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Grounded Guide: How To Complete The 17 Achievements

Grounded Guide: How To Complete The 17 Achievements

All thanks to the Shroom and Doom update, Grounded is loaded with new achievements for you to harness. This new upgrade offers twenty new objectives to work on while you play through the game. While some objectives are a piece of cake, some will challenge your brains. So, if you are ready to ace the game and enjoy the best rewards, we have the ultimate guide about the achievement and how you can complete them!

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Best tricks To Complete Every Achievement

Learn how to complete the 17 achievements in Grounded

If you’re also willing to ace in this game and searching for the best ways to complete the achievements, then you should consider these 17 tips. If you need some extra help in the game, our 27 tips and tricks guide for Grounded will have you covered!

Time To Beef Up

First of all, you need to craft and curate the first tier-3 items. This is because you will be able to I, II, or III with the item in workbench recipes, and it’s best to create the tier-3 item. This is because it’s important to level up in the game, and hey, if you are still confused about what to build, work on creating the Marksman’s Cap in Grounded.


All the enemies in this game are meant to perform certain animations before they call an attack, but every animation is unique and different for an attack they conduct. So, once you’ve learned the animations, you need to find the right spot for timing the block. The best option is to do an apt block ten times in a row for unlocking the achievements. 

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Just like the “beefing up” achievement, you need to construct and access the workbench. For this purpose, you’ve to craft and construct the tier-2 armor, such as the koi set, bee set, and ladybug set. Not to forget, the exoskeleton is all about equipping the matching set. 

Face Your Fears

If you need to get an elevated position in the game, you would know better than to find the spider sleeping when the sun is shining bright – it’s important to ensure that the spider doesn’t reach you. That being said, you need to kill the wolf spider and hit it with a bunch of gas arrows to be a successful spider killer. 

Fine Dining

The fine-dining achievement is all about cooking the bug on the roasting spit. For this purpose, you have to get your hands on the bug meat or bug, such as gnat, weevil, or aphid. Once done, build up a roasting spit for the cooking fire and cook the bug meat or big over these flames. 


Grounded is all about exploring and winning, and in particular, it’s about the SCA.B. SCA.Bs are located all around the world and are masked in different locations. You can find the maps and online guides for finding the SCA.B’s and it’s important to find at least ten to complete the achievement. Truth be told, it might be challenging but obtaining some is easier. 


This achievement constitutes constructing the first-ever mushroom brick building. For this purpose, you have to acquire new mushroom bricks and build the building. Currently, there are no specific eligibility criteria for qualifying for the achievement and how these mushroom bricks will be unlocked, but it’s best to try your luck. 

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Friends In Low Places

If you have a pet at home, it’s needless to say that you understand the value of petting and taming them. Well, with Friends In Low Places achievement, you need to tame a bug as a pet, but the taming process hasn’t been launched yet, so fingers crossed. Also, you can only tame an aphid for now. 

From Downtown

This achievement constitutes scoring the basket with your game’s basketball hoop, and this score needs to be made while you are 40cm away. However, you also need to build your own basketball hoop, and you can score through any throwable good through the basketball hoop. Once the item goes through the hoop, the sparks will fly out. 

Growing Pains

Growing Pains is all about acquiring and obtaining the first mutation. To achieve the mutation, you need to complete multiple challenges around the globe, and you can check the guides online for facing these challenges. 

Hedge Lab

Hedge Lab is one of the most challenging locations that limit you in the narrow corridors – the corridors that are filled with spiderlings and juvenile spiders. Going through these corridors and identifying the code that opens the final door should help unlock the Hedge Lab achievement. However, unlocking this achievement is also possible by collecting the audio file in the end. 

Lounging Around

With the new update, the players can now sit in their chairs, but hey, you need to construct your own chair for lounging and completing the achievement. For this purpose, you have to collect the berry leather to have access to the recipe. 

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Mom Genes

Mom Genes is one of the most challenging achievements to unlock because there is no strategy, and you have to find your way blindly. However, it’s all about killing the brood mother. 

Pond Lab

Again, Pond Lab is a difficult location to attain, and it puts in the deepest location of the pond. To complete this achievement, you need diving equipment, and there will be lots of taser robots and bell spiders on the way. As far as unlocking the achievement is concerned, it happens when the dome is opened, or you get your hands on the audio file. 


It’s an incredible achievement that includes finding the science research station, and the station is identified with purple symbols on the map. To complete the achievement, you’ve to analyze all the resources, but 15 resources are the minimum. However, you can analyze the simplest things like bug parts, grass blades, and rocks. 

Science Rules

Once you have done enough quests, you can purchase the recipes and items from BURG.L, and these items can include cosmetic items, building parts, or anything else. However, you do need an equipment or tool upgrade. 


The map is loaded with the places of interest, including the long-lost toys, juice boxes, and four-leaf clovers. So, the trick is to find twenty such sites on the map


So, are you ready to 100% the world of Grounded by completing these achievements? If we missed any achievements please leave a comment below and as always, game on!

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