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Skyrim: Best Two-Handed Weapons 2022

Skyrim: Best Two Handed Weapons 2022

In the world of Skyrim, every Dragonborn has the opportunity to discover a unique arsenal, as well as forge many with their smithing skills. Needless to say, an RPG game like Skyrim has numerous quests available for the player and with every new update, there’s always something a Skyrim-enthusiast or any gamer would enjoy.

For many, it has to do with the ever-engrossing adventurous quests and ample amount of mods available for the game. On the contrary, for some, it certainly has to do with the opportunity to wield massive weapons and have a free choice to make a power-based decision. 

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In terms of skills, many strive to acquire the two-handed skill which is one of the six skills the Warrior play-style consists of. It goes without saying that every Dragonborn wielding a two-handed weapon afflicts a large amount of damage to the enemy. However, it comes at a cost of low defense. If consumed tactfully, having a two-handed weapon can overpower the enemy at ease and make up for the low defensive attributes.

Skyrim Best Two Handed Weapons

In Skyrim, the character learns smithing skills and can forge their weapons as well. However, with quests existing astronomically, many unique weapons can be found there as well. While some weapons and other items might be only sell-worthy, discovering unique two-handed weapons also has a fine possibility. War hammers, battle axes. greatswords, you name it. Players can manage to find anything. Though deciding which two-handed weapons are worth keeping requires deep knowledge of what each weapon can offer.

Here we provide you with a curated list of the top-tier two-handed weapons of 2022 every Skyrim player needs to know about.

Top 9 Two-Handed Weapons in the Realms of Skyrim

Choosing a great weapon early on in the game is a smart decision but what do you do when you find a rather unique weapon on your quest? Moreover, is it a unique two-handed weapon that you should think about getting your hands on? 

Following consists of the top 9 two-handed weapons you might get your hands on as you venture into this action-packed RPG:

Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls

Putting great damage to the enemy alone is not the sole purpose as you get engrossed in the world of Skyrim and you soon realize that as well. The Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls is an attractive two-handed weapon but its charm alone shouldn’t be what drives you to get your hands on it. 

It does not inflict high damage to the enemy, however, it allows the wielder to collect the souls and fills up your soul gems.

Skyrim has more to offer than just fighting with specific weapons. You also have the facility to disenchant your Steel Battleaxe and add that enhancement to any other weapon as well. You might wield the Steel Battleaxe and also have another weapon at hand. Hints towards customization all the way through here.

Bloodskal Blade

If you’re looking for a two-handed weapon that offers a double attack, Bloodskal Blade is definitely your go-to weapon. While Bloodskal Blade might not be the strongest two-handed weapon in Skyrim, it does come with the ability to inflict blast damage through charged attacks at the enemy.

As much unique as this is, Bloodskal Blade can only be found in the last bout i.e. the Final Descent quest and the release parameter of the charged attack is over 10 feet. It’s safe to assume that anyone within the 10 feet vicinity is a goner.

Skyrim Best Weapons 2022

The Longhammer

The moment you hear about a war hammer, you immediately expect it to slow down your movement and a heavy weapon. But make no mistake when you make such assumptions for The Longhammer. Even though it has a similar touch and feel to the regular Orcish Warhammer, The Longhammer’s design helps the wielder have a 30% added speed advantage in comparison to its counterpart.

Since it’s lighter in weight and rather more agile than the Orcish Warhammer, it levels up by 21 on the base damage as well due to the added speed. On the hunt for a powerful two-handed weapon, The Longhammer should be in the top part of the candidate list.

Champion’s Cudgel

Talk about design, attraction, and intimidation at the same time, Champion’s Cudgel reigns the position with pride when it comes to that. If you’re looking for a supreme two-handed weapon with added benefits and quirks like random chance to deal fire, frost, or shock damage, Champion’s Cudgel should be your prime choice.

This isn’t only a legendary weapon in the realms of Skyrim to behold but it also has one of the best enchantments in the game. Getting hands-on with this weapon comes from slaying General Falx Carius. It goes without saying you’re gonna get pummelled before you can wield the legendary Champion’s Cudgel.


Two-handed weapons can be forged and discovered in the quests but not every weapon is easily found. Unlike the others, Wuuthrad is rather easier to discover. Despite the ease of availability, it is still a legendary battleaxe with a base damage of 25. Even though 25 might seem rather less, Wuuthrad has great swinging compatibility and can yield consistent damage to the foe. 

It doesn’t support any enchantments, however, if you’re against Skyrim’s elves race i.e. the Atlmer, Bosmer, Dunmer, and Falmer, Wuuthrad does 20% more damage to them given its historical accomplishment against the elves race.

Skyrim Weapons 2022

Dawnguard Rune Hammer

A war hammer that possesses unique enchantments and yields high base damage makes the player decide rather quickly and settle for it. Just like Bloodskall Blade, the Dawnguard Rune Hammer also has unique enchantments and its fire damage alone goes as up as 50 points! However, it requires the user to place runes on a surface at a certain range that gets trigged when the enemy comes within its range of proximity. 

While its base damage is a mere 22, it can be upgraded to yield more damage points using Steel Ingots.

Ebony Blade

The Ebony Blade’s low-end base damage might make you feel sceptical as to why this is even on the list since it’s only 11 but wait. There’s more to it than just that. With its lightweight structure, the Ebony Blade swings far quicker than any other two-handed weapon and has the ability to strike back-to-back yielding damage in multiples. This blade supports numerous enchantments and has several upgrades. Get that all packing on the Ebony Blade and it would become the most devastating two-handed weapon in all of Skyrim!

Another notable aspect of the Ebony Blade is that its absolute power lies in the sacrifice of 10 characters in the game. The wielder has to kill 10 characters that have befriended the Dragonborn. Upon the completion of such an act, it learns the ability to absorb 30 points of health over every hit.


As discussed before, base damage of 25 points seems convincing enough to get both your hands around the weapon. But this supreme artefact also possesses an enchantment for two-handed weapon fanatics that brings them to close no matter what. Skyrim’s Volendrung has the ability to absorb 50 points of stamina on every hit. With stamina bar filled up, do you expect a weapon with base damage 25 to not be impressive enough? Volendrung also charges up quickly, making the user throw relentless swings at the opponent, continually absorbing the stamina on every hit. 

The Volendrung can also be upgraded using the Ebony Ingots which amps up its base damage as well. Putting the cherry on top, if the Dragonborn stocks up the Soul Gems, this two-handed weapon can be used to its maximum potential.

Dragonbone Battle Axe

Usually, people that tend to enjoy this adventurous RPG are also huge dragon fanatics. But being a dragon fan alone shouldn’t be the reason you get your hands on the Dragonbone Battle Axe. Having a base damage level of 26, the Dragonbone Battle Axe enjoys the rank of the strongest battle axe in the world of Skyrim. Its base damage level is at max while being un-enchanted. 

Unlike other battle axes or two-handed weapons, the Dragonbone Battle Axe is rather difficult to obtain through quests and missions. However, with your smithing skills, you can craft the Dragonbone yourself. The power lies in the hands of the beholder and it depends on the Dragonborn how to utilize the strongest battle axe in the whole Skyrim.

Final Thoughts

Be it Bloodskal blade, Dawnguard Rune Hammer, or Dragonbone Battle Axe, each two-handed weapon has different abilities and characteristics. While in some quests and against some enemies the Bloodskal blade would be the premium choice, in others, nothing would beat the battle axe. 

A weapon decided upon is the wielder’s choice and the choice resonates with their persona too. While holding a strong and unique two-handed weapon puts the player over the edge, technique certainly matters a lot as well. This requires long-term play sessions and fearlessness towards accepting big and risky challenges and puts you in a better place compared to your enemies or other Skyrim players.

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