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Grounded: Complete Crafting Guide 

Grounded Complete Crafting Guide

Playing a survival game is one of the most exciting parts of being a gamer, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Grounded is taking things up a notch. That’s because the game takes the survival genre to a new place with the small adventures that take players to the suburbia backyards. Ranging from collecting things to determining how everything is related to each other, things can get a bit confusing, but we are here with the crafting guide. 

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Understanding Grounded

Grounded was launched in 2020 and is the brainchild of Obsidian Entertainment. The game was launched as a fresh take on the survival genre that has been popular in the past few years. The game revolves around a group of pre-teens who shrink down to the ant’s size because of a science-experiment-gone-wrong and scramble around in their backyard to determine what went wrong and how they can revert the situation. 

The players have to choose between four different characters, and each one of them has a unique personality while they hunt for different resources and fight with the backyard insects that don’t seem very little anymore. 

There are regular encounters with beetles, spiders, larvae, and ants that are dispersed around the grass. Just like other survival games, the players have to start playing from scratch and start building the tools, weapons, and camp. 

Grounded has the most charming and bright interface, but that doesn’t mean any compromises on the challenges – they are a lot. Even with the visual aesthetics, the players need to understand that the characters are actual human beings with nutritional needs. For this purpose, constant consumption and accumulation of water and food are essential to ensure seamless gameplay. In fact, there is a third hunger meter, and remember, depletion of anything will lead to death. 

There are different types of food available, such as cooked meat, rotten meat, unclean and clean water, and other forms of food. Even more, the players have to build a base from scratch and determine which are the right materials for making the right tools. Honestly, the beginning of the game can be intimidating due to the weird location, but the crafting guide can help. 

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Grounded guide

Crafting Tricks & Tips For Grounded Players

Rather than collecting rain for water needs, the players need to fight the insects while finding new drops. In addition, the players have to cut down the huge blades of grass rather than the huge trees. So, the first thing every player needs to do is build the workbench as it’s the ultimate spot for building new items that are essential for surviving the hidden yet small world of the unclean lawn of their homes. Once the workbench is ready, the players will have to go looking for items that are mentioned in the map.

The most exciting part of this game is that it comes with the story mode, and there are various tutorials that cover all the nitty-gritties of crafting. However, players still need to work their minds and figure out some things on their own, but the following tips can assist;


The camp has an analyzer that the players can use to their advantage. With an analyzer, the players can scan the item, and it will share the important facts and recipes that it’s essential for. In addition, the analyzer can be used for resources you gain after killing an insect, but the players can only scan three items at a time. In case there are sufficient raw materials, they can be added to the craft tab. 

The first-ever analyzer will be placed on the left when a player leaves its spot, but there are many other analyzers dispersed throughout the space. 

Chopping Down

When in the game, the players need to use the ax for chopping down the grass, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that it’s an apt way of garnering the woven plant fibers. These are used in abundance, which is why it’s suggested to have a stock. In addition to this, players should keep an eye open for plant sprouts as they can be plucked up for the materials. 


When the shovel is made, the players should walk around the water sources to look for the red clay material. These red clay materials are essential for building the basic flooring and can be layered to construct multi-story buildings. However, to find better construction and building needs, the players will need to switch on the story mode because it’s essential for unlocking other methods. 

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The players need to take some time out and scout the areas before they actually create a base. This is because there are predatory insects with designated territories all around the map. Even more, these insects can destroy the foundation before the players can even complete it. Also, when you start finding more resources, you will simply have more recipes to cook for filling your tummy, which is another necessity in the game. 

Complete Crafting Guide Grounded


While you are in the game, you cannot be behind on creating the spring bow, and gnats are the ultimate source for crafting these bows. For this purpose, you must work towards gathering a huge amount of gnat fuzz to make one spring bow. 

Pebblet Hammer

One of the most important tools of the Grounded is Pebblet Hammer. This is an incredibly important tool since it helps break down the quartz and is equally great for smashing the enemies. To make one Pebblet Hammer, you need one woven fiber, four pebblets, and three sprigs. 

The Basic Weapons & Tools In The Game

When it comes down to the Grounded, there are various tools and weapon categories out there, and every category has different levels. For instance, the Pebblet Hammer can be cranked up to be an insect hammer before it can be culminated into a mint mallet. Generally, there are three levels of the gear, but the game owners are likely to add more levels in the future. Currently, the categories include shovels, spears, hammers, axes, bows, and torches. 

However, one must remember that not all these categories have multiple gear levels, and that doesn’t exactly show how many weapons and tools are in the game. On the other hand, there are sufficient enough for players to play the game and gain the most from their suburban adventures. On a basic level, the players must have a hammer and an ax along with the protective gear. This is because this basic setup is enough for collecting the essential resources to achieve the next crafting stage. 

Complete Crafting Guide

Crafting Basic Weapons & Tools In Grounded

When it comes down to crafting, it can be pretty overwhelming and hectic. This is primarily because some latest utilities and gear need rare resources and various crafting layers. The basic weapons and tools are more convenient, which needs the common resources and one crafted ingredient. Once you have the essential ingredients, it will unlock the recipe for creating a gear automatically. However, it’s still better to analyze the new resources that are acquired in the lab. 

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This is because it allows the players to outline different recipes for the future. The players have a choice of doing over three crafting a day, which is why it’s best to take advantage. So, in the section below, we are sharing different ingredients because these are the resources needed for crafting a recipe. 

Woven Fiber

Contrary to usual belief, there is only one ingredient because it’s critical for every weapon and tool crafting, which is why you should have sufficient woven fiber. Well, it seems like the players are in luck because it’s incredibly easy to procure woven fiber because you only need plant fiber. In addition, plant fiber can be found in the ground with plant sprouts. So, you can move around and cut down the grass stalks. Moreover, the woven fiber can be easily crafted within the crafting screen, so there is no need to switch back and forth for collecting the ingredients. 

Contrary to needing only one ingredient, one needs different tools because they are essential for players to harvest their resources, such as cutting down the grass blades and breaking down the boulders for getting the rare resources. Some of the best tools include;

Pebble Tax

This is from the ax category and allows the players to cut down the dandelions, weed, and grass. For crafting the pebble tax, one needs a woven fiber, two pebblets, and three sprigs. The pebblets are easy to find in the ground, while sprigs are the stalky plants. 

Crafting Guide Grounded

Pebblet Hammer

This is one hammer that’s essential for starting this game because it helps harvest important game resources, including quartzite, boulders, and sap. Also, the hammers can be upgraded to enjoy better results and have the most amazing feature.


It is important for the players to explore the darker places on the map, particularly when they are looking for mites. For this reason, a torch is essential for lighting up the surrounding area. For having a torch, you need two springs, three dry grass chunks, and two woven fibers.

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