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Valorant: How to Play Omen Like a Pro Today

Valorant: How to Play Omen Like a Pro

With every update, Valorant seems to be adding new and exciting Agents to it. It’s often difficult to get comfortable with any Agent you’re playing with but the newness on its own often makes one ditch the plan and try it out.

But if you want to be good at Valorant, you’ll have to be loyal to an Agent and play contently with them. In this case, it’s Omen and you can play Omen like a real pro if you learn about his exceptional abilities and use them to their full potential.

Quick Guide

  • Learn how to pair dark cover with shrouded step (in video)
  • Use dark cover to stop advances from the enemy
  • Using paranoia from an enemy backline allows your team to push
  • Use “from the shadows” ultimate ability to throw off the enemy team. This allows your team to push a site while the enemy scrabbles to find you

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How to Play Omen Like a Pro in Valorant (+ video)

Here are the ways which will help you to play like a pro:

The Shrouded Step

When in a situation where you’ve been targeted or an enemy has peaked at you, Shrouded Step helps Omen teleport to a short distance quickly. Even though the teleporting can be observed by the enemy and also obstructed by gunfire, it is still very helpful if it helps you relocate from your original location.

Shrouded Step gives Omen the ability to swiftly move to a different location. Oftentimes, your enemy might peek enough to figure out your location and find a good enough angle soon. You can use the Shrouded Step to move to a different position to put them off the mark. This also gives you an upper hand over the enemy and teleport to a different location and kill them instantly. It can also help you get on high vantage areas in the battleground.

However, one thing to always keep in mind is that your enemy can hear your teleportation. This results in a higher possibility of you being a victim in an instant rather than using it to your highest potential. Always try to teleport to a location where either enemy needs time to reach or can’t hear you.

How to Play Omen Like a Pro

Dark Cover

Deception is Omen’s one of biggest abilities in Valorant and he does that the best with Dark Cover. It is a smoke ability allowing Omen to make a cloud of smoke appear anywhere in the battleground where the shadow orb is thrown. It leaves a long-lasting effect and blocks any vision for the opponent, putting them at disadvantage right away.

When you are equipped with the Dark Cover, it activates a shadow-version of the map. Omen uses this map to decide on the location where he wants to shoot it. It has variable lengths as to where it can throw it. If you hold on to the right-click, it sends it further away but if you hold the ability, it makes it drop closer. It doesn’t do anything to be able to use Dark Cover.

From what is noticed, players tend to use Dark Cover quite often alongside From the Shadow. This helps the player as a cover as Omen is teleporting. It blocks the vision of the opponent and the teleportation is not canceled out because of it.

Additionally, with the smoke lurking around, the opponent gets confused when finding accurate sniper angles. Since this ability is often used as a cover, it can also be used to confuse the opponent. When the opponent starts to look for Omen near the cover, they can be shot down at point-blank as well.

Different ways to Play Omen Like a Pro


Paranoia is an expensive ability in Valorant to get hands-on and costs 300 credits but it’s all worth the money if you know how to use it properly. It is a flash-type moving shadow ability that moves in a straight line and briefly reduces the vision range of all the players that it touches. Paranoia can go through walls and obstacles which makes it an excellent ability to combat the enemy on the cover and put them at a great disadvantage at that particular moment. 

However, this ability isn’t aware of who your ally is and separates them from the effect intended for the enemy so make sure you don’t end up putting your team on the edge. One of the most tactical things to do is enable your teammates with the help of Paranoia. Allowing this slow-moving shadow ball to travel along with your teammates and affecting the enemy in line is a guarantee of an easy kill for your teammate.

It is also a great ability to help in checking different angles including Ascent and Garage. Casting paranoia down the choke point is one of the best things to do. Since their sound is impaired there, teleporting behind them from there can give you a free ride to the killing spree.

Play the Omen Character Like a Pro

From the Shadow

No one in the entire pool of Agents can captivate and control the pace of the entire game the Omen can. As Omen activates the ultimate move ‘From the Shadows’, a tactical mini map comes up showing the entire battleground. For Omen, it takes nothing more than a moment and he can teleport to anywhere he wants on the entire map. 

When using From the Shadow, there’s a moment of materialization allowing him to move before he shoots. This offers the player a tactical advantage, however, the channel you use to teleport is susceptible to bullets and arms. Upon contact, it will send the player back to where the channeling was done in the first place. It might seem like it can offer damage points while you do that but it only cancels the teleportation without affecting the health or armor. 

The ability, nonetheless being so helpful, can easily be anticipated due to the large radius for audio. When combined with Dark Cover, it takes away the predictability measure of From the Shadows and can be very lethal to the enemy. This combo can be embedded secretly within the enemy line as well and cause distractions. 

Play Omen Like a Pro in Valorant


Omen was the third Agent to join Valorant protocol and is a very unique character in the game on his own. He lives and operates in the shadows like a phantom and the darkness is his home. However, his powers are rather radiant which makes him out to be a very mystical character.

His abilities allow him to move around swiftly and quietly which confuses and frustrates the enemy a lot. With his teleportation and making enemies suffer from Paranoia, he and his team can strike enemies more frequently and strongly.

We hope you learned some tips on how to play Omen like a pro. Share this to all your Omen mains and comment down below if we missed anything

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