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Valorant: Top 10 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Valorant (Best Tips and Tricks 2022)

Valorant is the Riot Games’ latest competitive shooter. It is very similar to popular competitive FPS. However, it has been noted that the game resembles CS:GO the most. Therefore, if you have played CS:GO before, you won’t have any difficulty playing Valorant. 

If you are someone who has previously been playing Quake or Overwatch, have played tactical FPS games, or have just started playing shooting games, you will find Valorant a little confusing. 

Quick Guide

  • Make sure to peak corners, do not fully go through hallways and doorways
  • Callout enemies to your team or ping them to help better understand enemy positions
  • Make sure to eco-round when funds on your team are running low
  • DO NOT RUSH, this is a game of patience (trust me, it is annoying)
  • Run in pairs of two while defending

Table of Contents

Game Information

Let’s tell you a bit about the game. The classic game mode of Valorant consists of two teams. Each team has five players. There are different rounds that consist of a buy phase of 30 seconds and an active phase of 1 minute, 40 seconds

The role of an attacker in the game is to plant a spike or eliminate the enemies to win. On the other hand, the defender is supposed to prevent the spike’s explosion. This can be done by removing the attacker or defusing the spike – if it has been planted. The first team that gets 13 points will win the game. 

Adjusting to Valorant can be difficult. However, like every game, there are some tips and tricks that players should know before they start the game. In this article, you will find all the tips and tricks that you should know about before you begin playing Valorant. 

Valorant Tips

Know your arsenal (recommendations)

Just like CS:GO, every round of Valorant will start with a buy period. This is the period when you can buy your weapons. Every weapon is unique and knowing what every weapon can do and how it can help you will be of great help while buying weapons. 

For instance, the phantom is one of the best assault rifles for mid to long-range. The alternate fire of the phantom will provide you with ADS with greater accuracy. During the buy period, your buy screen will provide detailed information of the range, fire rate, and damage of the weapon your mouse is on. 

Gun NameGun TypeGun CostGun Use
ClassicPistolFreeEco, Secondary, (Recommended)
FrenzyMachine Pistol$450Secondary
GhostPistol$500Eco, Secondary
StingerSMG$950Eco, Primary
SpectreSMG$1,600Primary, (Recommended)
JudgeShotgun$1,850Rusher, Primary
BulldogRifle$2,050Burst Action, Primary
GuardianRifle (DMR)$2,250Long-distance, Primary
PhantomRifle$2,900Balanced, Primary
VandalRifle$2,900Balanced, Primary, (Recommended)
MarshalSniper Rifle$950Long-distance, Holding Heaven, Primary
OperatorSniper Rifle$4,700Long-distance, Instant Kill, Primary
AresMachine Gun$1,550Flush enemies out, Hold points, Primary, (Recommended)
OdinMachine Gun$3,200Flush enemies out, Hold points, Primary

Above is a rough list containing the key features of each gun in Valorent. Eco means this is a good gun to use when saving money for the next round. We put our own personal recommendations on a few of the guns as we see and use them the most in our own personal game time.

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We highly recommend learning the Spectre as it is a great beginner weapon. Though it’s only an SMG and does not have a strong range, the weapon has little to no recoil as well if you are stuck in close-quarter combat, you will dominate.

Valorant Tips and Tricks 2022

Use the practice range for warmups (aim routine)

Other than the initial tutorial, there are various ways to practice the basics of Valorant. While you can use the shooting test and check the weapon sensitivity, the open range allows you to access all the tutorials that Valorant has to offer. 

Before starting the game, you should definitely try the open range. It allows you to check out the weapons and the abilities of the agents with unlimited funds. 

This way, you will be able to figure out which weapon suits you the best. Moreover, it allows you to try any agent you want here. You can also try the agents that you have not unlocked yet. Thus, making things fun for you. 

Save the Agent unlocks

At the beginning of Valorant, you will start with five agents. These include Brimstone, Jett, Phoenix, Sova, and Sage. You will get to choose in between two duelists that are Jett and Phoenix. Other than that, the agents provided to you belong to all the remaining three categories. 

Moreover, when you are playing the beta, you will be given agent unlocks free of cost. You will get the first unlock when you first earn 10,000 XP and the second unlock when you earn 25,000 XP. It is highly recommended that you keep these unlock safe and don’t use them immediately. 

This is recommended because you are already given a number of agents. Therefore, instead of unlocking new ones, you should play with the ones given to you already. This will help you decide which agent is the best for you. 

Use corners to your advantage

What do you think is the game of Valorant all about? It’s all about finding the right angles during the gunfights. The most useful way of fighting your enemy is by hugging the corners. If you use peaking corners, you will be able to find the most amazing line of sight using which you can use your powers or keep a check on an enemy. 

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Now, you should keep in mind that certain agents such as Brimstone dominate enemy lines of sight and use smoke bombs to stop anyone from peaking through the corners. Therefore, if you think you have found the best line of sight, you should know that the enemies are aware of it as well. 

Thus, you should always use corners and unfamiliar areas carefully. You might not be expecting what you see on the other side. 

Always callout enemies

You should keep in mind that Valorant cannot be played individually and requires a team effort. It is possible that you are extremely good at the game. However, that is not the only thing that matters. In order to succeed, you have to work hand in hand with your teammates. 

Now, the most common and the best way of communicating with your teammates is by using a headset. This way, you can use call-outs to tell your teammates about the positions of your enemies. However, it isn’t always easy for players to use this option. 

To help you out in this situation, Valorant has an amazing ping system. You can use the Z key to ping the area that has been highlighted by your crosshair. This will call out whatever you want. Thus, if you ping a spike or an enemy, all your teammates will know their location. 

You should use this feature efficiently. You can use it to ping an enemy, flank, or spike if you are at the defense. This will allow your team to position themselves and fight effectively. 

Make use of the buy/request feature in the Buy Phase

Valorant is a team game, it has many features that teams can take advantage of. Now one of these features is that during the buy phase, you can purchase requested weapons for your teammates. 

When during the buy phase, you have the shop open; on the right-hand side of the screen, you will be able to see the kits of your teammates and the weapons they have requested. Now, if you have played a few rounds, you must have some cash on you. Using this cash, you can buy the weapons your teammates have requested

This is not only a good gesture but will also strengthen your team. On the other hand, if you don’t have the money to purchase a weapon, you can tell your teammates you need it. All you have to do is right-click a weapon on the screen. This way, your teammates will know that you need a certain weapon to complete your kit. 

Edit your crosshair to your liking

Valorant allows you to customize your crosshair, and that is the coolest editing option! You can edit your crosshair in detail. This means you can change its color, width, opacity, length, and many more other things. 

Change your crosshair the way you want to. Take a minimalist approach or go all the way into it! It’s your game and your crosshair; who can stop you? 

Play the game slowly (do not rush)

Valorant needs to be played with all your concentration. You cannot just get done with it – one single move can lead to your death. Your death will not only mean your loss but will result in the loss of your team as they will be short of one player. 

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Everything has to be planned beforehand, and if it is not planned, you have no reason to get into a fight while playing Valorant. Everyone has a different style of playing a game. However, it is advised that you play Valorant slowly and keep an eye on all the corners. This will help you greatly in the future.

Moreover, sometimes taking a loss is better than dying in the round. This is because if you stay alive, you have a good chance of keeping your equipment. Therefore, you can perform better in the upcoming rounds. 

Also, this is why communication is important. If you let your teammates know where an enemy is or if they tell you about an enemy’s location – you will know when to run and when not to. 

Buy the right armor

In Valorant you have the choice between two different armors. You can buy the one that you find most suitable. The two types of armor are light armor and heavy armor. 

The light armor is available for $400 and provides you with 25 extra hit points for protection. The heavy armor is available for $1000. It provides you with 50 extra hit points for protection. 

One tip that you should always follow is that the first thing that you should buy between rounds is armor. Armor and the abilities of your characters are the only things that your teammates cannot buy for you. Therefore, it is wise to buy it as soon as possible. 

The question is – which armor should you buy? Now, that totally depends on the situation you’re in. it is recommended that in the beginning, you should go for the light armor. This is because the light armor costs less, and you do not need much protection in the early rounds. 

For the later rounds, you should get heavy armor. By that time, you will have saved up some money that you can use to purchase the armor. Moreover, you need greater protection in the later rounds. 

Valorant Latest Tips & Tricks

How to do eco-rounds

In Valorant, you get cash in between the rounds. This money is given to you based on your performance in the previous round, meaning the better the performance, the more money you will get. 

An eco-round is typically used when you want to save money due to a previous lost round or early game. To do an eco-round, simply do not buy in the prep phase. If you do choose to buy, only buy a cheap pistol or light armor, not both.

While you should use your money efficiently, you should know that after the 12th round, you will lose everything, and the game will restart. You will lose your money, ultimate, ability charges, etc. 

Therefore, it is wise to use everything before the 12th round. If you don’t do so, everything that is left will go to waste. 


  • Don’t spend all your money in one round
  • Make sure your team has “role” (not all snipers)
  • Use eco-rounds to your advangage
  • Use the Practice Range daily to increase your hit ratio

Valorant is a game that allows you to learn new things every day. You will discover new features, abilities, and characteristics of the game as you keep on playing it. If you follow these tips, you will be able to have the upper hand on your opponent. We hope you enjoyed our article on some tips and tricks for Valorent. Comment down below if we missed anything fellow gamers. If you want to know more about Valorant make sure to check out Buffgaming!

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