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Skyrim: [Best 8] Tips and Tricks 2022

Skyrim: [Best 8] Tips and Tricks 2022

Talking about RPGs and Skyrim not coming to mind is something rarely happening. Skyrim has been around for what feels like an eternity and continues to draw gamers’ attention towards it even after years. If there exists an action-packed game with an adventurous plot that engrosses the player, offers thrill and excitement, what’s there not to love about it all?

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To make your whole experience worthwhile and continue to keep your focus intact, here are some tips and tricks every beginner or even a prodigy should be aware of. This not only helps you ‘up’ your gameplay but enhances your knowledge for most RPGs as well.

Skyrim: [Best 8] Tips and Tricks 2022

Top 8 Tips and Tricks to Alleviate your Gameplay

Even though Skyrim has been around for a very long time, the gameplay is packed with a multitude of scenarios, items, spells, and tactics that you still often need to glance at. Here are some of the things every Skyrim player should be aware of:

Play However Akin to Your Nature

It’s easy and most convenient to choose an optimum path and complete scenarios and missions. But what’s the fun in that? The whole idea of RPGs is to roam around, explore and discover new areas, and most certainly the sure-fire means of actually enjoying the game. Free from any external pushing and pressure, a player should be able to choose routes, quests, and paths all by their sheer will.

A Good Defense Is a Great Offense

As you get into the game, you soon learn that Skyrim allows your character to master some magic spells. Considering that magic exists in Skyrim, one should immediately cater to their character with defensive spells.

What makes defense the ultimate offense is that apart from preventing and blocking your character from shouts, poison attacks, or even dragons, with Ward you also get time to increase your magic skill. You can then use that stored-up magic skill to retaliate and combat with now-drained enemies and the result is rather fortunate. For any player, Ward restoration spells should be the top priority.

Put Thy Greed Away

In an adventure-based RPG game like Skyrim, one starts to feel greedy rather easily as there’s a whole lot of loot you can obtain just after being victorious at your missions. However, like many other RPGs, Skyrim also fancies a player with an inventory.

Let’s be real. If we can have something for free, wouldn’t we want to hoard it all? Chances are, with all the garbage stacked up in your inventory, you might lose to obtain something essential for your journey. Therefore, it’s best to head to a merchant and sell it all before you have to question yourself as to what shall be dropped. While it wouldn’t be high paying, at least you earn something off of garbage than just dropping things off!

Skyrim Tips and Tricks

Start With the Main Plot

While a player should play however they deem perfect to their nature, it’s rather smart to begin based on the main plot only to later scatter about and explore new areas and places in the game. With so many distractions or rather more like exciting entities, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and make mistakes early in the game. The foremost reason to do that is getting some shouts under your grips because they help you out of tight spots like nothing else!

Patience is Key

Just like in our real world, in the realms of Skyrim, patience is a virtue practiced by every individual. Sometimes after a big and rowdy fight, it’s better to just roam around peacefully. This not only helps in revitalizing you and amping up your health, but it restores your Magicka and stamina too. 

But that’s not all. This helps when you visit a merchant as well and they’re running short of that one essential ingredient to make your potion. In the game, it might take around 48 hours. In real life, it doesn’t but it can most certainly help you calm down as it takes out your immersed mind from the game.

Tips and Tricks Skyrim 2022

Find an Early Shed over Your Head

A beginner or a newbie is always going to be the guinea pig and you most certainly wouldn’t want to be one of them. For the Dragonborn, Helgen gives off bad vibes and brings back uninvited memories. Moreover, every character should have a place to live peacefully where they can protectively secure their treasures until they are ready.

Add Your Frequents To Favorites Tab

Be it battle items, weapons, magic spells, or potions, it’s always the best option to keep your favorites where it’s convenient for you to reach. You never know when the time comes during a quest where you need to shift between multiple spells, either to throw a heavy blow at the enemy or pull up the absolute defense to combat with their ultimate assertion. 

Skyrim offers the players Oblivion’s hotkey menu that makes it highly convenient for the player to access their favorite inventory item and spell menus from the ‘Favourites’.


Keep on the Best Equipment at All Times

It’s RPG at its best when it comes to Skyrim. Where the loot is highly accessible, it’s no wonder many players and characters would be attracted to it, hence the possibility of heavy encounters co-exists without saying. 

To improve your survival chances in any encounters, one must be equipped with their very best at all times. Additionally, some equipment upgrades might actually ‘upgrade’ the player’s look too.


As you make your way into the depths and realms of Skyrim’s World, you’re in for a daunting and thrilling ride that’s going to shape your gameplay in a way you haven’t experienced before. Just after a few hours into the open-world action RPG, your quest log would make you want to have a mute button for it. Hence, it’s easy to get carried away under the overwhelming feelings because of the freedom. However, one, regardless of being a very experienced player, might still make rookie mistakes.

So if you’re a newbie, you’ve probably learned the essentials and if you’re not, nothing wrong with a little revision, is there?

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