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Minecraft: How to Find Diamonds in 1.17 [Top 7 Ways]

Minecraft: How to Find Diamonds in 1.17 [Top 7 Ways]

Do you want to know where you may locate Diamonds in Minecraft 1.17? Diamonds are among the most valuable commodities in this game, and obtaining your first Diamonds is usually a significant achievement in any survival game.

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With diamonds, you may construct a new tier of tools as well as a slew of new goods and blocks that will propel you far beyond where you were previously.

The method for obtaining Diamonds has changed as of Minecraft 1.17. Of course, you could dig down or explore some caverns and hope. Still, Minecraft’s world generation follows particular laws.

All those rules could also tell us the most effective approach to diamond mining. In this article, we’ll go through the best ways to discover and mine diamonds in Minecraft, respectively.

Minecraft: How to Find Diamonds in 1.17 [Top 7 Ways]

What is Minecraft 1.17?

Minecraft 1.17 is the update in this sandbox game through which cave and cliffs were released. It has been considered as the major update in the gameplay. Moreover, It introduces the Bedrock and Java edition of the game that is themed around mountains, cliffs, and revamping caves.  

Game Release

1.17, the first Caves and Cliffs release is a significant Java Edition upgrade revealed at Minecraft Live 2020 and launched on June 8, 2021.  It includes amethyst geodes, amethyst blocks and goods, deep slate and its variants, copper ore and its derived forms, and the goat. Glow squid, and axolotl mobs, are all included in this version.

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How to Find Diamonds in Minecraft 1.17

If you’re still using Minecraft 1.17 or earlier, you can discover Diamond Ore between Y-levels 1-15 in every Overworld biome. However, they spawn most frequently between levels 5 and 12, so if you want to improve your chances to find Diamonds, stay between these two levels.

Diamonds will appear in tiny veins of approximately ten blocks in any version of Minecraft. In contrast, more prominent veins made up of numerous veins touching one other will occasionally appear. Diamonds are therefore scarce, even at the highest levels. Let’s find out the best ways to find diamonds in Minecraft.

Minecraft Diamonds in 1.17

After netherite, diamonds are the second most durable substance in Minecraft. Players can use them to make various items in the game environment. For example, enchanting tables in Minecraft need diamonds to get crafted. Two diamonds, one book, and four obsidian create these enchanting tables. 

Anyone would want to know how to find Diamonds in Minecraft, as they are one of the game’s rarest, most potent, and most precious crafting resources. Unfortunately, until recently, the Minecraft 1.17 update made it challenging to find Diamonds – not intentionally, but due to a fault that altered the way they spawned. Below are the best ways to find diamonds in this sandbox game. 

Diamonds Spawn Only Below Y=16

Just press F3 while playing the game on PC. Before loading your world in Minecraft on PC (Java Edition) or console, go to the game options and click “Show Co-ordinates.” Diamonds could only appear naturally beneath Y level 16, which means you won’t find the excellent stuff if you’ve been exploring a tunnel that doesn’t descend sufficiently. 

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Diamonds Under the Caves and Ravines

You can find diamonds beneath the shipwrecks and Minecraft Nether chests. However, diamonds are most commonly found in caves and deep valleys. You can find diamonds in veins numbered 1 to 12.

Only players with an iron pickaxe or higher would mine diamonds. If players mine diamonds using a gold, wooden pickaxe, or stone, the block will break. When searching for diamonds inside caverns and ravines, players should wear armor.

Find them in Lower Levels

Diamonds are a rare ore. Therefore players will not discover them on higher levels. You can find diamonds only on levels 15 and lower. Diamonds are more likely to be located on levels 8-12. There is much less lava on these levels.

Look for Lava Puddles and Listen for them

Diamonds do not typically occur near lava, but lava pools are inherently more open areas, allowing you to examine more blocks. Furthermore, suppose you come across a natural lava lake at that level. In that case, it means that every single block you see around the pool does have the potential to contain Diamond Ore.

Mine Branch at Y=10

Branch mining entails digging down to Y=10 and then forming symmetrical pathways that branch off. Then, you simply mine in a straight line after that. So, every third block, you’d start a new journey in both directions. You don’t want a new branch to mine every other block because it would limit the number of new blocks — and prospective Diamonds — you see on the wall; therefore, it needs to be two blocks thick.

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Discover Deep Caves

Minecraft, of course, is all about caves. So, if you come upon a complicated tunnel system that penetrates deep into the world’s depths, load up on supplies (food, torches, weapons, and armor) and go exploring! There’s a strong probability you’ll locate a vein or two if it goes below Y=16.

Mine the Ore with a Fortune Pickaxe once you got the Enchanting Table

Any ore mined with a Fortune Pickaxe yields more resources than the ore would typically contain. Unfortunately, you must already have found Diamonds to create an Enchanting Table. Still, it’s a terrific way to gather more Diamonds at once swiftly.


That’s all you need to know about finding Diamonds in Minecraft quickly. However, diamonds alone will not be sufficient: you will need to know about the Enchantments to discover how to enchant your gear to make it as robust as possible. By following all the above-mentioned ways, you can easily find the most important commodity i.e. diamonds.

If you’re having difficulty discovering Diamonds while playing this game, these simple ways could help you find them since some of them will help you detect ores more quickly. While you’re digging, keep an eye out for Copper, a new ore added with 1.17 that you can use to make fantastic new constructions and fancy tools like the Lightning Rod.

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