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Mordhau: [TOP] 21 Tips and Tricks (2022)


If you’re a big fan of medieval swordsmanship, you’ve probably been playing Mordhau for a while. The game is currently trending all over social media and it’s no wonder why: fighting games are thriving. Mordhau is a competitive multiplayer battle game with customizable medieval weaponry to suit any player’s style. 

Best Mordhau Tips and Tricks

Tapping into the recent popularity of fighting games, this article will help shed light on 21 useful Mordhau tips and tricks to improve your chances of winning against your opponents.

Mordhau: [TOP] 21 Tips and Tricks (2022)

1. Use the Right Weapon for the Job

You might be thinking, “But I want to play Mordhau with medieval weapons”, but don’t. The truth is, you are better off starting with easy weapons before you take on enemies with difficult ones. Swords are easy to use and keep track of at all times, so start out playing with swords.

2. Play Against One Player at a Time

For starters, trying to fight two or more players will only end in frustration if your opponent(s) master(s) their moves quickly. Unless you’re extremely skilled at fighting games in general, it’s best that you focus on playing against one player, rather than trying to take on two or more opponents at once.

3. Know Your Opponent’s Moves

The same thing goes for fighting against multiple opponents, but it’s even more important in this situation. When fighting against multiple opponents, you’ll need to know your opponent’s moves as well as your own moves to succeed. If you don’t know how to use those moves, don’t try them.

4. Use Special Attacks Wisely

In Mordhau, special attacks are the best way to deal damage quickly and efficiently, especially on higher difficulties where enemies have more health and stronger attacks. It will be difficult for you to win against an opponent that has a lot of health if their special attacks are almost as strong as yours.

5. Use Your Special Attacks on the Right Enemy

Special attacks are special for more than one reason. If you’re not careful, you can easily hit your own teammate or end up hitting yourself by mistake. When fighting against multiple opponents, some players will attack you while another player is attacking another opponent. Not only can this cause confusion in combat, but it could also end with the unlucky player getting hit while protecting their teammate(s). Remember to use your special attacks on the correct enemy so that both of you can get kills.

6. Don’t Miss Missiles, But Use Them Wisely

Missiles are especially good because it allows you to tailor your play style to suit any situation and scenario of battle. Missiles are especially easy to use but difficult to master. This tip will help you get the best out of your missiles in Mordhau.

7. See Your Opponent’s Ranged Attack Pattern

When fighting against multiple opponents, the first thing you should always do is assess your opponent’s ranged attack pattern. This will allow you to avoid their attacks and counterattack them quickly if they are not paying enough attention to their ranged attacks. For example, if an enemy currently has two red circles underneath their health bar, they are vulnerable to close combat attacks due to its high attack power and slow movement speed. If an enemy has one red circle underneath their health bar, they are about to use a ranged attack, so it’s best to put some distance between you and them.

Mordhau Tips and Tricks

8. Hit Moving Targets with Missiles

This tip is especially useful if you see your opponent(s) dodging your ranged attacks constantly or trying to approach you while you are attacking other opponents. This is an advanced skill that requires good timing and practice against moving targets but can be incredibly powerful if used correctly. To complete this challenging feat, first, hold the missile key (usually “Q”) for two seconds, then release it at the right moment.

This will stop you from just releasing the missile key immediately. If you release the missile key after holding it for two seconds, then you will stop moving for two seconds before your missile attacks, which is perfect for an enemy with a lot of health if they are constantly dodging your ranged attacks.

9. Switch Between Offensive and Defensive Movements

This tip involves knowing when to act offensively or defensively during battle. If you always attack aggressively against one opponent, your opponent(s) can easily anticipate your next move and exploit that weakness before it becomes a problem. This doesn’t mean that you should play defensively though because most of the time playing defensively will end up in defeat against multiple opponents. It is important to know when to attack and when to defend.

10. Don’t Always Switch Between Melee and Ranged Attacks

In most cases, it is more efficient for you to attack from a distance rather than from close quarters. This is because enemies will often move towards you if they see that you are attacking them from a distance, which makes it difficult for you to dodge their attacks. In this situation, it’s best that you stay out of range of their ranged attacks while attacking them with melee weapons quickly. If they keep moving towards you while attacking other players, then just keep switching between melee and ranged attacks until they stop moving towards each other. This is a great tip in Mordhau.

11. Take Advantage of the Right Time to Dodge

This tip involves taking advantage of the right moment to dodge. When you are surrounded by multiple opponents, it is important that you know when it is possible for you to dodge out of the way of their attacks. If you are surrounded by two or more opponents, then it’s best for you to dodge towards one side of your body while attacking another opponent with a melee weapon. This way, you will reduce your chances of being hit by ranged attacks. If an opponent stands mid-air during battle, then this tip doesn’t apply to them because they will have no reason to move closer towards you, so don’t worry about it.

12. Don’t Always Use Queueing

You should always make use of queuing whenever applicable. Queuing involves waiting for the right moment to dodge an incoming attack while blocking an opponent’s attack at the same time. For example, if you are standing in front of your teammates and four enemies are about to attack you (with two red circles underneath their health bar), use your queuing ability to dodge out of the way while blocking one enemy’s ranged attacks with a melee weapon.

If you don’t have queuing abilities, then it’s best that you stay in a normal stance and block all of their ranged attacks until they stop moving towards each other, then run away from them until they start moving towards each other again.

13. Don’t Use Queuing When You Are Surrounded by Multiple Enemies

This tip will help save you a lot of trouble when in a situation where you are surrounded by multiple enemies. When you are in a tight spot, it’s best that you avoid using queuing abilities until that moment when one enemy starts attacking other enemies instead of you. The reason why that is important is that it can prevent the enemy from using their queuing abilities on you, which is an automatic death sentence for most players. The best way for this to work is to hit other players with your melee weapon while avoiding getting hit by an enemy’s ranged attack.

14. Dodge When You’re Surrounded by 2+ Enemies

One of the most important tips for beginners is to dodge when you are surrounded by two or more enemies. When you are surrounded by two or more enemies, then it’s best that you try to avoid getting hit by their ranged attacks while attacking one enemy with a melee weapon. Make sure that you are aware of all the incoming ranged attacks before the battle starts, so that way if an enemy uses queuing abilities on you, then you will be ready to use your queuing ability to block them without getting hit.

15. Improve Your Reaction Time While Dodging

This tip involves improving your reaction time when dodging. Dodging is one of the most difficult skills to master for many players, so it’s best that you try to improve your reaction time. If you are dodging, then it’s important that you look in the direction where your opponent is moving towards you. If they are moving away from you, then it’s best if you dodge to the left or right instead of dodge upwards.

16. Practice Dodging in a Situation Where You Don’t Have to Move a Lot

This tip will help you understand how to dodge effectively from a stationary position. The best way to practice this is to stand on top of a platform surrounded by water while not wearing any armor. Stand directly on top of the platform and hold down your movement key, then try to move around the platform with your movement key held down. This will help you understand which direction you need to dodge when an opponent uses their ranged attack on you.

17. Make Use of Versatile Melee Weapons

One of the best tips for beginners in Mordhau is to make full use of versatile melee weapons during battle. For example, you can use a spear to attack enemies at long range while blocking incoming missiles from all directions. If you don’t have a versatile weapon for battle, then it’s best that you practice dodging enemy attacks with your melee weapon of choice.

18. Avoid Taking Damage

This tip involves avoiding taking damage altogether in Mordhau. If you are getting hit more often compared to other players on your team, then it’s best that you know the right moment to dodge an incoming attack or see an incoming missile before it hits you. You can also try to take advantage of your surroundings by running away from enemies while they are occupied with other teammates.

19. Attack Enemies from a Distance

This tip involves attacking enemies from a distance. Attacking an enemy at long range can help you reduce your chance of taking damage because most melee weapons are only effective at close range. If you are unable to attack an enemy with ranged attacks, then it’s best that you move around your opponent to avoid getting hit by their attacks while waiting for your chance to attack them back.

20. Stay out of Enemy Sight Range

This tip helps beginners avoid getting hit by enemy attacks in Mordhau. Staying out of enemies’ sight range will prevent any ranged attacks from hitting you, which will increase your chances of survival in battle. A good way to practice this is to put yourself in a situation where you have no armor and try to stay out of sight from enemies while dodging their attacks.

21. Avoid Getting Hit from Enemies with a High Rate of Attack

This tip involves avoiding an enemy that is attacking faster than most other opponents in battle. If you are locked onto an enemy with a high rate of attack, then it’s best that you move around them while blocking their attacks, then continue moving away from them until they stop moving towards you. This will help avoid getting hit by their ranged attacks while gaining your health back when they stop attacking.

Mordhau game tips


I hope that my tips helped you learn how to play the game and move forward in your Mordhau experience. Please keep in mind that my tips will help beginners with all aspects of this game, but they don’t guarantee you success in every battle. It’s important that you continue to practice and adapt your gameplay with each step forward.

Remember to always stay positive even when you lose a couple of battles because there are many different ways to win a battle besides defeating all of your opponents. You may reach out to us for more tips and advice, and keep coming back to our website for more exciting blogs. I hope you enjoyed our article over Mordhau tips and tricks! Comment below if you missed anything!

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