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Grounded: [TOP] 27 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Grounded: [TOP] 27 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Have you recently started playing Grounded? Well, we can understand how challenging it is for you.

When you first start playing the game, simply surviving can be a challenging task. This game is not only about surviving, but it is much more than that.

It requires you to take care of those who have been injured while fighting back against the injustices of The Wasteland. 

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When players play this game, they are provided with a different type of content. This content allows them to explore the world of this game either by foot or through an airship. In addition, it will enable them to take part in missions that require them to help the survivors. Moreover, the game requires them to investigate the reasons behind the spread of the disease by other massive insects. 

Playing this game without any kind of help can be troublesome. This is because then players will enter the game without having any knowledge of it. In this article, you will find some useful tricks and tips that will help you play the game in a proper manner. 

Grounded: [TOP] 27 Tips and Tricks (2022)

The Best Grounded Tips and Tricks

The first step that players take while playing this game is to set up a base in the backyard. Once a player takes this step, they get closer to surviving this game. 

Find Safe Space

The first thing required from a player to do while setting up a base is to find the right place. It should be in a safe place. Moreover, it should have food and water nearby. Players should also ensure that there are no threats surrounding the area. 

Establish Utilities

Then, as quickly as possible, players have to establish utilities for food and water. Now, these include things such as the mushroom garden and dew collector. Then the player should start making the walls. 

Use Stem Walls

While making the walls, players are advised to unlock the stem walls and use them as soon as possible. This is because grass walls are not safe and can bring in some dangerous things for them. Also, grass walls will not be able to keep them safe from anything dangerous coming their way.

Wear Ant Armor

If players want to complete this building fast, they should wear any armor. This is because an ant armor gives them the strength to carry up to 8 grass or weed stems at a time. This automatically fastens up the process. 

Build a Tower

When building the base, it is recommended that a player builds a tower. This is because once they unlock the zipline, they can use it to get across the garden in Grounded. This will make things easier, safer, and quicker for them.  


Sometimes your base is too small that you have to rebuild the building several times. This is because sometimes the utilities are too big. Therefore, it is recommended that players overbuild. This way, they will have extra space, and you will not have to rebuild the whole thing to make some changes. 

Plan in Advance

Before players start building, it is essential for them to make a layout. This is because as they put their utility down, such as the mushroom garden, their placing walls can get blocked. Thus, it is essential that players create a layout first.

This way, nothing will get blocked, and they can complete your building smoothly. 

Plan the Location Wisely

As discussed before, players should find a safe location for their building. However, apart from that, they should remember that when they are finding the site and building the base, the game is at its starting point. 

This indicates that a lot of areas of the game can be changed and will be changed. Therefore, be careful while finding the location. Do an analysis and figure out where the Devs can make changes to the landscape. See what can break your base and ruin things for you. 

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This is very important because if the Devs make changes to the area where a players’ base is, they can lose everything you have built and work hard for. 

Trail Markers

In Grounded, finding your way around in the area can be extremely hectic. You can always get lost and hence end up losing. Therefore, it is good for you to use trail markers. 

Using these trail markers, you should mark your point of interest – every one of them. You should mark soda cartons, your base, and analyzers. Apart from this, you should also mark some unique resources. 

You should do this once you have learned the map thoroughly. Only then finding unique resources will help you!

Pickup all the Drops

The most important tip that you should tie to your sleeve is to collect everything you find. This is because it is possible that anything you collect will give you a new recipe there and then. 

However, even if it does not give you a recipe on the spot, you can take it along and get it analyzed. You will surely find a new recipe then. Also, you will want to make things safe for you. Therefore, collecting things will ensure you keep on getting good armor and weapons. 

At the end of the day, the more resources you have, the better it is for you. 

Dirty Water isn’t Terrible

There are certain games in which if you drink dirty water, you get bad headaches. However, that is not the case in Grounded. If you drink dirty water, you will just get hungry. 

Therefore, if you are unable to find clean water during the game, you can drink the dirty water in Grounded. All you have to do is find mushrooms with it so that you can eat something when you get hungry. 

There are Various Analyzers

You should know that the analyzer that you start working with is one of the few that you will get in the future. This means that there are more than one analyzers that you will encounter. Therefore, you should be prepared for this. 

Make use of Radial Menus

It is essential for you to learn radial menus. You can work without them, but they save so much of your time that you will count them as a blessing. You can use them for switching ammo and for building as well. 

Given below is a list of radial menus:

Ammo Radial

To use ammo radial on a PC, you should use the button L, and for an Xbox, you should press LT. There are different types of ammo that you can choose from. For instance, you can use your ammo radial to shift from a normal arrow speed to a fast arrow speed. 

Building Radial

To use this on a PC, you can use button B, and for the Xbox, you can use the commands D’Pad Up. This radial is used to help you make your base much faster and easier. This is a blessing for many players. 

Emote Radial

To use this radial on a PC, you should press the button H, and for Xbox, you should press D’Pad left. This radial helps you show emotions to other players. While it is not as useful as the other radials, it is still something that helps you. 

It helps you build a good relationship with the other players and allows you to communicate in this form. 

Hot Pouch

To use this radial on a PC, players should use the button H, and to use it on an Xbox, players should use the command LB. This radial allows you to get anything from your hot pouch. 

It saves up a lot of your time and energy. 

Quick Chat Radial

To access this radial on a PC, a player needs to press the ‘T’ key. In order to use it on an Xbox, a player has to press D’Pad right. This is an excellent radial if you are playing multiplayer. 

Using this radial, you can let your partner know you need food and water. It does not require you to speak or type something. Therefore, when you are unable to communicate with your partner, just use this radial. 

Building a Lean-To is Essential

The first night on the ground is extremely challenging. No matter how many tips you gather, you can’t be prepared for it. Thus, your best option is to skip it. 

A pro tip for lean-to is that if you are playing multiplayer, you should build one for every person. This way, every person will then sleep, and it will automatically turn into the daytime – just like Minecraft. 

Mastering your Block

Blocking a shot in a fight is essential in every game. Therefore, you should learn how to block. This way, when you are about to get hit, you will block all the damage. Therefore, there will not be much damage, and you won’t use your stamina either. 

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Hence, there will be more chances of you winning the fight on the Grounded battlefield. 

Stay Aware of the Red Eyes

When playing Grounded, you will encounter two types of enemies; the ones who are passive and will not attack you unless you fight them and the ones who will attack you as soon as they see you. 

You might get into a situation where you don’t know whether your enemy will attack you or not. In such situations, always look at their eyes. If its eyes are red, that means it wants to hunt something. 

Now, if it is out there hunting, it can mean two things; either it is preying on a small insect, or it wants to attack you. Therefore, it is better to be prepared as soon as you see a red-eyed enemy!

Weakness of the Enemies

In games and real life, people have weaknesses. Similarly, in Grounded, every insect has some strengths and some weaknesses. It is a players’ duty to find out what they are. If you are able to find an insect’s weakness, you can continue your farming and can survive with ease. 

For instance, the strength of a Bombardier is that it can shoot a projectile acid. This can result in great damage and loss. However, if you look closely, you will see that their weakness is that they cannot climb things. 

Therefore, a good way of defeating them is to find rocks that have coverage of maybe leaves. You should get on the rock and shoot some arrows at the bombardiers and then hide behind the leaf. You should continue doing this, and you will kill them instantly. 

Similarly, you should find the weaknesses of all insects and use them to your advantage. 

Always Stay Bandaged Up

I don’t think this is a tip that many people need – it is a pretty understood thing. However, new players are usually not able to measure the type of damage they can incur. 

Thus, you should know that keeping bandages is essential for every player. This way, you can always use them when you get wounded. When you do so, the damage you have faced will lessen. 

Grounded latest tips

Always be Upgrading your Base

Bigger bases with grass have various disadvantages. When your base gets big enough, ants start coming to them. They come there and eat everything that they get their hands on. You wouldn’t want this now, would you? 

Therefore, upgrading your base before it becomes too big to handle is essential. By upgrading, we mean players should shift from a grass base to a fortified base as soon as they can. Moreover, they should also try to build the base in an elevated area. 

This will keep your base safe and will also keep it out of the reach of ants. Ants are a huge menace in Grounded.

Your Base should be Self Sufficient

You can’t always stay at your base. For you to get through the game, you should spend the majority of your time outside the base looking for new recipes, ingredients, materials, etc. Hence, it is important for your base to be self-sufficient. 

The question is how to make it self-sufficient? It is quite simple – you should use mushroom gardens, a water container, and a dew collector. This will allow you to keep all your required things inside the base. Therefore, you can easily go out and collect new items, recipes, ingredients, etc. 

Exploring is the Key to Success

It is a fact that the Grounded garden isn’t massive. However, it is full of surprises. It has various hidden places where players can find valuable things for the game. In order to find these things, you need to explore.

Try to find as many hidden places as possible. You can get raw science from the garden, but you have to work hard to get it. For instance, if you go to the anthill, you will be able to find a lot of hidden treasures. 

These treasures include things like Burgl Chip which allows you to create more products in the game. In addition, certain items, such as the ant club, will ask a player to fight and kill soldier ants. A lot of them can be found on the anthill. Thus, be prepared for such challenges. 

Tall Grass is your Friend

Grass can be your safe haven when you want to avoid a fight. Insects like spiders and other angry insects move the grass. Therefore, it gets easier for players to jump into it to avoid a fight they are unprepared for. 

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Climb Things

Grounded is full of surprises and hidden places. However, you will not always find these hidden places in a hole or water. Sometimes you have to look above you to find them. 

There are various places where players will find raw science on top of things. Therefore, you should always climb things. However, even if you are unable to find raw science, you can take a look at the whole location. 

While looking, you may be able to find a location where there is raw science, or you may find a point of interest. 

Stay Away From Spiders in the Beginning

In Grounded, one of the most vicious and tough enemies players will find are spiders. Fighting a spider is not an easy task and requires a lot of practice. 

What you need to fight a spider is the perfect blocking technique. However, if you don’t master the art of blocking, you should wait. You should get better armor and equipment and then fight a spider.

Stunning Can Help

Stunning can help you turn the game in your favor completely. Higher-level weapons and pebbles are used to stun enemies. Once you stun them, you get some extra seconds that can help make all the difference in your game. 

Abuse Ranged Weapons to Kill Enemies

When on a height, you can use Sprig Bow to attack the enemies. Players can make this without any difficulty if they look for the correct material. A player will need 3 Spriggs, 4 Gnat Fuzz, and two woven fibers for a Sprig Bow. 

Use it with some arrows. Find an elevated point and start shooting the enemies from above. They can’t even reach you when you are at a height. Therefore, make everything go in your favor. 

Use Ant Armor as a Disguise

Once you have gotten the ant hamlet, knee guards, and arm guards, the soldier guards will not attack you. This is because, with ant armor, you can disguise yourself as an ant. Thus, they will not know who you are. 

Therefore, you can go into the anthills and find food, ingredients, recipes, etc., without having to fear an attack by the ants. They will think you are one of them!

Where are the Resources in Grounded?

There are a lot of resources that you will find in Grounded. However, where should you find them? 

Pebblets, Plant fiber, and a sprig

You will find pebbles all across the garden. You can find the plant fiber in tiny leaves or by simply cutting the leftover stem from the grass. Moreover, you can discover sprigs on small stalks that grow all over the garden. 

Spider silk, pollen, and sap

To find spider silk, you have to attack spider webs or directly the spiders. Pollen is easily found somewhere near the flower garden. However, at the moment, it is of no use. To find a sap, you should look near a tree’s roots. It can easily be harvested from sap nodes. Moreover, you can find it on the trees and floors. 

Weed stems and Grass planks

You can find weed stems on dandelions. As soon as you reach the 2nd level, you can start farming weeds all over the garden in a usual manner. To find grass planks, you should simply cut down the grass

Acorn top and Ant parts, mandibles, and heads

To find an acorn top, you need to look for massive oak trees. These trees have red leaves; thus, you won’t miss them. You need to have a hammer in order to smash an acorn. To get ant parts, mandibles, and heads, you can simply look for ants. They are found all over the place. 

However, the best place to find ants is in the anthill. You can simply go there and set up a trap for the ants and get what you want. 

Flower petals and clay

To find flower petals, just go to the flower garden next to the oak tree- you will find thousands of flower petals there. You can also look across the lake in a puddle or body of water. There are more flowers on the other side. 

For clay, you should look at water-clogged areas. The best place to look for clay is underwater. Look for a toy toad; there is a lot of clay under it and underwater. 

Mite fuzz and Gnat fuzz

To find mite fuzz, you have to kill lawn mites. These are located near the lasers and other places in the garden. To find gnat fuzz, you need to kill Gnats. They can be found in the water as well.


Grounded is not an easy-to-play game, especially when you have just started playing it. Therefore, follow the tips and tricks given above, and you will survive the game! Please comment below if we missed anything!

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