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New World: How to Level Up Fishing Quickly

New World How to Level Up Fishing Quickly

Video games have been existing for a while as it attracts a number of individuals every year to be driven towards them. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, many individuals turned towards video games as a way to get through the quarantine and isolation period. 

The pandemic can be stressful with all the new changes, and to pass the time and get through a tough time, many individuals hoped to find some escape through these video games. A number of video games were released during this period and among them was the game the New World, released in the month of September in 2021. 

Considering you are reading this, you may already be aware of the game New World and looking for ways to master it. One of the various activities you can enjoy in the game is fishing. Furthermore, you can achieve various benefits through fishing in this game. 

Leveling up fishing can take in quite some effort and may feel like forever for it to be done. If you wish to level up fishing quickly, you are at the right place. Underneath, you will find all the relevant information regarding how you can level up fishing quickly. 

Disclaimer: The New World releases new updates of the game. The information mentioned underneath may or may not remain relevant in case of new updated versions of the game. 

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Benefits of Leveling Up Fishing in New World

One of the most important questions to answer before you dive into the ways you can level up fishing is, what is the reason to level up fishing, or what benefits does it bring? While fishing may take quite some time, it does bring its benefits to you in the end. Firstly, you are able to discover various Hotspots throughout the map by unlocking the respective ability. 

Hotspots are specific locations in the game where you can fish and catch various fish, even the top-tier ones. Secondly, you can have your maximum cast distance increased, which can help you catch rare fishes, and overall your tension mini-game becomes easier. You can use these fish you catch for Cooking and Arcana recipes, craft potions, and for various other things. 

How to Level Up Fishing Quickly

Leveling Up Fishing Fast

While leveling up fishing and achieving its benefits may seem easy, it still is time-consuming and can take some effort. You will need the necessary equipment and abilities and some additional tips and tricks to achieve it. Underneath, find out how you can achieve your goal of leveling up fishing quickly.

Get A Fishing Pole in New World

When you think of fishing in general, what comes to your mind first? What do you think are the most important components, or what is the necessary equipment you need along for this activity? You may have thought of the fishing pole, whether as it was suggested by the title or it may have naturally come to you. You can get better fishing poles for yourself later, but you should consider starting with a Wooden Fishing Pole at the initial level of the game. There are two ways you can get a fishing pole for yourself at the start. You can either obtain it by completing a specific quest or craft it yourself.  

Completing the Quest

If you want to go for the first way, you will have to complete the first specific quest in the Fishing Quest Line given by Micheal Shields, who is Master Fisher in the west of Windsward. You will have to do the task he assigns after you talk with him, and once you have completed the given task, from the bushes near you, you will be able to get five Woodlouse bait. You should then visit Michael Shields again and get yourself the Wooden Fishing Pole which you will then find in your inventory. 


If you want to go for the latter way and craft a fishing pole, you can do so as well. You can do this crafting at the Engineering Workshop. You will need two main elements or raw materials to craft your fishing pole, i.e., Fibers and Green Wood. Now the question may be, where can you obtain them from.

The answer is that for Fibers, you will have to obtain them from Hemp, which is the only plant you can obtain it from specifically for crafting and refining. Harvest the plant, and you will get the required Fibers. It may be a bit tricky to spot this plant, and as a suggestion, you should try looking outside the starting Settlement that is nearby you. On the other hand, you can obtain Green Wood comparatively easily. 

You will have to look through bushes which you will have to harvest in order to obtain this Green Wood. Visit the Engineering Workshop and utilize the bedroll and craft your Wooden Fishing Pole. You can then obtain and equip it from the survival section in your inventory.

Additional Information

While you may start from a Wooden Fishing Pole, you can get other fishing poles after reaching some particular requirements. For example, if you wish to get a Treated Wood Fishing Pole, you will have to be on the fourth level. This pole has a Base Gear Score of two hundred, a Base Durability of six hundred, and a Maximum Cast Distance of fourteen meters. With these attributes, it is a tier two fishing pole. 

If you want to get the tier three fishing pole, i.e., Aged Wood Fishing Pole, you will have to be on the eighteen level. This particular pole comes with a Base Durability of nine hundred, Maximum Cast Distance of sixteen meters, and Base Gear Score of three hundred. 

You will have to reach the forty level in order to get yourself the Wrydwood Fishing Pole which you may have already guessed is a tier four fishing pole. It has a Maximum Cast Distance of eighteen meters, a Base Gear Score of four hundred, and a Base Durability of one thousand and two hundred.

Additionally, there is the Ironwood Fishing Pole, for which you need to be on level sixty as it is a fifth-tier fishing pole. It has a Base Durability of two thousand and four hundred, a Base Gear Score of five hundred, and a Maximum Cast Distance of twenty meters. 

Obtaining Various Baits

Utilizing bait can give you some benefits, and it is up to you whether you want to utilize them or not. In the New World, you can find bait at various different locations and use it to raise the chances of you being able to catch rare fishes and better ones in the salt or freshwater. Therefore, it is safe to say that using bait can come in quite handy when you are fishing and aim to level up fishing quickly by getting rarer fish. You will be finding out ahead about the different types of baits and where you can find them in the game. 

Meat Bait:

This freshwater bait raises your chances of obtaining overall better fish in the freshwater. The Meat Bait does require you to fulfill certain requirements in order to obtain it. You will need a tier-one Camp along with a tier-two Kitchen. You can also craft this by utilizing three Raw Meats and one Seasoning Blend. 

Cheese Bait:

This bait is a saltwater bait that allows you to have more chances of finding better and high-quality fish in the saltwater. You will need to fulfill a certain requirement of this bait which is being on tier two of Kitchen. As you read earlier regarding this bread bait, this bait also can be obtained from Provision Containers. 

Nightcrawler Bait:

This fishing bait is a saltwater bait that can be obtained by searching through the day for Flint as you find the Nightcrawler underneath it and collect them. You do not necessarily have to pick the Nightcrawler up, as once they show up in front of you, they will automatically be added to your inventory. You can search for it at the shores at the beach that is near you. Overall, it helps you get a medium increase in your chances of finding better or rarer fishes in the saltwater.

Glowworm Bait:

This is saltwater bait that can help you have quite more chances of catching rare and better fish. Similar to the way you read about Nightcrawler bait requiring you to search for Flint in the day, you have to find Flints for Glowworm bait, too, but in contrast, you have to find it during the night. Once it is night, you can start collecting Flints around Aeternum and close to roads or bushes. 

Clam Baits:

As the name suggests, this fishing bait is related to clams. You will need to first locate clams and salvage them to get your claim baits. They are freshwater baits utilized to increase your chances of getting bigger and better fish by a medium level. You can purchase clams from the Trading posts, or you can utilize the Nightcrawler Bait close to the saltwater regions, which may make it easy for you to get clams. 

Firefly Bait:

This bait is a freshwater bait, and therefore it is most likely to be found around rivers as well as lakes. In order to obtain this bait, you can look through and around the briar and bulrush bushes. There are high chances you locate bulrush plants close to a source of fresh water. Overall, the Firefly bait will help you increase your chances of getting rare, high-quality, and better fish in the freshwater. 

Oyster Bait:

Similar to the way for clam bait, you need to obtain clams; you will need to find oysters to get your Oyster bait. It helps you increase your chances of obtaining bigger fish. It is a freshwater bait, so your chances of obtaining bigger fish are in the case you are fishing in freshwater. 

Woodlouse Bait:

This bait is also one of the freshwater baits that increases your chances of finding rare fish in the freshwater. You can find this bait by collecting bushes nearby you or as you roam around the map. 

Electric Eel Bait:

This fishing bait is one of the saltwater baits that allows you to have a larger chance of getting bigger fish in saltwater. It is among those baits from which you can guess how you can obtain them just by reading their names, such as clam baits being obtained from clams and oyster bait from oysters. Similarly, you can obtain this bait from electric eels that may be small, medium, or large.

Fish Bait:

This fishing bait is among the saltwater baits as using this bait will give you a slight increase in the chances to catch bigger and better in the saltwater. You will need to fulfill its requirement of being on tier two of Kitchen and tier one of the Camp. You can craft this bait by using one Seasoning Blend and three fish in total. 

Bread Baits:

This fishing bait requires you to have a tier two Kitchen. You can find this bait in Provisions Containers, and it is specifically freshwater bait. As an alternative, you can search this bait and buy it from the Trading Post. Through this fishing bait, you can have a small rise in your chances of finding or getting a rare and big fish.

Snail Bait:

It is among the six saltwater baits in the game of New World. You can use this bait to get yourself a medium-level increase in your chances of finding better fish. Similar to the way you obtain clam bait from clams, oyster bait from oysters, Electric eel bait from electric eels, you obtain this snail bait from snails that you will have to look for. You can find snails when you fish in shallow freshwater. On the other hand, if you do not want to go look for snails, you can buy them from the Trading Post.

It is important to note that you can buy all these baits from the Trading Post if you cannot find these baits while you search for them in the game. There are a total of six saltwater baits and six freshwater baits. The saltwater baits allow you to have higher chances of catching better and rarer fish in the saltwater, while freshwater baits allow you to have higher chances of finding better and rarer fish in the freshwater.

Best tricks to Level Up Fishing Quickly

Fish at Hotspots

While fishing in the New World, it is important you find yourself some Hotspots where you can have a better chance at catching rare fish. You do have the ability to fish in any area you want to in the game, but the Hotspots are preferable spots and areas that can benefit you. Generally, if you think about fishing, you would want to consider a place that gives you more and better chances of catching quality fish. Similar is the case in this game as you should consider fishing at Hotspots you will find around yourself. 

You can locate a Hotspot area through your compass, which will show a symbol of fish with up to a total of three stars underneath. After you spot that, you should consider searching for a small pond of about two and a half diameters that will show you fish jumping out. This small pond area is the hotspot you are looking for. Underneath, you will find three of the different types of Hotspots in the game. 

Secret Hotspot:

These Hotspots have three stars, and they have a fish count of ten and a respawn time ranging from forty-five minutes to ninety minutes. As you read, there are better chances for you of catching rare fish. In Secret Hotspots, you have about seventy percent of chance to catch rare fish and ten percent for Legendary fish, while a twenty-percent chance is there for Uncommon fish and no chance of getting Common Fish. You will find about twenty-eight of these Hotspots in the Aeternum. 

Broad Hotspot:

In the case of Broad Hotspot (a one-star Hotspot), you will find a fish count of thirty and a respawn time from twenty to thirty minutes. Unlike Secret Hotspot, you have a far lower chance of catching rare fish in this hotspot, i.e., ten percent chance and a forty-five percent chance of catching Common fish, while Secret Hotspot had none. Additionally, it gives you a forty percent chance of catching Uncommon Fish and less than five percent chance of catching Legendary fish. You will find about twenty-seven of these Hotspots in Aeternum.

Rare Hotspot:

The third type of hotspot you have is the Rare Hotspot with a fish count of twenty and overall having two stars. Similar to Secret Hotspot, this Rare Hotspot does not have any chance of providing you with a common fish. While Broad Hotspot had a less than five percent chance of having Legendary fish, Rare Hotspot has an exact five percent chance of it. Additionally, it has a sixty-five chance of having Uncommon fish and a thirty percent chance of rare fish. You can find about twenty-five of these Hotspots in Aeternum.

Spotting Active Hotspot

Now that you have read about the three major types of Hotspots you can find in the game, it is important to know some additional tips that can help you utilize them in such a way that you receive maximum benefits from it. Firstly, you will need to recognize the Active Hotspots you may come around, and you can do this by finding a small pond with ripples of water as you see any of the fish jumping out. On the other hand, the Inactive ones can be spotted as normal water or white patches of it (note that there would be no fish in it).

While you may approach an active hotspot at first, this spot can vanish once you are in the casting distance. As you start to level up fishing, you will notice that you are able to track and discover the hotspots directly on your map, which can come in quite handy through the game. You will find the hotspots at various locations through the map in freshwater as well as saltwater. One helpful piece of advice would be to find hexagon shapes appearing in the color yellow on water bodies on your map.

If you are unable to find any text indicating you have landed in a hotspot when you have landed your bobber in a hotspot pool, that means you are not fishing in a hotspot and would not be able to receive any of the bonus. As mentioned earlier, once you start to level up and your skills start to increase in fishing, you will be able to discover hotspots directly. Additionally, you will also be able to unlock some particular hotspots that will show up on the map, and you can see the number of these unlocked hotspots from the K menu.

How to Go From the First Level to the Twentieth

For the first twenty levels, you should first consider fishing in two broad hotspots until you reach level seven; then, you can fish at the Rare Saltwater Fishing Hotspot, which you can find in Windsward at the very end of Stoneview Seabreak. Afterward, go back to the broad hotspot, which is on the south of this same location, and continue fishing. Altogether, this can help you reach up to level twelve. 

Next, fish in the First Light, then at Everfall, unlocking various new hotspots and fishing until you reach level twenty. Your main goal over here is to fish as much as you can in order to level up and further unlock new hotspots. 

In order to increase further ten levels, try fishing at a rare hotspot for as much as you can before moving towards a broad hotspot and then repeating this routine. You will eventually move from level twenty to level thirty. 

Additional Tip for Fishing

Overall, you should be aware of the three major types of hotspots in the game where you can fish and also be aware of what chances of different types of fish do they provide to you when it comes to catching fish. You should learn what different types of fish lie in each hotspot. While you can fish at any spot in the game that has water, hotspots can provide you with a higher chance of getting rare fish and various different fish. Therefore, you should consider finding hotspots and fishing there. 

The more you fish at a certain hotspot until you exhaust it, the higher the chances are of you being able to level up your skills which additionally will help you unlock more hotspots. Furthermore, as you read earlier, by leveling up your skills, you can also get access to seeing and discovering hotspots through your map, which can come in quite handy since you are suggested to look out for hotspots to fish at.   

Visiting Rare Hotspots

Some of the rare hotspots you should consider visiting include the Weaver’s Fen at both the South Vega Bridge and Wretched Shallows, as well as East and North of Everfall. You should also consider going to Windsward Stoneview Seabreak, where you will be going to complete your first quest to get yourself the Wooden Fishing Pole. Lastly, you should also consider going to Lightning Fields and Clearmon’s Doubt located in the Cutlass Keys. 

Best tips to Level Up Fishing Quickly

Spotting Fish to Catch

You should consider catching as many fish as you can in the game to have a higher chance of having your fishing skills leveled up. Later on, you will be reading about various hotspots that are available in the game for you to fish at. While you will be reading more details on what hotspots are, their three major types, and where you can find them, it is also important to note about the fish that are overall available in the game. Underneath, you will be getting to know about some of the various fish you can find in the game (there are about forty-five types) as well as where they may be located.

Common Fish in Freshwater, Saltwater or Both

Firstly, among the various common fish that you can find in freshwater, you have Trout. You can find it in locations such as Shattered Mountain, Restless Shore, Edengrove, Brightwood, Mourningdale, Everfall, Great Cleave, Reekwater, and Weaver’s Fen. When you reach those locations, you should consider fishing for Trout, which you can utilize to have your health restored and use it in the Kitchen to make edible items of food.

Next, in the category of common saltwater fish, you can find Flounder, which can also be used to make consumable or edible items of food in the Kitchen and also to restore your health. You can find it in Ebonscale Reach, Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale, Restless Shore, First Light, Reekwater, and Windsward. 

Another of the common freshwater fish you can find in the game is the Sunfish which can help restore your health and create consumable items of food for you in the Kitchen. You can find it in Edengrove, Brimstone Sands, Restless Shore, Shattered Mountain, Mourningdale, Great Cleave as well as Edengrove. 

Next is the common saltwater fish called the Snapper which can be found at Ebonscale Reach, Brimstone Sands, Cutlass Keys, Everfall, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, First Light, and Reekwater. It provides the same benefits as the other fish. 

Furthermore, the common saltwater fish Bluefish can be found at Mourningdale, First Light, Everfall, Restless Shore, Monarch’s Bluffs, Weaver’s Fen, Everfall, Reekwater, and Ebonscale Reach. 

Uncommon Fish in Freshwater, Saltwater or Both

An uncommon freshwater fish you can find is the Catfish in some places, as the previous fish mentioned, along with some additional locations. You can find it in Weaver’s Fen, Reekwater, Shattered Mountain, Cutlass Keys, Windsward, Edengrove, Ebonscale Reach, and Restless Shore. Another uncommon freshwater fish is the Tadpole found in Great Cleave, Ebonscale Reach, Cutlass Keys, Mourningdale, Everfall, Shattered Mountain, Windsward, and Weaver’s Fen. Next in this same category of fish, you will find Sturgeon in Brimstone Sands, Monarch’s Bluff, Mourningdale, First Light, Reekwater, Great Cleave, and Reekwater.

Rare Fish in Freshwater, Saltwater or Both

In the case of a rare saltwater fish, you can find the Speartooth Shark, which you should consider catching and visiting locations where it lies. In order to obtain this fish, you should fish at Brimstone Sands, Reekwater, Mourningdale, Cutlass Keys, Shattered Mountain, as well as Ebonscale Reach. 

For the rare freshwater fish, you also have Madtom, which can be used for getting back your health and having food items that you can create. You will be able to find this fish in Brimstone Sands, Ebonscale Reach, Edengrove, Monarch’s Bluff, as well as Weaver’s Fen.

The Electric Eel is also in the same category as the Madtom, but instead, you can find it in the similar location of Brimstone Sands but different locations such as in Restless Shore, Everfall, Shattered Mountain, Brightwood, and Fresh Light.

Earlier you read about Oyster bait and how you will need oysters to obtain it from. These oysters are a part of the rare saltwater fish that you should aim to get in order to obtain the Oyster bait for yourself. You can find oysters in Brimstone Sands, Reekwater, First Light, as well as at Restless Shore.

Additionally, you can get a rare freshwater fish named Paddlefish. You will find it in the areas with freshwater as you fish there. You can find it in various locations that include the Ebonscale Reach, Great Cleave, Cutlass Keys, Restless Shore, as well as Monarch’s Bluff. You can find the rare fish, Dragonfish, also in the areas with freshwater. You can find it in various locations such as Shattered Mountain, Everfall, Edengrove, Windsward, as well as Weaver’s Fen.

Legendary Fish in Freshwater, Saltwater or Both

Moving on to the category of Legendary fish, you will notice how the various Legendary fish have one specific location they can be found or caught at. This difference between the number of locations shows how for Legendary fish, you will have to visit one location and fish for the particular Legendary fish until you have caught them all. 

You can find the Egede Serpe in both fresh and saltwater in Brightwood, while you can find Glowing Gnufish in Cutlass Keys in both fresh and saltwater. You can find Blue-Blooded Barb in both fresh and saltwater at Reekwater. Additionally, you can find Varanus Mandje in both fresh and saltwater at Weaver’s Fen. 

The Blue-Winged Serpe can be found only in freshwater at Great Cleave, while Aquanaja can be found only in saltwater in Mourningdale. If you want to get your hands on Horned-Tooth Mandje, fish in freshwater at Edengrove and for Glowing Guardfish at Cutlass Keys in freshwater as well as saltwater. 

Above, you read all about some of the various kinds of fish you can find in the game of New World. You are now aware of where you can find these particular fish ranging from Uncommon to Legendary fish. This information can help you spot fish and catch them, which can help you raise your fishing skills as you will not have to cluelessly run in the game without knowing where to look for the fish. It can save you time and effort. 

Fish in the Deep Water

You have covered a good amount of tips and information that you can equip yourself for fishing in the New World. Previously, you read all about the three types of hotspots and the benefits they bring to you when it comes to fishing in them. Now, taking a turn away from the hotspots and towards deep water, you should consider fishing there. 

It is important to note that the active hotspots are a better option to opt for when it comes to fishing, but in the case you do not have them or are unable to find them; you should consider fishing in the deep water and use bait alongside.

Now, in the case that you are unable to locate deep water either, then consider fishing at the broad fishing hotspot you read earlier about. If you are unable to find that either or have it not be available around you, then you can opt for shallower water for fishing, but it is not recommended too much either considering it does not stand too efficient for you and catching a fish in it with bait can take about fifteen seconds and twenty-five seconds if you are not using bait.

On the other hand, if you are fishing in the deep water alongside equipping it with bait, then it can take about four and a half seconds, but if you are not using bait, it can take about nine seconds. 

It is important to note that while you do save up time when you are fishing in deep waters, you are taking up quite some time when you are collecting baits to use alongside. In a way, you are utilizing your saved up time too. Therefore, you can consider purchasing the bait instead from the Trading Post than going around to search for them. 

Additional Tips and Tricks

So far, you have read about the type of hotspots, baits, and fish as well that you can find in the game. You read about the various kinds of fish, including the Legendary, Rare, Uncommon, and Common fish, in the game. You may be wondering if the size of the fish you catch makes any difference to the chances of your fishing skill increasing, and the answer is yes, it does make a difference. 

In the game, you should aim towards catching high-quality fish and bigger fish as you can get higher XP through it. Now, you may be able to connect the dots and understand why the previous information was provided to you regarding the hotspots and how much chance each of the hotspots provides you of getting a bigger or better fish. 

Equip Your Fishing Gear

You should consider equipping your fishing gear, and as mentioned earlier, you should use bait alongside as well. You read earlier how using bait alongside gave you a higher chance of catching a fish in deep water. Furthermore, you should utilize the Glowworm bait that you read earlier about in the preferably saltwater and the Firefly bait in the freshwater.

Exhausting the Same Hotspot

While it is up to you how you want to go about fishing in the game, there is one suggestive method to go by that can help you level up your fishing skill. You can go for picking up a hotspot that is one from the category of rare hotspots that you read earlier about. Preferably, this hotspot that you choose should be a two-star one. Now your goal over here should be to fish as much as you can. 

You did learn about a similar strategy earlier which suggested you fish until you exhaust a hotspot, and this is what you should consider doing in this case but with particularly a two-star rare hotspot. Once you have done enough fishing and have exhausted the hotspot, you should go to the area of regular water before you once again go to the hotspot once it has respawned. Eventually, you will get yourself a number of rares and overall a good number of fish. Since your main goal is usually to get bigger, rarer, and more fish, this strategy can come in quite handy. 

Exhausting Various Hotspots

There is also an alternate strategy you can go for instead of the one you read earlier. While you had to run from a hotspot to regular water and then return once again to the hotspot, this strategy takes a slightly different route. Instead, it is suggested in this alternate strategy to go from one hotspot to another. 

When you start fishing at any one hotspot (not necessarily a rarer one), you can fish until it exhausts and move to another hotspot. Although, you will have to run around and search for another hotspot, and the distance between these two hotspots will vary. Since the distance can be quite large, it might take more time for you than the previously-mentioned strategy, although you can get better yields through this. 

Another tip, while you are working on this strategy is to make sure you choose hotspots where other players are less likely to visit. You can consider going for the areas that are situated higher than others so that you can fish at the hotspot by yourself and not make you move to another hotspot early. 

When other players use a hotspot that you later move to, it can make the hotspot get exhausted far quicker. Therefore, it is suggested you go to a hotspot with fewer chances of players fishing there. It is important to note that this is not necessarily compulsory, and you can continue on being on the same route.

Both the mentioned strategies bring in their own pros and cons, and it is up to you which you think is better for you and which one you should consider opting for. While one option is quicker than the other, the other one provides better yields. If you utilize the strategy properly and skillfully, you can achieve its benefits and have your fishing skills leveled up quickly too. Your aim is to fish more and get higher XPs for your fishing skill.

Casting and Reeling

When you are fishing, you should choose a distance that is the shortest for your fishing line to go across when you cast your fishing line. Overall, this can help you save time when throwing your fishing line out. Additionally, you should consider having the indicator be maxed out when you are reeling the fish in and make sure alongside that the red on the indicator never fills up. In this situation, your aim should be to close and open it one more time, and as far you are able to. Afterward, repeat this process. 

Indication of a Good Catch

When you start fishing, you may be curious about if you are getting a bigger or smaller fish. You may be curious and maybe looking for something to help you know when you have a good catch. In this case, there is an indication that tells whether you have a rarer or bigger fish. Once you start to reel in your fish, if you find more difficulty in doing so, that means your caught fish is battling harder against your fishing line, and that indicates that you have a rare or big fish caught up.

Aim to Reach Tier Five

Leveling up is not an easy task and requires you to put in some time and effort, but in the end, it does bring its benefits to you. You should put in some effort and battle through the various challenges and quests to reach tier five in fishing as you can get the best fishing poles the game has to offer. 

You will have to battle through various fishing quests, which can be quite long and take time, but it will get you to tier five. These quests include Fishing With Shields, Reel Life, Practice Makes Perfect, To be a Grand Master, Fish Reagents, Weapons of the Sea, Fishing Basics, Corruption-Tinged Fish, The Giant Ones, Baited, Treasure of the Deep, Ecological Report, Hotspot Hunt, Azoth-Tinged Fish, Fish Reagents, and Soulwarden Rations.

If you want to have your efficiency be maxed out, you can use the four Legendary fishing poles that you can get by reaching this tier five. These Legendary fishing poles consist of the Corrupted Fishing pole, an Ancient Fishing pole, a Lost Fishing pole, as well as the Angry Earth Fishing pole.

Best ways to Level Up Fishing Quickly

A Summary

You have read about the most important aspects of fishing above and all the relevant information and details alongside some tips and tricks to go by. As mentioned earlier, leveling up is not an easy task, whether you are trying to level up fishing or any other task.

When you wish to level up your fishing skills in New World, you will have to strategically work through the different challenges that arrive throughout the game. You will need to know what relevant gear you should equip yourself with, what tools to carry along, which locations to go for, and which strategies to take on during your overall game. 

Above you got to know about fishing poles and which one to initially take and how to obtain it. You also got to know about the fishing poles you can obtain later on by reaching higher tiers. You also covered the different types of baits in the game and how you can obtain them as well as what benefits they bring. Additionally, you read about the different hotspots in the game and how fishing there can help you. 

You also read about some of the many types of fish in New World and where you can find them in the game. You also got to know about freshwater, saltwater, and deepwater areas. You read various tips and additional information along the way, which can further help you achieve your goal of leveling up fishing quickly. 

Since you have all this set of information with you, it will save you quite some time in the game as you would not have to roam around aimlessly or cluelessly. With this information, you can save time from going to unnecessary locations and aim for catching rarer and bigger fish which can give you more XP and increase your fishing skill faster. Overall, you can know how to strategically go about the task of fishing and quickly and efficiently level up fishing. You may be working on mastering the game but also remember to have fun. In the end, all the best!

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