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Minecraft: How to Get Started as a Beginner in 2022

Minecraft: How to Get Started as a Beginner 2022

If you’re a die-hard gaming fan, there’s no chance you haven’t heard about Minecraft in all this time. Even if you haven’t ever been a huge fan of the franchise launching different Minecraft games, you’re still quite aware of the game. 

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Unlike the other high-end and professional graphic games, Minecraft offers a different kind of gaming experience to the players. As different as it may be, there’s no doubt that it has had millions of players hooked up on it. It makes more sense why Minecraft was a fitting candidate for the world’s most popular game and certainly won the title as well.

How to Get Started in Minecraft as a Beginner 2022

What Makes Minecraft Special?

Minecraft is a virtually open-world video game but it’s not the same as any other strategic game. While many others have a specific objective, some tasks to complete or achieve their goals from the get-go, Minecraft takes on a different model. There aren’t any specified means of playing this game or any guidelines to follow through. It allows you to be the owner of your game. You get to control the flow of your game and how you want to dig, mine, build, craft, and enchant things in the game.

To top it off, Minecraft even gives its players an option to become a mod and they can code or do modding directly into the game! What game lets you take control of how the game looks other than Minecraft?

From what is observed, Minecraft is initially taken as a pretty daunting game to play but with precise guidelines and carefully briefed steps, it becomes super easy to get comfortable in the game and feel the freedom of choice taking its toll on you. 

13 Basic Things Every Minecraft Rookie Should Know or Do as a Beginner

Launching Minecraft is rather easy. All you have to do is simply purchase and install the game first. After that is done, launch the game and log in using your credentials to get to the main menu. Other than launching the game, it even feels rather easy to start from here but you need to remember some basic things before you make an entrance into the virtual world of Minecraft.

Understand the Different Game Modes

As you enter your login credentials and get to the main menu, you are welcomed by a few options. Related to our interest, you will see a Single-Player as well as a Multiplayer option in the main menu. The multiplayer option allows other Minecraft players to join online and have online matches and battles. Upon choosing Single Player, you get to choose Game Mode before you get to “Create a New World”. 

Minecraft gives a wide array of choices when choosing the preferred Game Mode including Survival, Creative, Adventure, Spectator, and Hardcore. Some modes might relate to each other in one way or another like Survival and Hardcore. On the other hand, there are modes that either give you a free choice of movement without being vulnerable to death and flying around or only act as a spectator. 

Before you go on and Create a New World, make sure you’re familiar with how each game mode works and only then continue onwards.

Get the Wood from Trees First

Just like in real life, you need tools to work in Minecraft as well. The first and foremost thing one needs to do is reach up to a tree and start hitting it till some wood becomes part of your ownership. With the wood that tree just dropped, turn them to planks through the inventory to create a Crafting Bench. Needless to say, it opens up your character to astronomical possibilities too.

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Apart from just the possibilities, wood is the building block for your shelter and protection as well. The only reason why you wouldn’t be getting wood in the first place is that you want to end the game instantly!

Minecraft beginner's guide

Build a Shelter Immediately

Spending the first night in Minecraft and surviving it through is the toughest thing to do. Especially when you don’t have a shelter around you. Talk about enemies, mobs, and wildlife, you are at the risk of them all. 

The moment you start playing Minecraft, gathering up the raw materials to make a nice cosy home should be your highest priority. To get the materials for your shelter, gathering up wood and wool is the ultimate top-priority task at hand. What’s a better place to find that than a tree and a sheep? Having a protective surrounding around you keeps you secure and protected from the night creatures as the game begins.

Wave the Dark Away with Torch

In Minecraft, torches have more benefits than just facilitating you with light. At times when you’re out to mine and hunt in the caverns, it tends to get a little too dark. Torches turn out to be extremely helpful in such situations. Most of the time, mines are already lit up with light and don’t necessarily require a torch but having one is rather helpful in many other cases. 

At the beginning of the game, putting lights around the shelter helps you stay secure from the night creatures. There’s a reason why night creatures are called ‘night creatures’ and that’s because they abhor light and don’t appear until it becomes pitch black.

Another great reason why you should have a torch from the beginning of the game is that they also act as map markers if you place them over the top of the towers. The torches can be put anywhere and help in preventing mob spawns in the vicinity too.

Don’t Dig the Way It Seems the Quickest

Even though digging straight up or down feels like the quickest way to discover and explore the depths of the virtual world of Minecraft, it doesn’t make it the most tactical move. Worst comes worst, it can be an invitation to swift death as well. While digging down, if you hit a mine or cavern, you could potentially fall and die. This doesn’t just end with death but you would also lose all your gears as well.

Similarly, digging up doesn’t seem like an easier choice either. In fact, it’s rather riskier. You could hit the water, drown down the shaft and end up having your mine get flooded as well. In other cases, you could potentially find yourself at the tail end of another cave, too. The best way to ensure you don’t end up at a dead-end is to dig in the staircase and also dig all around you from time to time. This not only helps you widen your space but can save you from severe damage.

Minecraft guide 2022

Every Tool Has a Specific Job

Imagine punching and kicking with all your might to break a stone wall. Unsurprisingly, there wouldn’t be any damage to the wall but there’s no guarantee what would happen to your hands and feet. In the virtual open world of Minecraft, a player’s inventory can consist of multiple tools, i.e. if they keep them in it, which has a multitude of uses.

However, a commonly observed mistake constitutes the misuse of tools for numerous purposes. Every tool has a unique and specific job in Minecraft, just like in the real world. Therefore, having the right set of tools goes a long way in the game. If you end up seeing red stone, gold, or emerald in a cave, make sure you have an iron pickaxe at your disposal to smooth out your mining.

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Using the wrong tool for a certain job not only ends up wasting loads of time but can also result in yielding nothing at all despite the intense efforts.

Diamond and Lava Often Go Hand in Hand

It’s just as the name suggests. If you want to get your hands on diamonds, you most often have to face the lava before that. Unlike in the real world, gold is semi-rare and a soft metal that doesn’t go a long way. Diamond on the other hand is unique and one of the rarest ores to find in the entire game. 

Needless to say, it’s got multiple uses like the player gets to create diamond gears and tools which have the highest level of protection, yield immense damage, and are extremely sturdy too. To find diamonds in the game, one can use the technique called strip mining which is known to be the most efficient when it comes to finding diamonds.

Own a Few Farms Here and There

As you settle down with a sustainable house, have your inventory filled up with useful tools and many more, you’re probably running low on food supplies and that’s okay. What’s not okay is finding resources to increase those supplies. You can’t continue killing wildlife now and then and picking apples from the trees to fill up on your food supply.

Your hoe has been used and it’s time it does some action rather than lurking in your inventory. Along with the bucket full of water, you can use the hoe to plough grass blocks, and chopping down the grass in the vicinity helps you with finding seeds. The rest is the same as how it works in our life. Planting the seeds and watering them thoroughly helps to harvest wheat over time which, upon crafting, can be turned into bread which is a renewable food supply. 

Minecraft is a game but heavily influenced by how the real world works. It’s elements like these that make the game addictive.

Find Means for Steady Food Supply

Owning a few farms and getting food supplies is convenient but as you continue onwards in the game, you soon realize farms alone don’t make up for the demand. However, there are more ways of getting a consistent and sustainable food supply than farming, picking from trees, and killing wildlife creatures. You’re going to run out of the sources near your base quicker that way.

Alternatively, the best thing that can be done at this point and ensure that the supply is near your base, start luring the wildlife near your base. Use your wheat from the farms to grab the cows’ attention and pull them close to the pen you’ve built for them. Continue to feed and breed them. This not only helps you from running out of food and thus dying due to starvation but consistent breeding yields a sustainable food supply as well. 

Raw Materials are Key

As you play with consistency and continue to level up, your technological tier grows as well. This ultimately means you need to gear up and upgrade your tools as well to smoothen your journey in the game. For example, you might be way past the stone tools you’ve been using for a very long time and require a good and potential upgrade. In case you’ve found a valuable cave already, it’s no big deal. If not, you’re in for another tough journey.

Gathering raw materials should be as essential as finding diamond ores for your tools. If you want to upgrade your lifestyle in the game or give your tools a new upgrade, build a secure and well-founded house, you need material for that. Hunt around for small tan flecks in iron ore blocks and cook them along with coal in your furnace. This is the surefire means of getting iron tools which come in handy a long way through in the game. 

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If you don’t own diamond tools, iron tools become a necessity during the gameplay.

Stone House is a Secure House

As you level up in the game and start to solidify your steps in the virtual world, it’s about time you learn about the importance of upgrading your house as well. A player’s self-defense, attack power, and protection definitely matter a lot in order to succeed in the game but it’s a rookie mistake to not amp up the protection for your house. 

It’s a vital responsibility to make sure your house isn’t vulnerable at any point. A wood house is a good house but it’s not safe enough. It’s about time you put your stone reserves in action and convert your wood house into a stone house. 

Even though this isn’t the reason why you should make a stone house it starts to look very attractive and beautiful when it becomes replaced with stone. Not only that, it also provides your home with an immense amount of security.

Minecraft guide for beginners 2022

Use your Diamond Resources Wisely

It goes without saying that owning diamond ore automatically makes it the most precious thing to own. With great power comes great responsibility and in this case, it is how you consume the diamond you own. 

It is necessary to make sure that you don’t end up using your diamond resources over something mundane or useless. If there’s a possibility of attaining a certain tool using any other element or material, don’t bring up your diamond ore for that. 

While diamond might be the sturdiest ore to exist in the virtual world of Minecraft, wisely using it must be the highest priority as well. For example, if a hoe works perfectly made out of wood as well. While making it using a diamond is a possibility, wooden hoe gets the job with almost the same efficiency. It works best when you consume it in making pickaxes, enchantment tables, and swords.

Go into the Depths of Minecraft with Nether Portal

If you’ve been following through with all these basic and simple things till now and practicing them along the way, you’re ready to go to the ‘Nether’ world called Nether Fortress in the action-packed strategy-based game Minecraft. When you get engrossed in Minecraft, like expected of every player, you might want to go above and beyond. To cater to your desire, you can go to another dimension in the game and explore the realms of Minecraft that other players just can’t see yet.

However, to be able to get into Nether Fortress, you need to make a Nether Portal, you need to have mined 10 obsidian blocks which are unable to be mined if you don’t own a diamond pickaxe. See, that’s why you have to use diamond resources wisely.

As you make your way to the Nether Fortress, you’ll be welcomed by lots of lava, zombie pigmen, and ghasts. The reason why many go for this extreme adventure is that an astronomical amount of loot awaits the player in the Nether Fortress. Are you ready for the unforgiving experience of the Netherlands?

Wrap Up

Getting hooked up right from the first night you play Minecraft is rather common but as easy as it sounds, you’re in for a nightmare too. To make sure your first night at Minecraft doesn’t make you want it to be the last one, make sure that you follow these 15 basic things as you make your way into the virtual world of Minecraft. Once you’ve mastered these things, the rest is all about practice and continually playing different games, using different tactics to see what works the best for you. Happy Minecrafting!

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