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Valorant: How to Play Jett Like a Pro Today

Valorant: How to Play Jett Like a Pro Today

If you’ve been a part of the gaming world, specifically shooting games, there’s no chance you haven’t heard about Valorant. Despite the limitations and graphical constraints, the gaming fanatics still somehow find a way to play the game on their systems.

In this guide, we will touch on how to play Jett like a pro in Valorant. By going through our guide you will be able to show off your newfound skills to all your Valorant friends.

Quick Guide

  • When dashing into an enemy site, you take the focus of the enemy’s aim so your teamates can push in and take easy kills
  • You can pair Tailwind and Updraft abilities to push quickly and efficiently into the site.
  • You can control your Cloudburst smokes by dragging your mouse after they thrown

Table of Contents

In Valorant, all the characters you play with are called Agents. Every Agent has unique abilities of their own. However, it’s safe to say that for many characters’ abilities and appearance, inspiration was taken from Rainbow Six Siege, Counterstrike, and Overwatch. That being said, if you want to become a pro at Valorant with all the Agents, you need to know your Agents by heart. In this case, it’s Jett.

best tips to Play Jett Like a Pro

How is Jet Better than Other Agents?

When you start playing Valorant, you soon come to realize that this action-packed high-definition shooting game is more than just about aiming and shooting on point. While many characters might feel quite similar to you the moment you start playing, their special abilities help you go a long way in the gameplay. 

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One of these characters, known as Agents in the game, is Jett. While she seems like a very familiar and easy Agent to play with, things become pretty complicated rather quickly.

Even with no multipurpose abilities, Jett is blessed with angles other Agents can’t even come close to comprehending. What makes this a piece of cake for Jett is her trade and run potential. She can pick up the kill, it’s also possible she loses the trail after a few bullets but she can dash through as she deems best without requiring a kill from the battlefield.

Jett’s Abilities and How to Use Them Like a Pro (+ video)

If you’re thinking that her inability of servicing multi-purposes makes her a weak character in Valorant, you might want to stick, continue playing long-term, and notice how her mobility is one of her biggest assets.

Here’s a list of her abilities and a few pointers you should get when playing with Jett.

Easy ways to Play Jett Like a Pro

Updraft – Propel High in the Air

Talk about having the ability to jump very high in the air and then being able to stay there as well. Jett’s Updraft ability can be used as a defensive ability and also a scouting ability. She holds 2 charges for it so when she uses one and jumps high, using another one right away propels her even higher in the air.

While doing so, she has the opportunity to observe the entire map, scout great hiding spots, and sniper points. If you’re good at playing with Jett by now, you can also use your ultimate along with it to pick some kills as well.

Cloudburst – Play Mind Games & Misdirect your Opponent

Even though the smoke charges are limited to 2 with each lasting for up to 4.5 seconds, it’s plenty of time to act creatively with it. While lots of players know how to aim and shoot the Cloudburst, what they don’t know is that it also allows the player to curve its trajectory. 

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You can simply do that by holding down the Cloudburst button and moving your mouse around. This does wonder but you gotta train well enough in the practice mode to pull miracles out of it.

The effect from Cloudburst can be potentially used as a misleading trial. All you have to do is curve the smoke as far from you as you can, dashing opposing it quickly. This allows you to take cover, confuse your enemy and even charge at them at point-blank.

Tailwind – Dash Through Beyond Enemy’s Expectations

People who think Jett’s lack of multipurpose ability puts her against the blow need to know her high mobility takes all the points instead. When playing with Jett, you can dash around in all 8 directions by using W, A, S, D individually or two in a combination. If you’re elevated and dash, you dash in your key’s direction and this can be used to catch your enemy off guard who might have a crosshair over their head.

Jett’s mobility and how she can dash swiftly are beyond the enemy’s expectations. If you exchange blows and succeed in killing the enemy, you might be badly hurt but you can dash away immediately. That’s something other Agents aren’t capable of. Additionally, even though there might be certain angles only Jett can have, one should make sure they don’t end up holding angles that prevent them from dashing away when it becomes necessary.

How to Play Jett Like a Pro

Bladestorm – Combination with Other Abilities Makes Up for Killer Moves

Having expertise with a specific weapon can manifest results not even high-tech or branded weapons can yield. Who’s a better example of showing that than John Wick, right? All the lad needed was a pencil, you know.

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Jett’s Bladestorm focuses on knives rather than all the exceptional guns out there or their abilities. The truth is, Bladestorm is a deadly ultimate ability, and every enemy who has to come against it ends up meeting death and nothing else. Bladestorm releases 5 merciless blades and each blade deals 50 damage and 150 over a headshot

One hit by even a single knife in the head is a guaranteed kill. It’s dangerous and scary as it is but what makes it even more intimidating is how the knives have a 100% accuracy rate.

Regardless of the backlash, Jett gets for not being multipurpose, it’s abilities like these that make her become over the edge when compared to other Agents in Valorant. It can also act like a shotgun, i.e., by right-clicking when Bladestorm is activated. 

At such moments, the Bladestorm becomes a short-ranged shotgun while covering a larger surface area compared to what a single knife does. In most cases, it’s a surefire way of killing the enemy instantly. Its combination with abilities like Tailwind or Updraft is a clever idea, given that mobility has no significant effect on accuracy.

Different ways to Play Jett Like a Pro


Playing with Jett can be very complicated while seeming like a piece of cake at the start. With her mobility being one of the biggest assets along with dash, it’s often misused and you’re left rather helpless in tough situations because of it. The art of maneuvering her abilities to her best potential and skillfully using the ultimate ability is a skill many learn over time.

Jett has a great depth and personality to her actions and how she’s played can end up controlling the whole flow of the game. We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to play Jett like a pro. Share this guide with all your Jett mains! Comment down below if we missed anything!

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