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Minecraft: [Top 9] Tips to Win BedWars Every Time (Hypixel)

Minecraft: [Top 9] Tips to Win BedWars Every Time (Hypixel)

With the ever-growing technology and evolving graphics, people’s choice of games has also diversified. Many prefer playing high-end games that are packed with actions, smooth graphics, and great effects while others still prefer being old-school games. However, one thing that hasn’t changed in all this time is many gamers’ extreme love for Minecraft.

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Minecraft has come a long way since 2011 and even to this day, people are head over heels for any new updates, servers, or most importantly any new modes of play. One standing out the most as of late is the Minecraft BedWars.

Minecraft Tips of Bedwars Everytime (Hypixel)

Unlike protecting your side on the bed or the entire bunker from your siblings back when you were kids, Minecraft BedWars opens a whole new world of wars for the bed. That’s right! It’s just as the name suggests. In Minecraft BedWars, every player is fighting a war to protect their bed from the enemy. If the enemy or your opponent reaches the bed under the protection you’ve laid upon it, the game is over then.

Hypixel Server

Globally accepted server Hypixel is one of the largest Minecraft Server Networks to exist. It also enjoys providing the highest quality of fun and strategic games like Skyblock, SkyWars, BedWars, and a lot more. Needless to say, Hypixel deserves all the appreciation for offering BedWars to all the Minecraft lovers out there.

As much as the majority enjoys playing BedWars, winning at it doesn’t come so easy. For a game that is naturally in a competitive mode, it tends to bring out the aggression and competitiveness in the player as well. Adjusting feather in the hat, ranked BedWars games are also becoming popular even more.

This not only makes the new gamers hyped but also invigorates the passion in the old ones and it’s about time you make a keen observation on how you can play BedWars like a pro.

9 Tips and Tricks to Win BedWars Every Time

If you’re keen on winning all your Minecraft BedWars games from now onwards, you might want to stick around through these 9 strategies and tips.

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Always Protect Your Bed – By Any Means Necessary

There’s a time limit to how long the war for the bed lasts in Minecraft and time is key. The only way to beat the clock is by protecting your bed at all costs. Using simple wool and clay might give your bed a good foundation but it can’t protect your bed from the barrage of attacks by the foe. For starters, covering your bed with wood and endstone gives it a very rigid and strong foundation. 

It’s always a good practice to coat your bed with strong material that takes time to work on even with a pickaxe. Even though it prevents huge damage from the axe, a TNT means your protection is a goner. An additional layer of blast-proof glass is the answer to your TNT problem.

Tips to Win Bedwars Everytime (Hypixel) Minecraft

Destroy Other Beds

Putting up a great defense should be the priority but a great defense alone doesn’t help you win games. BedWars has wars in its name for a reason. Instead of just putting up only defenses, retaliating to the bombardment of attacks helps you get further in the game. The goal is to protect your bed but destroy the enemy’s bed. 

Progress through their defenses and don’t cut short on your efforts in reaching their bed. While maintaining defensive foundations, continue to press forward in the enemy’s base and destroy the bed as soon as you get the chance.

Use the Butterfly Method for Premium Defence

Ah, the good ol’ butterfly method. To ensure premium defense, the butterfly method is the answer to that in an instant. If you’re looking to form a defense layer quickly and fast, the butterfly method consists of layers that are easy to put up. 

But it’s not just about putting up layers due to convenience and ease. A butterfly method of establishing defense means a layer of wool, then a glass layer is added and the final layer of end stone gives the defense a defining feature. While wool might seem like an easy material to break through, the enemy needs to have shears, explosions, and pickaxes all at the same time to effectively break through it.

Being Good at PvP Is Key

Minecraft BedWars operates based on PvP i.e. every day, you’re in for a treat to encounter an astronomical amount of players. Be it rookie or top-tier, you have to go at war with either. Ultimately, that means you have to be very good at PvP battles to secure many wins as you go against your anonymous enemies.

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Unlike any other game, PvP in Minecraft is rather difficult and tricky as well. To master the art of PvP at Minecraft BedWars, one needs to continue practicing on different Minecraft PvP servers and you’ll be slaying the wars and your enemies in no time!

Be Wise Using Your Resources

The quote expresses how wisdom is a virtue that works here as well. Hypixel has put an insane amount of effort and time to balance the BedWars and tries to ensure that every item in the inventory serves its purpose. Although as per their perspective, they’re offering valuable and reasonable items. The player, on the other hand, sees an ample amount of inventory to use and often goes overboard right off the start.

While it might seem like a lot in the start, using your resources wisely goes a long way in the game further on. Instead of hoarding up items in the inventory, decide beforehand whether the item you’re buying can effectively help you in the long run.

Have Yourself Acquainted With Heal Pool

It’s just as the name suggests. You heal as you receive the damage. It’s a very convincing item to own for a team i.e., in case of collateral damage, a healing pool helps you and your team to regain from the damage you just received and be able to strike back with force. 

Apart from that, when your team returns from a fight where you received heavy blows, you wouldn’t be relatively ready to go for another bout right away. A healing pool helps your team take a little rest and gain stamina that might come in handy in case of a surprise attack by the enemy.

Minecraft Hypixel Tips

Learn and Improvise from your Losses

Despite trying out all the effective strategies and tips to ensure your win streak continues at BedWars, it’s bound to break at one point or another. Like every other battle in life, the loss at BedWars should be more of a lesson than something to sulk over. Think over the possible mistakes you made as you went to war against the enemy and improvise accordingly. 

This not only helps you prevent the mistake from repeating. Instead, it gives you a chance to strategize and come up with different tactics to combat your prior mistake. When you improvise based on your losses, no amount of practice games can yield the progress this does.

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Make a Head Start to Enemy Island

Sometimes, going head-on is a rather risky attempt but can be extremely fruitful regardless of it. As the war begins, neither sides have the defenses built up in an instant. While setting up the defenses takes its time, going head-on at the enemy base and throwing an all-in attack can leave them panicked and making bad decisions. An enemy’s bad decision is an opportunity to rise above and that’s what every BedWars game entails.

Nonetheless, at an all-in attack on the enemy base, you risk your bed being completely vulnerable too. In case an enemy slips out of their base and reaches yours before you hit the jackpot, it’s an instant game over. Make the head start decision tactfully. 

Build a Barrier around Your Bed

When you get into the habit of playing BedWars, you almost immediately realize the importance of building up a defense early on in the game. To do that, there are numerous items one can use to build a rigid defense over the bed. However, it’s always a good thing to have an additional layer of protection. The best way to approach that is by making a barrier or a boundary around the bed. 

The easiest way to do that is to build a wall around the bed. This not only helps your bed to be secure from fireball attacks but it also takes more time to chop down for the enemy. An even better alternative is to put over a glass wall as it helps you see through and block the fireballs in advance.


BedWars is one of the most popular strategy games of its time and continues to grow its users day by day even now in 2022. In short, Minecraft BedWars has pretty clear and precise instructions – Ensure the protection of your bed while you destroy others’. 

As straightforward as the instructions might sound, it’s certainly not that simple. To be good at the BedWars, nothing is more important than continually practicing and getting better at it. However, by making sure to follow through on these tips and strategies, you’ll be on a winning spree in no time!

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