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Valorant: How To Play Sage On Every Map Efficiently

Valorant: How To Play Sage On Every Map Efficiently

If you’ve been junking around Valorant, you would know how Sage has become the synonym for a healer, and every player depends on it for taking up the damages. Known as Sentinel and originating from China, Sage is loaded with abilities that allow players to have control over the area. In fact, it’s one of the easiest agents to hone, and if you want to play Sage on every map, we have all the Valoranttips for you!

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Playing Sage Through Walls

Sage wall is an essential tool in this game. Ranging from cutting off the flanks to stalling the pushes of enemies and boosting the players to gain favorable outcomes, the walls are incredibly versatile. The players can be creative with these resources, and having access to a few stock placement empowers the players to defend themselves and handle the bomb sites with finesse and effectiveness. So, in the section below, we are sharing every Sage wall in the game for every map that you should be aware of!

Best tips to Play Sage On Every Map

Ascent in Valorant

Boost In B Main

This is a standard wall in Valorant, but that doesn’t take away from its ability to take B site. The boost is designed to allow players to watch through the window – the left window provides full visibility of the B site while the right window offers a view of the courtyard that leads to the site. This boost can be used when they are playing through the attacking side as it helps boost the allies and gain a more competitive position. 

One Way for Balcony

This wall is designed to offer a one-way vision to the Sage. To illustrate, if the enemy is taking site A by Mid, they will end up in a bad fight. Since this is an off-ground wall, it empowers the players to check and shoot the enemy’s feet whenever they try to push. 

Boost in Site A

It is a common defending practice in Valorant to mix up the angles, and this boost is meant to empower the players through a promising and effective mix-up whenever they are defending site A. In addition, the players will be able to add high angles, which takes the enemies by surprise. The Sages who utilize this wall will also be able to utilize the current terrain as a fight’s cover. 

Different ways to Play Sage On Every Map

Bind in Valorant

Planting Site A Through Showers

A majority of players already understand the common rush plant for site A via A Short while using the wall for cutting off the corner for the plant. Honestly, it’s more for experienced players, which means the players have to utilize the correct mouse buttons for attaining the right angle – it is important for blocking the site’s bottom corner. 

Boost On Site B

This wall is curated to provide a boost to site B from B Long, and it’s apt for blocking off the enemies from the elbow, so allies can rush into the site. By utilizing this boost, the game players will achieve a higher angle for clearing the site during the attack, and it’s perfect for holding it down post-plant. 

Counter Boost on Site A

The placement is carefully selected to counter site A, and it cuts off the specific section of the wall site. The players can utilize this wall for boosting their power and allies for surprising the enemies. As far as the players are concerned, they can either use the generator as the cover or stay on the wall, or they can also jump over the built-in generator for rushing through the enemy team while playing Valorant. 

best tricks To Play Sage On Every Map

Haven in Valorant

Boost In Back of Site B

Boosting the wall at the round’s start is quite risky, but it surely creates a competitive advantage for players who are ready to use it. Honestly, it’s a popular boost, but that doesn’t take away from the effectiveness. The enemy that manages to peek through the Mid Window will be dead only if the player is quick enough with the Operator and/or Marshall.

Doors Wall

To begin with, it’s not an original strategy to block off the doors on a haven, but the wall is designed to create more obstacles for the enemies. When executed properly, it demands the enemies to shoot through two different sections, which doubles the time needed to get through the basic positions. 

Block Off-Site A Via A Short

The wall is utilized for rushing on-site A via A Short and getting off the quick plant. It can effectively block off enemy fires from the A link and the site’s back. The wall is also suitable to be used as a boost for jumping on the boxes close to A Short and boxes in the site’s center. 

how To Play Sage On Every Map Valorant

Split in Valorant

Boost On B Rafters

The wall is a promising choice for countering the rush on-site B via Garage. The angle tends to be higher than B Rafters. In addition, it’s an apt angle for headshot entering into the site. It can also be used in the central part of the site for covering, but players have to accurately calculate how long they can stand on the edge before it tingles down.

Blocking Off Mid Top

When playing through the map, blocking off the mid-on split is a critical defensive strategy. To illustrate, this wall is designed as a variation of various basic walls that are utilized for blocking off the entrance. When done correctly, the wall helps block off the entry on the B Heaven and Ropes. It is a reliable choice for defense or offense for slowing down the enemy’s retake. 

Boost To A Heaven

The wall is designed to add extra dimensions to the pushes since it creates the easy boost for A Heaven. In addition, it can be used for blocking off the flanks that are put by the enemies.


Sage walls are a great way for Sages to ace the maps, and gaining a proper understanding of these walls will help you win the rounds with ultimate finesse. Don’t forget to make the most of these wall placements! We hope you enjoyed our guide on how to play Sage on every map in Valorant! Comment down below if we missed anything!

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