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Skyrim: How To Level Up Fast In 2022

Skyrim: How To Level Up Fast In 2022

Ever since its grand launch in 2011, Skyrim has been one of the most popular games, especially because of multiple playing styles available with 18 skills that can be honed. However, just like other RPG games, the levels become more challenging as you progress through the game, and we are here to take your hand and help you level up fast in the game!

In this guide, we will be showing you how you can level up fast in Skyrim. This game can be grindy at times so we hope our guide helps cut your hours farming down.

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Different ways to Level Up Fast 2022

11 Tips To Level Up Fast in Skyrim 2022

Here are some great tips to level up fast in Skyrim. Let’s discuss each in detail below:


Transmutation is known as a niche spell, but it’s an important part of the experience. The spell can be identified in various places, including the Ansilvund Burial Chambers and Halted Stream Camp. In addition, it allows the players to transform iron into silver, and silver is converted into gold. However, the best way of utilizing this spell is to transform iron ore into gold. Then, the gold ingots have to be transformed into gold rings – these are perfect for gaining extra experience and have a higher value. In simpler words, transmutation is a great way of making a profit while leveling up in the game. 

Opt For Harmony Spell

It is one of the most difficult spells out there for acquiring and casting because it demands the players to power up with a Muffle spell in Skyrim. However, if you have already gained the master’s level, you can get your hands on the spell from the College of Winterhold. For this purpose, just travel to the Whiterun market and start casting Harmony. Also, if you have to revitalize the Magicka, wait for the meter to turn to normal. However, you must have a boosting gear for Magicka and reduce the cost of the spell because Harmony has the higher costs. 

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The Sneak Attack Essentials

The game has a myriad of characters, and many of them are essential – it means that they aren’t killable because of the intense health pool. For this reason, they are an easy target for leveling up the stealth and combatting skills. For this purpose, you can go to High Hrothgar, and you have to find the lone Greybeard for meditating and sneaking behind them. Also, don’t forget to quicksave if something goes south and start whacking, and the levels will rise high. 

Whacking The Horse

If it seems too risky to attack the essentials, you can get a horse. Honestly, it’s not a less tedious process, but you won’t have to risk the hostility of NPCs. However, you’ve to get your hands on Shadowmere and turn up your difficulty to the Legendary level. Once leveled up, start whacking the horse, and you can also use spells for leveling up efficiently but don’t kill the horse in the process. 

best tricks To Level Up Fast 2022

Opt For Amulet Of Articulation

Another way of leveling up in the game is speech, but it can be challenging if it’s not successful. However, once you complete the Thieves Guild quest, you will be gifted with an Amulet of Articulation. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s the best item for speech boosting, and can be used for passing speech checks. All in all, completing the speech checks will grant immense experience rewards and points. 

Utilize The Guardian Stones

Once you escape Helgen and start your adventure, you will be able to see the Guardian Stones, but once you leave the cave, just follow the specific path down the hill and gain access to the three ornate stones. Every ornate stone signified a range of skills, including the warrior, thief, and mage. Every grant will offer a 20% boost for increasing the skills. For this purpose, you’ve to select the stone that aligns with your play, and the leveling up will be quicker. 

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While you run around Skyrim, don’t forget to avoid the beauty sleep because resting provides an extra experience. If you sleep in someone else’s bed, you will get a 5% bonus, while a 10% bonus is offered when the player sleeps in the protagonist’s bed. In fact, if you sleep with your in-game spouse, you will get a 15% bonus, and the bonus lasts for over eight hours in the game. The best thing about this challenge is that you can find a bed in the dungeons or caves, but you might have to request the previous occupants to leave the bed. 

Using Muffle & Sneak

Muffle is commonly known as the illusion spell in Skyrim that’s earned in the initial phase of the game and is great for outside combatting, and is the ultimate option for leveling up quickly. In addition, the illusion spell promises silent movement, so you can sneak past enemies to improve your skills. The Muffle and Sneak spell is apt for passively enhancing the skills and level up while exploring the world. Not to forget, it offers damage bonuses during combat, making it a promising choice throughout the combatting campaign. 

different tips To Level Up Fast 2022

Fight With The Giants

If you are strong enough that giants cannot hit you with the club, you can kill or fight it to boost your combatting skills. These giants are perfect for boosting different fighting skills, including two-handed skills, one-handed skills, destruction skills, and archery skills. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that giants are the hard hitters, so don’t forget to stock up on the potions and improve your armor and block capabilities by letting them wail. 

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Iron Daggers

In Skyrim, the iron daggers can be used for leveling up the smithing, and you can also get your hands on iron straps for gaining a level in the early stages of the game. Also, you can purchase them from the blacksmiths 

How To Level Up Fast 2022 in Skyrim

Steal The Souls

You have to start by picking up the soil gems and weapons that have a soul trap effect. For instance, you can get your hands on the Mace of Molag Bal. These gems are perfect for restoring the enchantment of the mace, resulting in improved enchanting skills. 

To summarize, these are some of the best ways of leveling up in Skyrim, so which one is your favorite? We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to level up fast in Skyrim. Share this to all your Skyrim friends and comment down below if we missed anything!

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