the most versatile place. Additionally, it would be best if you used the fences and torch mentioned earlier to help you protect your farm. 

Growing Your Crops

The major component of farming is growing crops and harvesting them. You will have to run around, gather the necessities, choose ideal locations for your crop, and make decisions throughout the process of finding seeds and growing your crops. You will find a wide range of crops that you can grow in the game. It is up to your preference what you choose to grow. Among the crops you can grow, you will find potatoes, beetroot, wheat, mushrooms, sweet berries, cacti, sea pickle, pumpkins, melons, cocoa beans, sugar cane, and many more. 

Searching for Seeds

Moving on to a very important part of farming, you should grow your crops considerably. The most important component of growing any crop is the seed. You will require them to plant your crops in Minecraft. You will have to search for these seeds and knockdown various plants, hoping you find seeds from them. It is important to note that you will not find seeds from every plant you destroy. Once you find sufficient seeds after a long or short search, you can start growing your crops. 

Best tips to farm like a pro

The Process

You will need to have any of the dirt blocks in the area you want to plant your crop be tilled by using a hoe. If you have tilled the dirt block but do not have any crop growing on it, it will turn back to its original state. Whichever seed you are planting, you should equip them. Your plant will need a sufficient amount of lighting to grow, and therefore you should plant it in an area that gives it just that. As mentioned earlier, you should consider planting your crops that are at most four blocks away from any of the sources of water. Interact with your crops and harvest them. 

Bonus Tips and Tricks

If you want your crops to have their growth accelerated, consider planting them near bees or a beehive. In order to have your crops grow faster, plant two different crops in a field, such as wheat on one side and potatoes on the other side of the same field. In the particular case of potatoes and carrots, you can know they are ready to harvest when you see their heads starting to emerge. Similarly, in the case of wheat, you can know it is ready to be harvested when you see it is brown and yellow. These indications can help you be aware of when your crops are fully grown. 

Information on Some of the Crops

Earlier you read some of the examples of the crops you can grow in the game. You should also be aware of where you can find some of these and what benefits they bring to you. Underneath, you will get to know these details about some of the common crops grown in the game.


Among the most commonly grown crops in Minecraft, you will find what. The reason why this is so is that it is easy to grow. You can use it for breeding animals on your farm. If you want to find seeds to grow wheat, you will have to run around and destroy grass while keeping in mind that you have between twelve to thirteen percent chances of getting seeds per grass plant.

You can breed chickens from the seed that you are using to grow wheat. If you do harvest the plant before it has fully grown, you are likely to gain only one seed and none of the wheat.  

If you use bonemeal on a planted seed, you can have wheat grown through this as well. An advantage this brings is that your wheat will be able to be harvested soon after it. Furthermore, you can use wheat to have bread be crafted.


As you read earlier, you can also grow pumpkins in Minecraft. You will need to find seeds to grow them as well. You can get seeds by using the crafting table. It is important to note that there should be vacant space beside the place where you plant the pumpkin for the pumpkin’s stem to grow. You will notice how the block under the pumpkin would become dirt once you have taken the pumpkin. 

A benefit this crop brings is that your plant will continue to grow from its stalk even after you have collected the pumpkin. Additionally, when you break the pumpkin’s stalk, you can obtain seeds of the pumpkin from it. Sometimes, pumpkins are not that common, but you may find them in many of the biomes. An interesting thing about pumpkins in the game is that they will give off light when it is underwater. You can use pumpkin to make Jack-o’-Lanterns, pumpkin pie, as well as Iron Golems.

Tips to farming like a pro

Sugar Cane

You can also grow sugar cane in the game, as mentioned earlier. You can grow it on the grass in a biome with water or grow it in sand or even dirt. If you have it underground, it can be planted there too. Generally, you may know that sugar canes are tall, and in the game, you will find them being as high as about three blocks, although you can stack them however tall you want them to be.

If you do not break its bottom but any of the rest, you will notice how it still continues to grow. You can use it in baking recipes by making sugar from it and utilizing it to create pages for any book. 

Above, you read about various aspects of farming in Minecraft. You got to know about what you should equip yourself with and their uses. As it was suggested, you should get torches, hoes, shovels, fences, iron buckets, and some other tools and materials.

You also got to know how you can build a farm with an ideal location that has a water source nearby and a good amount of lighting and preferably a flat land. Additionally, you can have your farm either on a field or underground and even inside. You read about the process of growing crops with some of the examples and additional details with it.

Minecraft is overall a fun and interesting game and has attracted an audience over time. You can achieve various benefits by farming and getting your hands on important items. Therefore, you should consider farming and using the information mentioned above and tips to farm like a pro. In the end, remember to have fun. 

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