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Minecraft: [TOP] 19 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Minecraft: [TOP] 19 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Minecraft is an independent video game in which users can build virtual realities out of textured cubes in a 3D world. The player can move around the environment and manipulate these cubes however they want to create anything they want such as houses or even art projects.

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Best 19 Tips and Tricks to Ace Minecraft

Are you looking for some Minecraft tips and tricks to help make your gameplay better? Check out the list of our top recommended Minecraft tips and tricks! From mining to pickaxes, from swords to potions, we have the insider secrets all the pros know that will ensure you vastly improve your skill level. Let us help you bring home the gold with our tried-and-tested techniques! Let’s begin. 

Make a Safe Hole

This tip is so simple but it can save you loads of time if you’re done playing for the day but still want to mine or explore. All it takes is a pickaxe and the will to dig down a few blocks. I personally recommend digging into stone and making a 3 x 3 x 3 hole. This allows you to place an extra bed, crafting table, chests, and furnaces. It is good to set up these holes around your base or when you are out exploring away from camp.

Make sure to place a few torches so enemies don’t spawn and you can see what you are doing. While in your safe hole and do not have a bed, don’t waste your time. Start mining the area around you or start strip mining

Add a Strip Mine to your Safe Hole

Now that you have a safe hole, let’s add a strip mine. What is a strip mine you may ask? A strip mine is a long corridor of mined blocks. You can make a basic staircase and strip mine hallways around the staircase. Strip mining is very useful as it helps give players a better idea of the ores and blocks around them without mining every block in the area.

Minecraft Strip Mine
Photo by How-to Geek

Above is a visual representation of what a strip mine looks like. Strip mining at diamond level (y -59) increases your chances of finding diamond ore in a shorter span of time.

Make Iron Armor (make use of all your iron)

Sure, it’s tempting to wear that diamond suit for show, but later on, when you’re fighting off hordes of zombies or skeletons, is that suit going to be protecting you, or will it be like wearing cardboard?

Iron armor, better known as the forgotten armor. The reason it is given this title is that the number of players who will make all iron weapons and tools but fail to realize their leftover iron could make them iron boots or in some cases a full set.

This tip is less helpful and more a reminder. Iron armor will save your life, time and time again. So please make sure you put those beautiful ingots to use!

Always have a backup weapon

This goes without saying, you never want your weapon to break mid-battle. Crafting an additional stone or iron sword.

Minecraft tips

Get Inventive With Your Items

Using an item in Minecraft is very different from the original game. In Minecraft, you can use a high number of different types of items, and most of them have a characteristic or feature that makes them ideal for certain situations if you know how to use them properly. Even using your fist to punch in front of you can be used in a strategic manner. The uses for items are truly unlimited, and sometimes the simplest items are the most useful.

Craft Some Torches

Torches are very easy to make thanks to the recipe only requiring you to have either sticks or coal and an iron ingot. Make these items as soon as possible so you’ll have a light source that won’t run out like your flint and steel torches do, and so that you’ll always have it on hand in case you need it. Also, it’s good for when you’re being chased by a horde of zombies at night or if the sun is out but there are still deep shadows around every corner imaginable.

Make A Bed

A bed is great if you’re tired, but also good for when you get a big project done and you just want to take a nap. You can even make a bed in creative mode by placing torches on the ground, so if you’re tired or have teamed with other players then sometimes it’s nice to be able to make yourself comfortable even when there are other players around.

Go Mining

This tip may seem obvious but it can be very helpful — and it’s much more fun than digging around randomly looking for the stone. Dig a big square, with two blocks on the bottom, two on the side, and one block on the top. Now dig straight down from there, until you find some ores. If you don’t, just dig in another direction.

Don’t Overdo It

You can do a lot with Minecraft once you have a few tools and resources to work with. But don’t feel like you have to rush your way through the game right away. Instead, let yourself enjoy a few games where you simply build something small while mining for resources along the way. It’s more relaxing and calming that way before you jump into combat or anything too complicated and difficult for your current skill level.

When You Die, Don’t Panic

There is a nearby village — usually one that has a shop or something somewhere. If not, then there’s always going to be an inn or some other safe area. Grab your tools, fill up your inventory and then just go explore until you come across something good or valuable. In many cases, you just have to wander around the map, as in the cave I described when I was finding resources and ores underground. You’ll most likely find plenty of diamonds, gold, and other rare items lying around.

Don’t Forget Your Brain

A brain isn’t exactly easy to come by in Minecraft, but it’s definitely useful and worth the effort of going after. You can use a shovel to dig up the top few blocks of dirt and then place a torch next to it. Then you can punch it with your fist or use ANY tool (even though you’re supposed to use a shovel) on it until it breaks open. Now you have some paper or some string/rope that can give you more tools, or be used for crafting, or be sold for money when you’re back in town.

Get Yourself Some Armor

Only wear diamond gear if you feel like showing off, otherwise get as much leather as possible so that your armor is protecting your life bar more effectively and keep you from dying so much. It’s said that dying 2 or 3 times in a row costs you a lot of life on the field, so try not to lose as much life as possible!

Collect All Of The Resources You Can Find

This one is good because it helps you improve your inventory space, it can be used for crafting or selling, and it opens up new veins of ores and resources underground. When I first started out, I didn’t know that there were so many different resources in the game, and even now I’m still finding new things to find underground.

When you collect all of these ores and gems together, they will make more powerful tools and equipment, making your job easier and protecting you better from creatures that are stronger than yourself.

Upgrade Your Tools

If you plan on using a lot of resources and ores in Minecraft then it’s worth it to upgrade your tools as often as possible. This will help you mine faster, gather more, and use fewer resources to create the same things. I was surprised when I first upgraded my pickaxe to gold; I could mine out all of the ores in one spot instead of having to move my pickaxe over several times.

It came in handy even if I wasn’t digging for ores, but instead was just mining out a big area where I was building a base (which is what I would suggest doing if you can).

Don’t Stay In One Place

This is a good tip if you want to explore. The reason I avoid staying in one place is that I can find more resources and ores than I would by simply digging around a little, which is the reason that they call it “mining.” When mining, you’re going to dig down until you hit something, so sometimes it isn’t worth it to speculate on what your first strike will be. Instead of just digging down and hoping that you can find something good, try wandering around and finding new areas where resources or items might be.

You Can’t Save The World, But You Can Help

The thing that makes Minecraft fun is that you can do whatever you want. It’s not like in an RPG where you have to use your character’s skills and abilities to defeat a bad guy, and then the game ends shortly after.

You can build a home, farm crops, build some hotels, or even make your own roller coaster! Just remember, though, that although you want to have fun and do what you want for the most part — if there are people around then it might be better to help them out by fighting off monsters or taking down a stronghold of some sort instead of doing whatever it is that will make you more powerful on your own.

The way you get more powerful and get better properties for tools is by using different tools and materials to make new ones. For example, if you always use a pickaxe then eventually, you’ll run out of ores to mine without finding other ores or rocks. If you want to get more efficient at mining you should switch up your tool in little or regular intervals.

Put Your Building Blocks In Chests

When you start out it’s nice to have an easy-access storage spot for whatever items you’ve collected during those first couple of games. You can create a chest and fill it up with basic building blocks, tools, and materials that you’re going to need when you start building your first house or infrastructure. Remember — it doesn’t matter how close your house is, if you don’t have easy access to the resources then you’re not going to be able to make anything!

Be Prepared For War

I know that it sounds like I’m talking about an RPG instead of a building game, but really once you get into Minecraft things can get pretty serious. There are certain items in the game that are rare and powerful enough that people will go out and try to get them. If you get attacked by other players or even hostile mobs, especially if they’re strong enough to kill you, then what are you going to do?

You can fight back with a bow and arrow, but once the arrows run out…well, that can be a problem. It’s best to stay prepared for attacks because if you’re ready to fight then it’s only a matter of time before someone else is as well.


These exciting Minecraft tips and tricks can not only help you stay ahead of others but also make the game more fun to play. Keep visiting our website for more gaming tips and tricks. We hope you enjoyed our article over Minecraft tips and tricks! Comment below if we missed anything!

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