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New World: [TOP 7] Best Healers Build

New World: [TOP 7] Best Healers Build

Defeat the next party. In this stressful situation, healers can be the most in-demand composition of the group. But working out on building the healer builds is quite tricky for the new players.

Several healer builds are available in the game to help you achieve the highest level. Hence, to compete with your friends, you should know about the best healer builds of the new world. 

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This article will give insights into the 7 best healers builds that can lead you to win all the New World fights. Let’s begin the journey to explore the best out of the game. 

Top 7 New World Healer Builds to Carry the Team

With the evolving player-controlled map and survival game design of the New World, Amazon Games attempted to create an entirely new massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Whatever you think of Amazon’s foray into the MMO market, New World has significantly impacted the industry.

Players can use any weapon they like and level as many professions as they have time and finances, unlike in other MMOs where players are forced to pick between them. This game brings a wave of thrilling experiences with its PvP combat and XP gains.

If you want to win the game’s level cap, you should know about the best healer builds of the game as they help you focus on and use the great majority of attribute points. Thus, we’ve listed the best healers built below.

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New World: [TOP 7] Best Healers Build

Void Gauntlet Support DPS Build

The Void Gauntlet is combined with the Life Staff in this build because of the Life Staff’s ability to scale off Focus and do massive damage to opponents while also healing your team. Because these weapons all use the same stat, your healing will always be maximized, especially since devoting points to Focus will give you a healing benefit.

While using the Life Staff, apply the essential boosts to your team during massive fights. For Passive Buffs like Fortify, this includes Beacon and Orb of Protection. For the passive AoE healing, drop Sacred Ground as well. 

If your team is thoroughly buff, you should use the Void Gauntlet for DPS. Against your opponents, we use Orb of Decay as our primary DPS tool. It will offer you two stacks of Void Essence if detonated successfully after striking an opponent, which you can utilize to reset the CD on your talents.

Healing Bisabler Build

This build transforms you into a defensive healer who can heal and control crowds and apply debuffs to adversaries. This build’s healing skills blend universal standard build that you can use solo or at a party. It is advised that you use an Amber Gemstone on your War Hammer for increased damage and additional Focus points.

 Like, Divine Embrace for burst heals, Sacred Ground for an AoE heal over time, and Beacon for a heal that can also cause damage. Hence, these are the three healing talents you can use with your Life Staff. 

Healers Build New World

Heal Build for War Hammer CC

This support healer build utilizes the Life Staff to heal and boost your teammates while also employing the Warhammer’s CC to reduce damage. Sacred Ground will heal our teammates, whereas Orb of Protection and Beacon would enhance the party and damage the opponent. 

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We stun our opponents with Warhammer’s Shockwave ability, allowing our party to concentrate on DPS. War Hammer’s Clear Out would provide them some breathing room if the group ever finds itself in a bind.

Ice Gauntlet Sustain Build

The Ice Gauntlet is used to deal massive damage to foes, while the Life Staff supports your teammates. Ice Gauntlet’s Ice Pylon and Ice Storm will deliver passive damage to the party, allowing you to focus on healing with your Life Staff’s Sacred Ground, Orb of Protection, and Beacon.

Entombed from the Ice Gauntlet ensures that you never run out of mana because it allows you to recover mana faster when cast. If you’re in a bad situation, laying down Sacred Ground before enclosing yourself will help you heal.

Shaman Healer Build

The shaman is indeed a healing build that relies on ice magic to keep the battlefield under control. The build’s concept involves:

  • The wielder is wearing Medium armor.
  • Increasing penetration.
  • Prolonging the CC duration of your attacks by 10%.

Moreover, the shaman build necessitates using the Ice Gauntlet’s slows in PvE and PvP to make life difficult for your opponents. Build also came with entombing, which improves mana generation when you need more mana in PvE and a defensive cooldown when you require immunity in PvP. 

We all know that the Ice Gauntlet is a crucial aspect of mana regeneration and survival, the Ice Gauntlet and Life Staff weapon combo is the finest Life Staff construct in the New World.

New World Healers Build

Cleric New World Healer Build

In ideal PvP, the cleric’s build role is to support the melee characters. The build works best with Heavy armor because of the healing and frontline positioning. The aim is to have a lot of heavy armor to absorb damage and Fortify boosts from spells to help with damage reduction.

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Thus, you should specialize your Life Staff in the Protector Tree. Orb of Protection and Light’s Embrace are the two primary abilities. Because this build primarily focuses on damage reduction buffs with little healing, you’ll want a dedicated healing spell, such as Splash of Light from the Healing specialization.

Heals and Hatchet Expedition Build

The purpose of this build is to keep your friends alive in Expeditions while also supplying them with Buffs. You are equipped with a Hatchet, one of the best PvE weapons that give lifestyle, to secure your survival. While a person is standing within the AoE, it heals for 20% Life Staff damage for 15 seconds. 

Your second talent, Orb Of Protection, is a projectile heal that grants 10% Fortify, heels for 10% Life Staff damage, and damages an enemy for 146% weapon damage. 

Beacon is your final ability. Beacon deals 146 percent weapon damage to the adversary and then clings on to them, generating an AoE that heals adjacent allies for 20 percent weapon damage every second for 10 seconds.

New World Healer Tips and Tricks


We’ve listed the best build of the new world in this article. You can check your favorite one and enjoy playing the game full of enthusiasm. 

These builds will surely help you survive in the most challenging situation in the game. You are in war mode with your opponent, and you need some boost to your armor with healing to 

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