New World: How to Level Up Fast [TOP 7 Methods]

New World: How to Level Up Fast [7 TOP Methods]

Do you want to reach the lofty height of level 60 in the New World quickly? You must be eager to level up in the game to keep up with your opponent. Especially If you want to experience the joy of PVP combat, opting to level up fast to reach the highest level in the game is obvious.

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Leveling up in a New World is not dependent on hard and fast rules. That’s easier once you know how to maintain a steady flow of XP gains. This guide will walk you through the top XP sources in the New World, and you’ll get to know about some small tricks to boost up your XP gains. Let’s divulge into the ocean of XP to know the best methods to reach level 60 readily.

New World: How to Level Up Fast [7 TOP Methods]

Attributes of New World leveling

You can invest a point into one of five traits every time you level up. It implies that you can spend a total of 71 points by leveling up. Points are awarded while wearing or wielding equipable items. There are also item socket spaces to deposit jewels to boost your attribute stats even more.

Make sure you invest points in traits that will directly improve your assault method. For example, buffing the strength attribute increases the attacking power of melee weapons, magic by focus, and ranged weapons by dexterity. Some of the features contributing to the game leveling are given below.

  1. The Constitution contributes to improving overall health.
  2. Dexterity boosts ranged weapon base damage.
  3. The focus is needed to increase base mana and shorten cooldown times.
  4. Increase your base magic attack with Intelligence.
  5. Strength helps in strengthening base melee weapon damage.
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Fastest Methods to Level-up in New World

We all know that any big-budget MMO game requires daunting steps to achieve the level cap. Fortunately, you don’t need to grind dozens of hours to get that level cap in the new world, as several methods make this task easier for you and speed up your leveling process.

In the New World, there are three alternative leveling systems: one to improve your base character traits, another to improve your weapon skills, and still, another to improve your trade skills. Each offers the most effective methods for quickly ranking them, but it could be challenging to figure out how to do it without help.

To assist novices to the game in reaching the maximum level possible, we’ve compiled a list of the quickest ways to get the level cap in this brand new and exciting game. If you want to discover these ways, then read on!

Abuse the Well Rested XP Boost – Rest in Settlements

If you have to log off from New World for an extended period, make sure you park your character in a settlement beforehand. When you return, the Rested XP status effect will be applied automatically.

Examine the XP bar at the bottom of your screen. There will be a grey area of the bar at the end of the filled portion of the Well Rested effect. You’ll get extra XP for all jobs that grant you any form of character XP until this grey section is complete. It’s a minor advantage, but it builds up over time.

How to level up fast in the new world

Maximize your Travel Time Effiency

Because Aeturnum is such a large continent, quests might be spaced apart. You’ll want to minimize downtime and enhance efficiency when traveling to level up as rapidly as possible, and the easiest way to do so is to use New World’s fast travel choices.

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 In the New World, there are no mounts to speak of, and you can’t enhance your base movement speed, so you’ll need to travel quickly. Select the best means of transport to have the most convenient transportation experience.

Completion of the Main Quest = Higher Level Cap

As a low-level player, your best source of XP will be finishing the main quests as soon as you’re able to do it. You should pay heed to the recommended level for each quest to avoid taking on more than you can handle. 

The main quests will win you a massive amount of XP compared to practically any other XP source available to you at the start. You can also make the most of your travel by completing side missions along the way to your following primary quest location.

Prioritize Territories according to a Different Levels

Each territory is compiled of different recommended levels, and the amount of XP you earn in these territories varies according to how challenging they are. As a result, you should prioritize obtaining XP in the highest-level territory you can handle and improving your position in that territory.

All XP earned in that territory, including Town Missions, Side Quests, Faction Missions, and more, will be increased due to this action. It may be a good idea to play New World with your friends if you need help surviving in higher-level environments. It can improve your chances to survive in any situation while playing the most challenging level. 

Level up fast in the New World

Complete the Faction Missions

In each settlement, you gain XP by completing faction missions from your relevant New World faction representative. Furthermore, faction tasks scale with your current area, giving you more XP in higher-level regions.

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Help Other Players Fight

If another player is fighting a monster, hit it to get XP and weapon mastery. That will not come into griefing them. Other players will also receive XP and weapon mastery for defeating them. If you want to gain as much XP as possible, you should try this one trick to get your level-up cap.

Gain XP by Completing PvP Tasks

If you want to improve your weapon expertise as rapidly as possible, PvP is the way to go. It’s also an excellent way to level up your character generally, but it’s especially effective in giving you weapon experience points. 

The amount of XP you earn when you kill another player is determined by how long that person has been alive; thus, the rewards vary, but winning a fight can sometimes net you a massive amount of XP.

Rewards you get after Leveling-up

Leveling up in the new world brings a lot of benefits for you. Not only will you be able to increase your fundamental Attributes as you level up your character in New World, but you will also be able to unlock other permanent rewards at particular level thresholds. 

You can check this threshold at any moment by just clicking “K” as you hit the K key character screen will pop up. Afterward, select the attribute tab and click on View leveling rewards. Tada, your achievements are now visible to you.

Aside from all these rewards, at specific level thresholds, you’ll be able to access various tasks, such as the Survivalist quests, which you must complete to upgrade your Camp in New World.


Implementing these simple things during the gameplay will surely help you achieve your level cap. Moreover, you will get additional rewards and a boost in XP. Thus, enjoy the best experience while playing this nerve-wracking game with the ways mentioned above. 

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