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Minecraft: How to Build Like a Pro Today

Minecraft: How to Build Like a Pro Today

Minecraft has been one of the most famous strategy-based games of the decade and its fan base continues to grow ever so frequently. Over the past few years, Minecraft has released so many different versions and game moods which has had all the loyal players and newbies hooked on the franchise. Given its yearly growth fluctuation yet maintaining a good threshold, there’s no saying when the game will die out but it’s happening nowhere near.

Even if you’re a rookie at the game, you understand the importance of building your base and it has to be secure and sturdy first and foremost. But what if you knew you can go above and beyond just protecting your base and make an entire city while you’re at it? As surprising as it may sound, it’s very likely you can do that, too. 

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To make it more believable, you should check out these top-tier builds that people have made in Minecraft. However, one thing to remember is that when you’re trying to build an entire village or city on your own, you’ll most certainly need all the time in the world to do so. What helps is having friends or a team at it. All these top builds weren’t made by a single person, you know.

10 Top-Tier Builds for Inspiration in Minecraft

For anyone who thinks there are limitations in what you can or can’t achieve in building in Minecraft, they might be surprised by the sheer amount of talent and creativity people hold when it comes to building a world of their own. Be it underwater or up in the sky, Minecrafters know no bounds to it.

Regardless of the fact that everything in Minecraft looks like a block, there’s so much more you can achieve despite that. To date, the game still gets so much backlash from parents, journalists, and media regarding the non-understandable infatuation with Minecraft that players tend to have. 

There’s only one answer to it – freedom. Minecraft allows you to go all out when it comes to building stuff and there are almost no bounds to what anyone can achieve while doing so. 

To your surprise, there exists a subreddit where people from all over the world continue to post their progress and the buildings they construct. Every year, they release a top 10 build list and most of them are truly breathtaking. It’s after seeing things like that which makes you ponder over the fact that there are human minds who can imagine the stuff you never thought was imaginable.

If you’re looking for some inspiration or maybe just for the wow factor, here’s the list of top 10 builds from 2020.

  1. A Magical Night by The Voxel Box
  2. Defenceless by ShapeScape
  3. A Lunar Dream by Everbloom Studios
  4. Hearthveil – Lost in Thought by Pandora’s Blocks
  5. The City of Adamantis by Jim Delaney 1
  6. Deep-Sea by BlockWorks
  7. Macabre Infestation by Athion
  8. The Spires of Lyceum by Forge Gaming
  9. Auroria – New Heaven by Aranos
  10. A Futuristic Past by Will Loader
How to Build Like a Pro

9 Tips to Build Like a Real Pro in Minecraft

Minecraft is a game loved by all and it’s a gem when it comes to sand-box strategy games. Its popularity can easily be seen above by the kind of work numerous people put in throughout the world to become an inspiration for other people and make extraordinary buildings. 

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If you’re interested in building like a pro in the world of Minecraft, you need only two things. For many, that might mean motivation and hard work but that just goes without saying. You need something that takes over the core of building like a pro in Minecraft. Wild imagination and these tips. Follow these tips and you’re going to become a prodigy in no time! 

To become a prodigy and own a build you would be proud of, be able to flex about in your server or even in the subreddit, you’re all covered. Following is a curated list of 9 steps, tricks, and tips one should be quite familiar with when wanting to become a pro at Minecraft.

Check on your Tools’ Durability

This is one of the most important things any builder should take into consideration. Oftentimes, one tends to get so immersed in building that they don’t think about how their tools are working out for them. This means that when that last pickaxe breaks, all hell breaks loose and you want to delete everything and get rid of Minecraft instantly. Deep down, we all know that nobody wants that.

Therefore, it’s essential that you continue to fix your tools regularly. One reason why you should be considering that is, making a new one costs more than fixing one. The saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” works accurately here.

Use the Appropriate Materials for Mining Resources

To talk about the importance of appropriate materials for the right job, the example of whisking whipping cream by hand is enough. You’ll get it done by hand as well but by the time you’re done, you probably wouldn’t be in the shape to do anything else. That’s just how it works in Minecraft as well. 

If you’re looking forward to expanding your buildings and making your land or home vaster, you need material and to acquire that, one needs to mine for resources. Every material requires a certain kind of tool to be extracted. Sometimes, there are certain ores that require a specific material tool for extraction. 

If you try to protect your limited resource and use a material in no match to the requirement, that’s when you’re wasting your resources. What’s worse is that acting this way often leads to yielding zero material. You might be able to dig enough with a stone axe but what an iron axe can do while performing critical hits to yield products quicker, a stone axe can only dream about doing all that unless enchanted by magic.

Patience and Friendly Favour Goes a Long Way in Planning

In the world of Minecraft, if you’re trying to make a world of your own, you’ll need more than just one screen and two hands for it. This means that it’s okay to ask friends for help and build up a castle, enterprise, or even a small town or big city together with them. 

As important as finding the right material is to build a house, being patient and getting a helping hand is essential too.

For some people, it tends to become about their ego, wanting to make the entire place on their own, which makes them lose the drive soon enough. A building pro and designing something that makes everyone feel impressed with your work requires a lot of time and dedication. You can be productive with neither if you’re not patient enough. 

Before starting to build your place, it’s always suggested that you sit down and plan things out thoroughly to make your experience worthwhile.

best tips to Build Like a Pro in Minecraft

Consider Making Themed Buildings for Each Activity

Setting up a base and building something and putting it in there definitely does your work. You can make brewing stands, some other equipment, and an enchanting room then add it to your main base, and it’s all fine. But if you’re looking forward to expanding your base from just a one-room house to a big mansion or even a city, you might want to reconsider putting everything in the main base.

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Always build things on their own and tie them together in a thematic build. Every place has its own aesthetic and if you want to make something outshine others, you should opt for a theme for it. Everything you make or own or do in the world of Minecraft can be categorized on its own so you should build accordingly.

For example, making a wizard palace for making your enchantments, a magic room or lab-like place for making your portions, an entire designated area for farming and raising cattle, a secret vault or bank for all your secret and precious belongings and items. Piece by piece, you can set up an entire town or even a city like that. Make sure you follow a specific theme for each of these and let everything come about together.

Adding Different Shapes than Just Rectangle Gives Your Build Amazing Structure

Let’s be clear though. Making a rectangle build is not a bad thing per se. But if you’re looking to build like a pro, add details to it, and make it scalable, you’ll have to consider a different geometry than that. That being said, if you opt for a T-shape or L-shape, it opens up numerous doors for you in terms of building and exploring different building structures.

The rectangle-based four walls still have a lot of potentials and can look amazing as well but you would want to go for a structure that helps you add details to it without making it look like you threw everything all together.

Small Features Make the Build Look Livelier

Adding small features to your build can be extremely transformative if done smartly. Even in a minimalistic household, if there’s a small pot on the table and a frame hanging on the wall, the place looks astronomically more attractive and elegant than when there is only a mat with a centre table.

People tend to get easily overboard when it comes to that and do not understand what it means to add small features to your build. It’s not about the size when talking about features. It is said figuratively while people take it literally. You might put a single entity at a place and it will make the entire place feel different whereas putting a lot of little things and miniature models can make the place look congested. This is how you add up to the noise in the atmosphere and it makes the build look bland.

In Minecraft, you don’t have to particularly do something very fancy or complicated, unless you’re meaning to scare people away. You can put a few fancy small trees here and there instead of the usual vanilla ones and your place looks extravagant with just that. A few more things that you can add like a vase on a table, moss stone by the pond, lights by your main door or in the garden or backyard along with curtains and panes on the windows. Your place looks realistic and a lot livelier already with these!

Different ways to Build Like a Pro

Put Efforts to the Interior as Much as the Exterior

It’s just how everything should be in real life too. You might own a car that has an elegant shape, a smooth design, and breathtaking looks but what’s the point of having all that when it’s not even a good drive. Similarly, you might make one of the best builds in the entire server or even in the whole world but it all goes in vain if it’s only good on the exterior.

Needless to say, people spend hours and hours making the exterior look as good as it does. They even involve other friends in the server and work on it together but when you go inside, it’s plain and boring at best. A good build in Minecraft requires you to make the interior look as fascinating as your exterior looks. To do that, try to imagine how you would want to decorate your place if you had the opportunity, material, and money to do so. 

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In Minecraft, different materials are available to help you make your interior look outclass. However, some of the basic things you can do to start with include using different walls and materials for it. Colouring them differently than just keeping simple wood colours can help achieve something up to your liking as well. In addition to that, every home should include different rooms. Be it small or big ones, it’s always more attractive to see partitions. If you like keeping to yourself, it’s great for having some privacy that way too.

A Little Negative Space Makes the Building Look More Elegant

Sometimes putting in too much effort and details make the thing look unappealing. When construction is done in real life, that’s taken under consideration very seriously and there’s always some negative space left behind to not make the construction overbearing to look at. Every detail you add to your building must complement the aesthetic you’re looking for and go along with the building as well.

For many Minecrafters, it’s always about making the building look as majestic as possible. However, even when doing that, you need to realize that putting extra details doesn’t always make up for making a building look majestic. Always try to make sure you do not overdo when adding details, leaving some negative space to soften the look on the viewer’s eyes.

Add City Attractions to Your Build

It’s your city and you’re completely responsible to make it look beautiful, attractive and inviting. Also, who doesn’t like making attractive and beautiful places? Minecraft depicts our real-life desires and wishes and gives an opportunity to put all those into action in the real world. That being said, if you could own a big place of your own, wouldn’t you want to decorate it the way you love?

Little things count and they act a lot to the details of the environment and your atmosphere as well. For example, along the asphalt road you’ve laid out, making buildings and shops makes it look more realistic. Or adding boundary lines or lane lines on the road, a few street lights, and traffic lights make the place look livelier than how it did before it. A few more things you can add include a garden, benches, and playgrounds near the pond. 

Take some time to point out and figure out what small details you can put in to make your town or city enviable to other Minecrafters on the server. Who knows? You might make your way into the list of top 10 builds in Minecraft too!

Build Like a Pro in Minecraft


Having a plain and simple house isn’t necessarily a bad thing in Minecraft. But then again, who likes living in a bland house that gives off nonchalant and dull vibes? Like every real-life homeowner, you want to make your home look as amazing as you wish to make it look so in the real world. To do that, you need to be highly skilled and unrestricted when it comes to your creativity and go all out when building your home. 

If you’re serious and really want to build like a pro, you’re going to need to hold on to these tips. However, along with that you also need to be patient and build up majestic places slowly. Going too fast might not be the key here though. If you look at the top-tier structures out there, you’ll soon come to notice that it doesn’t feel like it is the work of a single hand. There’s either a team or an entire server working at it.

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