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Ready or Not: Top 10 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Ready or Not: Top 10 Tips and Tricks (2022)

Video games have become an addiction these days, and the trend isn’t only with teenagers anymore. Playing video games is the biggest attraction for kids, teens, and everyone else nowadays. But the popularity isn’t merely a temporary hype; rather, it’s because video games improve different skills and, if played wisely, can yield productivity.

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In the last few decades, video gaming has gained the limelight. Keeping this in mind, manufacturers are making new games day by day to give the players the best entertainment. From shooting games to strategic ones to even racing ones, the options and genres are non-exhaustive. 

One of these is the recently released and hugely anticipated, Ready or Not. Today we’ll be getting into some details about this particular recent release, along with the best tips and tricks out there. These tips will be your glow-up from a newbie to a pro-level player in no time. Let’s get into it!

Ready or Not: Top 10 Tips and Tricks (2022)

What is Ready or Not?

Ready or Not is a first-person shooting game set in the modern day. In the game, police troops are sent away to sort out violent situations. The game is about search and warrant arrests. Hence, if you thought a same-old story was in place, you’re in for a surprise.

Plot Line And Setting

The game is set in the modern-day United States of America. The country is stricken by many social and economic crises, and you (the player) are given chances for remedial purposes. You get a chance to be in the character of a judge or a SWAT Commander and are given different situations to tackle. The game is developed from a void interactive perspective. 

Game Release

Ready or Not is not a very old game since it was released on December 18, 2021. In other terms, this means that everyone in this game is a newbie. Hence if you’re looking for a brand new game with an immersive experience, it’s not too late to join the gaming community of Ready or Not just yet.

Important Tips And Tricks For The Beginners

Beginners in every game try to look for some easy routes. That is why hacks and tips exist in the first place. But these tricks can also help improve already great players. If you are a beginner, you should try to adopt these tactics to improve your gameplay. You can follow these tips to become a pro-level player in no time.

Here’s How You Can Get Your Hands On Unlimited Ammo

You can only get it in the lobby. If you want to get more magazines/ammo, add more friends. You can follow the given steps to get unlimited ammo.

As you can get it when you are on a mission, the first step is to add friends. Then go to the shooting range by pressing “W.” Now press “R” to make your friends drop their mags. You can pick all these magazines by using the “F.” Once your friends have dropped all their mags, they have to refill the ammo again and again. As a result, you will get unlimited ammo.

How to Get the Machine Gun!

To get a machine gun, follow these steps.

  1. Head to the locker and choose “TAC700”.
  2. Switch to ” Full Auto,” and you will have the most OP weapon in the game. 

Save Yourself From Traps Through This Hack

If you are trying to save yourself from traps, these might help. It would help if you had a mirror gun for this purpose along with checking for suspects or any trap under the doors. The door is wired with a grenade or a flash bag usually, and when the door swings, this grenade or the flash bag pulls the pin.

Now the door with traps will be locked. If you have the mirror gun, you can easily examine the doors. The explosives will not detonate if the door has a trap and you have found it before opening it. This will also let you use your tool to cut the wire as the wire is exposed now. 

Deactivating A Booby Trap Made Easy!

Disarming a booby trap is quite tricky. Cut it down if you are on the same side as the booby trap. Look at the trigger wire and press “F” to equip the wire. Now, you can disarm the wire by holding “F.” 

However, if you are on the opposite side, it gets trickier. For that, open the door, look at the wire in the bottom and cut it. It would help if you did not bump into the door because it can lead to a trap. A good suggestion is that you inform your squad about the presence of a booby trap behind the door.

Deactivating A Booby Trap Made Easy in Ready or Not!

Door Wedges: An Absolute Lifesaver!

There will be multiple doors in the dangerous area, which causes more threats. Placing the door wedges under the door can stop the doors from opening any scary scenario. You can also place a door wedge under the door for your enemies. In this way, you will also stop the enemy from running away.

Blowing Away The Doors By Using C2 Charges

As the game is about the search and warrants, choosing your entrance spot is important. It seems like entering the territory quickly without any aggression will be beneficial, but it is not true all the time. Preferring the safer option can be more of the riskier one in some cases. Thus, most of the time, blowing the doors away is a better option. 

You might be thinking about how bursting the doors with C2 charges can be effective. Using C2 charges comes with a plethora of benefits. The most obvious of these is that it will shatter your enemies in the room. It will concuss your enemy behind the door or anywhere in the surroundings. Since C2 charges will also serve as grenades, you would not need to use grenades after this.

However, one thing you need to take care of is that make sure the room you are going to burst is not of civilians. In the case of civilians present there, all this will bear no fruit for you.

Blow Away a Door in Ready or Not

Avoid Standing in Front Of The Door At All Costs!

It is a very common action that players stand in front of the door during the inspection. This one mistake can kick you out of the game. While scanning the door, you must be very careful that you are standing on the side of the door.

When you are scanning, your movement can be heard inside the room. If your enemies are inside the room, they will not take long to shoot you. Thus, it is suggested that you can sit by the side of the door instead of standing in front of it.

Tips and Tricks for Ready or Not

Use Chemlights For Identifying Empty Rooms

The variety of maps in the game is very wide. You will find different sizes of rooms. It is easy to clear out small-sized rooms, but it will get hard for you to manage it if you are countering multiple doors. 

You will get confused when you have to clean many rooms. To mark the rooms which are done can be helpful for you. So, you can use chemlights for your assistance. 

Once you have cleared the room and gathered the loot, place the chem light there and move on. You are allotted just ten chemlights. Hence you have to use them wisely.

The ABCs Of Maps in Ready or Not

The ABCs Of Maps

If you are playing Ready or Not, you must be aware of different maps. Sometimes, you might get confused about moving ahead as you do not know about the map. It will help you in solving different problems of the game. 

8 out of 10 maps are updated and working yet. The list of these maps is here:

  • Hotel Rooms
  • 213 Park Homes
  • Port Hoken
  • 4U Gas Station
  • Penthouse
  • Cherryessa Farm
  • Wanderly Hills Hotel
  • Caesar’s Cars Dealership

Swiftness Is A Must

Most of the players prefer to move fast instead of walking. Unfortunately, Ready or Not does not have a sprint option. However, a walk faster option in the game can work as a sprinter. You can use a low ready feature for this purpose.

The low ready feature is toggled with the delete button in this game. Sadly, most players do not press the delete button and stay unaware of this feature. The advantage here is that you can modify these settings of the game. You can use the low-ready feature of the game by key binding it with the left shift button of your keyboard.

You can choose any other button, but the reason behind choosing the left shift button is because, in FPS games, the left shift button is used for sprints. Most of the players are used to this button. Hence it becomes easier for players to move fast in this game.

Is Ready Or Not Worth Buying?

Now since you know the must-know tips and tricks, let’s talk about why this game is completely worth it! The ultimate question that arises in people’s minds is why should they buy this game. So, we compiled a list of reasons why you should invest in this video game, and here they are!

It’s Fun

The first and foremost feature you will find in this game is that you will have fun while playing Ready or Not. You will not get bored and tired of playing this game. The multiple advanced features of the game are the choice of many people.

Ultimate Solution

Although Ready or Not is new in the market, you will find this game comprehensive. Due to its multiple features and setting, this game is the ultimate solution for many gamers. Players often play for years, and they cannot find any game they claim is the best. Ready or Not could be the solution for many such players.


In Ready or Not, you will find challenges at every next step. Gamers like to face challenging situations while playing. The continuous challenges in this game are one of the finest reasons you should buy this game.


The visuals of the game are not going to disappoint you. The reason behind these great visuals is the use of high-quality graphics. It will avoid all sorts of irritation and display problems gamers face.

Strategic Importance

The strategic importance of the game is enough to stand out among all the other games. The organization of an approach and execution of a plan are unique. When needed, the police troops can take assistance from others, including the sniper teams.


In Ready or Not, players have access to 60 different items. The combination of magazine types and weapon optics provides the officers an edge to stand out. With the help of these items and weapons, they can tackle any problem.


One of the biggest lessons from the game is the quality of leadership. While taking a mission, you will lead your team to success. It will enhance your leadership skills. If you smartly lead your team, the chances of your victory will get high. 

How To Upgrade Your Edition?

If you are using the standard edition, getting the supporter edition is better, and it is not hard to do. Visit the developer’s website and click on the “Upgrade to this edition” button. There you will get instructions on how to upgrade your edition from standard to supporter.

Will There Be Future Versions?

Ready or Not is supported on PC. So we can say the kit is just a PC Game. However, void interactive might port the game on other platforms such as consoles in the future. All this depends on the reception of the final game, though. But fingers crossed, we’ll get more versions soon!

Summing It All Up!

Video games are the perfect activity to enhance your skills nowadays. Ready or Not is a great option! It’s fun, captivating, and will certainly entertain you in your free time. Check out the recent release and apply these hacks for an enhanced gaming experience.

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