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New World: How to Level Up Crafting Quickly 

New World How to Level Up Crafting Quickly

In order to win any video game, you will need to master your skills and use them to the best of your ability. You may have already played New World or might be new to it. In either case, you may find yourself lost in how you can master this game. One of the ways you will be able to do so is by leveling up crafting quickly. There are about seven of its skills. Underneath, you will find relevant information on the seven skills to help you on how you can do so. 

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Leveling Up Weaponsmithing in New World

In levels zero to fifty, craft Coarse Leather, which will need only one raw material type, i.e., Rawhide. You can make about a hundred and thirty-two of these to help you achieve that—next craft about seven hundred and ninety-two Iron Ingots. You only require Iron Ores to craft these and about four to make one Iron Ingots. Then craft one hundred and ninety-eight Timber by using the raw material GreenWood in an amount of four per Timber. Lastly, craft sixty-six Iron War Hammers, which requires comparatively more raw materials types than you read previously. You will need two Leathers, three Refined Wood, and twelve Tier two Metals. 

In the following fifty levels, you should craft twenty-five hundred and twelve Steel Ingots utilizing 3 Iron Ingots, one Flux, and two Charcoal for one Steel Ingot. Next, craft Charcoal which will require only two Green Wood. Then craft about three hundred and fourteen Coarse Leather, which requires four Rawhide per Coarse Leather as you read earlier. Also, craft six hundred and twenty-eight Timber and three hundred and fourteen Steel Rapiers. The Steel Rapier requires two Refined Wood, one Leather, as well as eight Tier three Metals. 

In the next levels ranging from one hundred to one hundred and fifty, craft 5 thousand and twenty Starmetal Ingots using one Flux, two Steel Ingots, eight Starmetal Ore, and two Charcoal. Next, craft five hundred and two Coarse Leather and a thousand and four Timbers. Also, craft five hundred and two Starmetal Kite Shields using two Refine Woods, one Leather, and ten Tier 4 Metals. 

Lastly, for level one hundred and fifty to level two hundred craft eighty-three hundred and fifty-five Orichalcum Ingots, which requires one Flux, two Starmetal Ingots, eight Orichalcum Ores, and two Charcoal. Furthermore, craft eleven hundred and fourteen Coarse Leather, sixteen hundred and seventy-one Timber, five hundred and fifty-seven Orichalcum War Hammers. 

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How to Level Up Crafting Quickly

Leveling Up Furnishing

For the first seventy-five levels, you will have to gather thirty-six thousand and nine hundred Green Wood, three thousand and seventy-five Iron Ingots, craft six hundred and fifteen Ash Stains using four Weak Solvent and ten Charcoal, and craft Ash Wall Shelves using one Ash Stains with ten Iron Ingot and fifteen Timbers. 

From level seventy-five to hundred, you can gather four thousand fifty-two Aged Wood, eleven thousand three hundred and forty-six Green Wood, eight hundred and ten Shell Dust Flux, fifteen thousand and five hundred Life Motes, twenty-four hundred and thirty-one Iron Ingots, and one thousand and thirteen Fine Sandpaper. Finally, craft about sixty-two Maple Stains using ten Weak Solvents and four and craft Minor Corrupted Combat Trophies using twenty-five Life Mote and Lumber as well as twenty Steel Ingots and one Maple Stain. 

In New World, For level hundred to one hundred and twenty, gather thirty-three hundred and seventy-two Oil and eighty-four hundred and thirty Potent Solvent. Next, craft eight hundred and forty-three Oak Stains using ten Potent Solvents and four Oil.

For level one hundred and twenty to one hundred and fifty, gather two thousand and forty-four Cinnamon and Hyssop, ninety-four hundred and thirty-four Wyrdwood, fifteen hundred and seventy-two Obsidian Sandpaper, eighty-two hundred and twenty-one Aged Wood, two thousand and fifty-five Fine Sandpaper, and twenty thousand five hundred and thirty e Green Wood. Finally, craft two thousand and forty-four Strong Incense using one Cinnamon, Wyrdwood Plank, Hyssop, and Charcoal. 

For level one hundred and fifty to one hundred and seventy, gather fifty-six hundred and forty Oil as well as fourteen thousand and hundred Pure Solvent. Also, craft fourteen thousand and ten Mahogany Stain utilizing ten Pure Solvent as well as four Oil. 

In the following thirty levels in New World, gather thirty-seven hundred and twenty Cinnamon as well as Hyssop, and craft an equal amount of Ironwood planks as well as Powerful Incense using one Cinnamon, Ironwood Plank, Charcoal, as well as Hyssop.

Different ways to Level Up Crafting Quickly

Leveling Up Arcana

In the initial fifty levels, gather three hundred and ten Bulrush Cobs along with twelve hundred and forty Hyssop. Next, craft the same amount of Common Health Potions as well as the Weak Health Potions, or you could craft a Tier two Magic Weapon. In the following twenty-five levels, collect eighteen hundred Hyssop, three hundred Bulrush Cobs, and 300 Earth Motes. You should try upgrading to level fifty of Mining and thirty Harvesting—finally, craft three hundred Strong Health Potions as well as Strong Alkahest.

In the seventy-five to hundred level range, buy eight hundred and forty Tanin and collect Rawhide by hunting down animals. You should get six hundred and thirty Water Motes. Next, craft one hundred and five Void Gauntlets. For the following twenty-five levels, you can gather five hundred and fifty Soul Mates or Bumble Blossoms, the same amount of Earth Motes and Bulrush Cobs, and forty-four hundred Hyssop. Next, craft five hundred and fifty Powerful Alkahests and Powerful Health Potions. 

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Gather some of the Thick Hide so you can refine them later in the form of Layered Leather using Tannin. Additionally, gather some of the Water Motes and craft one hundred and eighty-five Void Gauntlets. When you reach level one hundred and twenty-five, you should craft Quintessences. 

Try having your levels raised of Tracking and Skinning to obtain the Iron Hide in the following fifty levels. You should also craft three hundred and ten Infused Health Potions as well as four hundred and thirty of the Void Gauntlets.

Leveling Up Engineering

In the initial fifty levels, craft about one hundred and forty gunpowder and sixty-six Treated Wood Bow. For additional fifty levels, gather the Surplus of Iron Ore, Fiber, Green Wood, and Aged Wood. Next, craft one hundred forty-nine of either the Bows or the Lacquered Wood Spears as well as about three hundred and sixty-six Gunpowder. You should work on leveling up your Logging and Woodworking up to a hundred.

From level hundred to one hundred and fifty, level your Logging and Woodworking further up to one hundred seventy-five and one hundred and fifty. Additionally, craft three hundred and forty-four Wyrdwood Fishing Poles and Spears or Bows. For the next levels up to two hundred, craft five hundred and fifty-seven Ironwood Fishing Poles and Bows or the Spears. It would help if you also farmed the Ironwood Trees. Moreover, purchase the refined materials.

Best tricks to Level Up Crafting Quickly

Leveling Up Armoring

At the starting fifty levels, you should farm for Fiber as well as Rawhide. Next, craft about one hundred and twenty-four Leather Gloves. Craft about three hundred and eighty-four Sateen Gloves in the following fifty levels and collect Rawhide, Iron Ore, and Fiber. Moreover, buy the Cloth Refining Materials.

In New World, between one hundred to one hundred and fifty levels, farm for Iron Ore and Rawhide as well as for Silk Threads and Fiber. Also, craft seven hundred and thirty Silk Gloves and utilize the Tier four or three Refining Materials to collect Silk and Sateen. You should try getting access to the Starmetal Tools at this stage. In the fifty levels following the previous ones, craft twelve hundred and fifty Infused Silk Gloves and farm for Wirefiber and try gaining access to Orichalcum Tools. You should collect a Surplus of Fiber and Silkweed. Also, buy a Surplus of Rawhide and Iron Ore if you can.

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Leveling Up Jewelcrafting

In the initial levels going up to fifty, you should upgrade Harvesting to thirty as well as Mining up to fifty and harvest the Elemental Essences. It would help if you considered mining as well as refining Silver Ore. Furthermore, refine and gather the Tier two Gemstones. Moreover, craft about thirty Tier two Amulets as well as about thirty-eight Silver Settings and Chains. It would be best if you upgraded Stone Cutting and Mining to fifty, Harvesting thirty, and the Arcana twenty-five in the following fifty levels. Next, you should mine for the Precious Metals and consider gathering and refining the Tier three Gemstones. You should craft about ninety-five Tier three Amulets or Rings and the Trinket Components. 

In the following fifty levels of New World, upgrade your level of Smelting and Stone Cutting to a hundred, Mining one hundred and ten, as well as Arcana seventy-five. Visit the Great Cleave to get the Tier four and three Gemstones. Refine these Tier three Gemstones and get Elemental Essence Motes. Lastly, craft about three hundred and eighteen Tier four Earrings, Rings, Amulets, and the Trinket Components. 

Then for another fifty levels, upgrade Stone Cutting and Smelting one hundred and fifty, Harvest hundred, Mining two hundred, and Arcana one hundred and twenty-five. Again, go back for the Tier four and three Gemstones to the Great Cleave. You should craft twelve hundred and ninety-nine Tier four Earrings, Amulets, Rings, and Trinket Components. Collect Elemental Essence Motes and refine as well as mine Silver Ore.

Best tips to Level Up Crafting Quickly

Leveling Up Cooking

In New World, for starting fifty levels, cook up about three hundred and forty-five Travel Ration, gather Berries as well as Squash. In the following hundred levels, get yourself forty-six hundred and forty Berries, Nuts, Mushrooms, as well as Blueberries and cook an equal number of Light Meals. In further levels of fifty, gather a thousand and fifty Crops, Apples, Nuts, Seasonings, Berries, and cook the same number of Hearty Meals. Additionally, you should farm the Provision Containers as well as the Seasonings from Southern Mourningdale, Starter Beaches, and Restless Shore.

Above, you found out how you can level up each of the seven skills quickly by a series of steps and a lot of building throughout each level. In the end, remember to have fun. All the best!

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