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GTFO: Top 15 Tips and Tricks To Increase SURVIVAL

GTFO: Top 15 Tips and Tricks To Increase SURVIVAL

Known as a hardcore game with its co-op survival horror niche, GTFO demands your attention, especially if you are fond of playing advanced games. It wouldn’t be wrong to call it the roughest and toughest game around, but just like other games, it’s a beatable option, and you will be able to do amazing things if you don’t have to waste time putting together the basic information. 

Table of Contents

  1. Best GTFO Tips and Tricks
    1. Be Slow & Steady 
    2. Focus On The Loadouts 
    3. Don’t Forget To Use Terminal 
    4. Don’t Alert Your Enemies 
    5. Talk To Your Team 
    6. Stay Still To Calm The Enemies 
    7. Prepare Your Room Before Opening The Alarm Doors 
    8. Take Down The Alerted Enemies Silently & Efficiently 
    9. Don’t Charge The Weapons For Long 
    10. Focus On The Goals 
    11. Silently Attack With The Melee Weapons 
    12. Stop If They Glow & Pulse 
    13. Switch Off The Flashlight 
    14. Guns Are For The Last 
    15. Save The Med Packs 
    16. Additional Tip

Best GTFO Tips and Tricks

So, if you are ready to dive into survival mode with a punch of horror elements, we have the tips and tricks available to help you achieve the best scores!

Be Slow & Steady

Just like the proverb, going slow and steady is the key to winning this game. This is because GTFO is a survival yet stealth game. Sure, it uses a range of FPS mechanics and makes you own your shooter personality, but it doesn’t mean that you can go around shooting the gun. This is because if you go in the field blazing your gun, you will end up in a losing battle, and not forget, you will be overwhelmed within a few minutes of blazing and running. 

On the contrary, you should go in slow and steady without compromising on carefulness. Take out time to slow down, pause, analyze, and assess the situation before you move ahead. This is because winning GTFO is more than making timed objectives – this is because if you don’t complete these timed objectives with the right steps and timing, the entire team will be wiped out, and that’s not something you want, right?

Focus On The Loadouts

GTFO is loaded with weapons, and they are all effective. However, you need to choose the ones that work best in your favor, including the game progress and current situation. It is critical to pick weapons that you are trained at and something that won’t run out of ammo because you were too quick to make a weapon-related decision. In simpler words, you don’t want to lose the game two minutes after hitting the play button. 

To illustrate, the melee weapons will deliver the same effects, which means it comes down to your personal preferences, but you need to find the tool that you are going to play with. In simpler words, it’s better to pick the tools that are efficient for achieving your objectives, but hey, if you are uncertain, just pick your best guess. 

GTFO latest tips and tricks

Don’t Forget To Use Terminal

Playing GTFO is nothing less than a thrill, and there is no asset more invaluable than the terminal. This is because the terminal gives you the chance to gain information about different items that you are looking for in a specific area. In particular, there are ten commands, but you are likely to use ping, list, and query commands only. That’s because these commands allow you to identify items in every zone, check out their location in the zone, and ping provides information about the accurate location of the item once you are in the same zone.

In simpler words, it’s the ultimate tool that you need to achieve the objectives efficiently. 

Don’t Alert Your Enemies

Of course, you are intelligent enough to not alert the enemies, but many players unintentionally do it by opening the locks. During GTFO, you are likely to encounter multiple locked items, including doors, lockers, and boxes, as you move through the maps. These locked items contain valuable assets or simply obstruct the way forward. For this reason, it is evident that you find the way to unlock these locks that are blocking your way. 

For this purpose, GTFO provides two choices, such as breaking through them or hacking them. However, both these options have a risk of alerting the underlying enemies that keep surrounding you. In addition, failing the hack will trigger alarms that will eventually share your location with the enemies. As far as breaking the lock is concerned, it’s a noisy experience that will wake up the enemies. For this reason, it is important to find the best way of handling these locks whenever you encounter one, and also, be ready for the fights to come. 

GTFO: Top 15 Tips and Tricks To Increase SURVIVAL

Talk To Your Team

Since it’s a co-op game, you will obviously have a team, and it’s vital to communicate with the team. This is because GTFO is designed to be played in association and with cooperation. For this reason, you need to play as a team, irrespective of how well you know them. To illustrate, you must interact and communicate with the team before you move ahead and start alerting the enemies. 

To begin with, you must talk about the set objectives before you start moving ahead in the game. It will ensure that every team member is on the same page and provide you with the opportunity to plan the moves without having to work around the hurdles or wake up the enemies. 

Stay Still To Calm The Enemies

GTFO is loaded with sleeping enemies, and they will become aggressive if you make the mistake of disturbing them with your loud noises and faster movement, and when they are disturbed, they will start glowing. So, if such instances happen, you can choose between striking first and hoping that you have the blazing fast speed to shut them down before they trigger others. On the other hand, you can always opt to be stealthier and pause for a moment. 

In case your team is silent and stationary, the aggro level of your disturbed enemies will start dropping again. For this reason, you need to wait for some time, and they will be reset. Consequently, you will be able to move forward without going noticed or pushing the enemies, so the threat will be eliminated, and you will bag the win. 

Prepare Your Room Before Opening The Alarm Doors

There are times when you encounter the security door that will trigger the alarm, irrespective of what you do or how you move forward. To your betterment, the alarms are only triggered when you interact with the specific door. Having said that, if you are able to spot the door in time, your team and you can prepare for the consequences and the endless waves of enemies that will come against you when the alarm is triggered. 

In such situations, you can opt for sentry turrets because they allow the players to cover the entrance points to the room without risking your team’s identity. Once you set the traps and prepare the weapons, ask one of your team members to access the door and trigger the alarm themselves. Then, just move ahead to survive the consequences with the help of your ammunition and tools. 

Take Down The Alerted Enemies Silently & Efficiently

If you are quick enough, it will be possible for you to prevent the alerted enemies from getting up and waking up other enemies and hostiles. The drill is to strike ahead with the charged melee attack to bring down the enemies silently rather than panicking and drilling it with bullets, which will eventually alert the enemies that didn’t know about you. Having said that, it is suggested to stay calm in front of the enemies for as long as possible to strike, so you can make good use of the opportunity that GFTO offers.

As a result, you will be able to prevent yourself from a bloodbath within seconds. On the other hand, if you are unable to stay calm, start reloading the weapons quickly and open fire on all of them!

Don’t Charge The Weapons For Long

In particular, we are talking about melee weapons. It’s needless to say that you have played tons of other games, but if you haven’t, you might not realize that charging the melee weapon for a long time will actually make it turn off automatically, resulting in an unexpected attack by your character. In the majority of games, overcharging the weapons isn’t an issue, but GTFO will wreak havoc on you and your entire team. 

In addition to this, striking such weapons puts you at great risk of making noise that will alert every monster or enemy in the room, which will turn the stealthy strategy into a bloodbath or firefight within a matter of a few seconds. 

Focus On The Goals

Playing GTFO is all about achieving your goals and succeeding in the mission while achieving the objectives. It means that it doesn’t matter how stealthy you intend to be or how much time you’ve spent planning the game strategies, you need to keep moving forward to achieve your objectives, or else, it will be good for nothing. In either case, if you run out of time, someone else from your team will slip up and alert the enemy while an unachieved objective translates into a failed mission. 

GTFO tips and tricks

Silently Attack With The Melee Weapons

In GTFO, every player gets the melee weapon that they like. So, when you encounter sleepers, the weakest enemy in the games, you can quickly disable them or kill them by thrashing a melee weapon on them. For this purpose, it is suggested to go as close to the monster/enemy as possible, fully charge the melee attack, and hit the monster. If you have encountered a shooter, you need to hit them in the head for immediate killing. On the other hand, if it is a striker, you can aim for the body or head. Also, if there are other monsters around, you must not touch them. 

Stop If They Glow & Pulse

When a monster starts looking around and glows, it is basically listening to you. In such cases, you must stop moving and shine the flashlight at them. In addition, you need to wait for them to settle and sleep before you go closer. On the other hand, if the monster glows and pulses, it just means that it will soon spot you, and you must stop until it goes back to sleeping mode. 

Switch Off The Flashlight

It might seem obvious to advanced players, but beginners are likely to forget about it. Having said that, whenever you explore new areas, you need to use the ears rather than your eyes for identifying the monsters. Keep in mind that scouts, giants, and sleepers will have their unique noises. As far as the flashlight is concerned, it’s only beneficial to see where you are headed but don’t use this flashlight if you open a new door to ensure you don’t alert some monsters lying across the door. 

GTFO Survival

Guns Are For The Last

When playing GTFO, you need to remember that a melee weapon is an ultimate companion. On the other hand, you should only use the guns when the monsters are alerted and glowing. In fact, it’s best to only use guns when monsters start chasing you. 

Save The Med Packs

It’s nothing but exciting and tempting to top up the health packs before you shift to a new area. However, it’s better to save the med packs for when you are going low on health. Every playthrough comes with one showdown with enemies and monsters, and med pack makes an absolute difference between your success and failure. 

Additional Tip

The scouts are advanced monsters that can be extremely challenging to get rid of. They have disgusting and gross tentacles that sense the closer proximity of the players, but again, avoiding them will mean that you are missing the objective of reaching your goal. However, scouts can be killed with the help of silent melee attacks, but it’s important to be cautious. To illustrate, allocate one player for approaching the scout and getting it out without alerting other enemies, and don’t forget to have other players on backup with the guns ready if something goes wrong. 


To summarize, these tips and tricks are all you need to spike to level one and go beyond. It’s a challenging yet wholesome experience to win the game and have a fun experience with friends while these tips top up the experience!

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