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New World: Top Mage Builds

New World: Top Mage Builds

Video games have truly evolved today hence the birth of the New World. While some of the early developed games are still played today, the most popular video games today are the ones recently released.

In this article, we will touch on the top mage builds in New World and how to use it!

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The New World Game

If you are reading this after seeing the title, then chances are you already know about this game. If you have not, that is alright as you will be getting to know all about it. Released recently in 2021, specifically on 28 September, the New World is a multiplayer game that you can access online. It is a roleplaying game designed by John Liberto, developed by the popular Amazon Game Studios and Double Helix Games. 

The game consists of a strong storyline, taking you through an adventure through wars and dungeons as you fight through various monsters and make decisions throughout the game. You will be caught up in the storyline and action-filled scenarios where you will have to deal with multiple monsters at once.

Fighting monsters from all sides can be tough, but at the same time, it is what brings you the thrill and excitement of video games. You will experience the rollercoaster of emotions as you play along, trying to achieve a high score and make it to the next level.

New World: Top Mage Builds

What Does Mage Build Mean?

If you are a big fan of video games or roleplay-styled video games, then you may be familiar with these terms. If you yet do not know what a mage is, then it is essential to be aware of it before proceeding to the best mage builds you may want to look for in the New World game. 

Some consider a mage as a magician and as a wizard by others. In simpler words, a mage is a type of magical character you are most likely to find in various roleplay-styled games. On the other hand, built-in games usually refer to a game player’s best set of skills and equipment, which makes them achieve the success of the tasks that may show up in different stages of the game.

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Looking at the meaning of both these terms separately, you may be able to connect the dots. By knowing how to get the best mage builds, you are able to play a video game, which in this case is the New World, and successfully complete it and achieve the best statistics using the mage weapons and best build.

How Do I Get The Best Mage Builds?

Now that you have been introduced to the game New World, the meaning of a mage build, and its importance, another question arises. So, how do you get the best mage build? Underneath, you will be finding the answer to this exact question. 

These tips and tricks will help you achieve the best of statistics and points. You will find the fire staff and ice gauntlet attributes that will help you maximize your scores. The fire staff and ice gauntlet have various further perks and masteries under it that you will discover through the game and find an introduction to them underneath with their workings and use. 

New World Builds

The First Weapon To Unlock

One of the first builds you should be aware of when playing the New World is the fire staff. Using this fire staff will bring you quite some advantages and give you an upper hand over your enemies. Additionally, set your constitution and intelligence ratio of three to one where your intelligence will be three times your constitution. 

This set ratio can be applied around the final stages. One way to achieve high damage per second (DPS) is by having your enemies burnt, which you do by using the fire weapons which will be discussed underneath. You should also know that the fire staff has the fire mage and pyromancer. 

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It would be best if you unlocked the various masteries you can see under the fire mage and pyromancer sections. Among these are the pillar fire, burnout ability, and fireball, which you should unlock for your benefit. Furthermore, fire staff enables you to have an explosion which will have your enemies move behind by about three meters by incineration. Similarly, you can burn your enemies by flamethrower and have the meteors falling onto them with the meteor showers. 

New world unlock the weapon - mage builds

The Second Weapon To Unlock

Besides the fire staff, there is the ice gauntlet build you should consider using to increase damage per second on the monsters. As you will see, the ice gauntlet is the opposite of the first weapon mentioned above but provides similar damage or harm and comes in quite handy. 

The way fire staff had fire age as well as pyromancer, this second weapon has ice tempest and builder under it further you can see various weapon masteries underneath it. Your main goal may be to defeat the monster or have an advantage over them, and this second weapon not only helps you with that but also slows down the enemies giving you additional time to hit or harm them which will eventually help you to defeat them.

While the fire staff has the monsters on fire and burning, the ice gauntlet provides the harm through the cold. It would be best if you would unlock both the ice showers as well as storm perks. 

Similar to how to fire staff has flamethrowers, incinerate, as well as meteor showers, the second weapon has ice spikes, wind chills, ice pylons, and storms. The name itself suggests that wind chills are strong cold winds that hit the monsters, damaging them and moving them about five meters away, which comes to your advantage. 

The ice spikes have your enemies freeze up as well as hurt, giving you great damage per second and additional time to fight. Finally, the ice storms allow you to get similar high DPS. As it is noticeable, the additional features under the ice gauntlet allow you to get great DPS and also slow down your enemies so you are able to leave some additional hits, also having them pushed back. 

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New world best mage build guide

Overall Advantages of Using Above Strategy

This game by Amazon Games is a roleplay-styled video game that has one caught up in the action as well as an adventurous storyline throughout. Along with the game, there will be various monsters, go through dungeons, develop strategies, pick your powers as well as weaponry, and try your best to make it through each level. 

If you have that competitive spirit and aim to win through the most points and strategically win through each level, these few tips will come in handy. Having your enemies face the maximum damage comes to your advantage in any game, similarly in New World. If you use the fire staff, using the flamethrower, incinerate, or meteor shower, you will achieve maximum damage. Similarly, using the ice gauntlet and ice storm and ice spikes under it will also give maximum damage to your enemies but also help you slow their speed down. 

In shorter words, these two weapons or powers can majorly help you get the maximum points and statistics by the damage they do to your enemies. Besides giving you a great advantage with the overall points, it can be fun to experiment with new weapons. 

Using either of these weapons allows the player to experiment and find new features, not to let there be any monotone in the game. You can try out different methods and strategies as well to see which one comes in most handy to you. Above mentioned strategies or tips and tricks are just a few of the ways you can do that too or try out your own one. Now, you are aware of the game, mage builds, and different ways you can go about fighting your enemies and scoring. In the end, remember to have fun.

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