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New World: How to Level up Logging like a PRO 

New world how to level up logging like a pro

It’s been five months since Amazon Games’ new MMORPG, New World, was released. As with any MMO debut, anticipation has been high for the first few months as players spread out throughout the island of Aeternum, exploring, battling, and collecting supplies. New World emphasizes crafting techniques, and players are encouraged to gather materials while questing continually.

In the New World, there are 17 Trade Skills separated into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting. Logging is one of the most valuable Gathering Skills since it offers the raw ingredients for hundreds of crafting techniques.

To begin logging, all players need is a Logging Axe and a ready supply of trees, but properly leveling up the skill demands more consideration. Leveling up in New World may be a challenging process for players who cannot give a significant amount of time to the game. Reaching a new level may be a time-consuming and difficult procedure.

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However, to assist you in the process, we have listed some guidelines to help you level up logging as you do. The techniques outlined in the article will bring you to the desired level so keep reading till the end.

How to Level Logging

Getting level up in logging is not as daunting as our gamers think. To help them out we’ve compiled a detailed guide showing how one can achieve the highest level in logging. But before any further Ado, we need to know what exactly logging is? Let’s take a look at it!

What exactly is logging?

Logging is synonymous with woodcutting – or the act of felling trees with an ax. It is one of the most important talents to acquire in the game if you want to set up your own campgrounds or construct your own weapons. You can level it up quickly, but it takes longer than other talents to progress.

Cutting a tree down necessitates the use of a Logging Axe.  You can purchase them from a trading box or workshop. To begin cutting mature trees and bigger dead trees, you must first gain level 50, level 100 for Wyrdwood trees, and level 175 for Ironwood trees. Young trees and smaller dead trees may be cut immediately

Various Types of Logging Nodes

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of all the Logging nodes and what you have to contribute in terms of gathering.

Young Trees include  Resin Chunk, Vial of Sap, Drop of Sap, Softwood Tree Sap, Whisperwood,  Resin Shavings, Petrified Wood, 

Wyrdwood trees comprise Quillbark, Sliver of Wyrdwood Resin, Wyrdwood, Ebonwood, Drop of Wyrdwood Sap, 

Ironwood includes Ironwood, Wildwood, Drop of Ironwood Sap, liver of Ironwood Resin,  Barbvine, Shard of Ironwood Resin, S Draught of Ironwood Sap, 

Mature Trees include Vial of Sap, Draught of Sap,  Aged Wood, Drop of Sap, Whisperwood, Resin, Soap, Resin Shavings, Resin Lump, Softwood Tree Sap,

Logging Luck plays a role in determining the items you acquire during logging. Do not be disheartened if you cannot get rare goods when you initially begin, since your luck rises as you level.

How to Level Up Logging Skills

You will need to cut down trees to advance your logging skills. If you want to get things done quickly, you should always cut the highest rank tree you can find. As a beginner with just one logging talent, you’ll want to focus on Young Trees until you’ve accumulated fifty logging skills. 

However, your progress will become more sluggish as the logging skills required to level up grows rapidly. The most excellent and quickest method to improve your logging skills is to cut down the tallest tree you can locate.

If you keep this in mind as you go, you will ultimately get a higher logging skill. It is advisable to enhance your weight capacity whenever you get the opportunity.

How to Cut Down Trees More Quickly

Now that you’ve mastered the fundamentals, it’s time to enhance and improve efficiency. There are several methods for chopping down trees more quickly. If it takes you almost a minute to cut down a single tree (particularly the Wyrdwood Tree), you’re doing it incorrectly.

Get a Better Logging Axe

First and foremost, you should invest in a stronger logging ax. The collecting pace of each Logging Axe is varied. ‘

  • It will take an unusually long time if you attempt to cut down a Wyrdwood Tree with an Iron Logging Axe. It becomes much worse when you use the Flint Logging Axe.
  • If you don’t have access to a better tool, you should cut down the lower-quality tree.

Aside from the material grade, the Logging Axe’s collecting pace varies depending on the craft. Sometimes you can get fortunate and build a Steel Logging Axe with a 290 percent+ gathering speed and a low prerequisite level to equip it.

Additionally, you might be unfortunate and build a Steel Logging Axe with a collecting speed of just 250 percent and a high prerequisite level for equipping. You may visit the trading post and wait to purchase a suitable Logging Axe when in doubt.

Each Logging Axe has the potential to have additional effects. You’ll be searching for one that boosts your logging skill gain with each tree you cut down.

The next most significant thing would be the additional resources you get for each tree you cut down. Although they are only bonuses, getting a low-cost Logging Axe with the logging skill experience bump is preferable.

Attribute Bonuses

You will also notice a modest increase in your logging gathering speed due to attribute bonuses. The only characteristic that will increase your logging speed is Constitution.

You will undoubtedly have difficulty obtaining these benefits because the Constitution is not a popular option for any weapon configurations other than the tank. It is a bonus that you do not need to pay attention to, but it is also critical to be aware of it.

Regardless of whether they are a DPS or a healer, most players may get the initial logging bonus. This may be obtained by either assigning more resources to Constitution or receiving attribute bonuses from your clothing and equipment.

As you go through the levels, you will be able to get a new armor set that raises your Constitution, allowing you to gain the benefits. If you can use this method, it will be a very efficient technique of harvesting materials from trees for you.

Gathering Buff – Territory Rewards

On top of all the perks you already have, there is an extra gathering speed boost that you may get. Your chances of achieving this are improved by the territorial awards you obtain for participating in activities in a particular region.

While the territorial awards are determined at random, you may concentrate your efforts on locations with a high concentration of resources before receiving the gathering bonus. Several valuable territory prizes may benefit you, such as the ability to store more things, lower crafting and trade costs, increased territory status, and various other benefits.

When combined with other factors, such as receiving the territory award many times, this increase in collecting pace will be much more significant. The ideal situation allows you to chop down high-level trees in less than 3 seconds, thanks to the stacking boosts you’ll get.

New World Logging Leveling Guide (0-200)

1. Logging Level 0-100

Outside of cutting down many trees, there is no simple method to get from Logging level 0-100. However, if you concentrate your efforts on a single variety of trees, you may optimize the leveling effect. 

Keep an eye out for trees clustered together in groups of four or more. For some reason, as compared to single trees, these trees provide double the amount of experience. In addition, you will save time by not having to go as far to get to the next one.

You will gain one tree per level of logging experience between 0 and 15. From Logging level 15 through 30, you should expect to encounter two trees at every level. As you go through the stages, the number of trees you may plant at every level will increase.

The ability to cut Mature Trees is unlocked if you have reached Logging level 50 in the game. The tree clusters provide an excellent experience, with 144 XP compared to 166 XP for Mature Trees. 

As a result, you have the choice, and you should, in most cases, just cut down anything in your path. However, It would be best to stick in Everfall and work on logging projects immediately outside the town to the east, rather than traveling to the west.

Make it a point to emphasize having large-capacity bags. The more room you have, the less time you’ll spend going back and forth, which means you’ll be able to level up faster in Logging. 

When your inventory is completely depleted, return to town and visit a Woodshop to create Lumber. If you want to make some money out of it, put it up for auction since you’ll run out of storage space in town if you keep it all.

2. Logging Level 100-200

Logging level 200 will allow you to cut down Wyrdwood trees after you have reached that level. Because Wyrdwood trees are very uncommon and generally only found in groups of six or more trees, this presents a dilemma. It is unnecessary to be concerned since the most effective means of leveling logs from 100 to 200 is killing things.

Listed below is a method for leveling up rapidly in New World, from level 100 to 200:

  • Travel to the Alchemist’s Shrine, which is located in southeast Brightwood.
  • Go in the direction of Bronzegrove and search for the Bronzegrove Terrawolf.
  • Slay the Bronzegrove Terrawolf and dismember their carcasses.
  • Because the Bronzegrove Terrawolf monsters located in southeast Brightwood are made of wood, you should be able to cut them up once they have been killed. When harvested successfully, they demand a Logging skill of 100 and provide over 800 Logging experiences for each harvest. 
  • For each kill, you’ll get Life Quintessence and Wyrdwood as rewards. Using this strategy is that you are unlikely to encounter any competition and will not have to worry about tree reseeding.

The Dryad Wolf gangs in Edengrove may be dealt with in the same manner as the wolves in Edengrove. Their carcasses may be chopped up for roughly 800 Logging experiences, Life Quintessence, and Wyrdwood, depending on how many kill them and break up their bodies.

How to Level Up Fishing Quickly

Axes for logging and other benefits

As your character progresses through the game, you’ll be able to acquire more powerful logging axes. With each successive rank comes more incredible harvesting speed, which translates into being able to cut down more trees in less time. 

  • Flint Logging Axe – Level 1
  • Iron Logging Axe – Level 5
  • Steel Logging Axe – Level 20
  • Starmetal Logging Axe – Level 40
  • Orichalcum Logging Axe – Level 60

The following are the characteristics to look for on logging axes in New World:

  • Logging Luck – While Logging, 2-9.3% chance at finding rare items.
  • Azoth Extraction – 30-48% chance of getting 1 Azoth after finishing gathering.
  • Lumberjack’s Discipline – Gain 3-9.4% more Logging experience.

Lumberjack’s Discipline is the most important perk to consider for your Logging Axe. Our main goal in writing this essay was to help you enhance your talents faster thanks to this bonus.

After that, try to persuade Azoth Extraction to cover the cost of fast transit. Finally, if you have Logging Luck, your chances of finding rare resources are increased.

The best ax you can get for your level is in the trade station, so get there now. As an alternative, you can construct one yourself in a Workshop if your engineering skills are up to par.

Food to boost up your logging luck

Players would onl

During increasing your Logging skill, there is one main meal that you may consume:

Increases your chance of success while logging by 1,000 points for 20 minutes. While under the influence of these medications, your health steadily improves. Eating roasted cabbage increases the likelihood that you will be able to obtain unique resources such as sap from trees.

You and Logging Luck

Luck points are the most essential factor in Logging since they represent one percent of your success. One percent of logging luck is equivalent to 1,000 luck points, and this may hold true for logging luck as well. Since the loot tables are all 100,000 rolls, this conversion works with Logging.

Why does logging luck matter?

Luck is vital for Logging since it increases your chances of receiving a rare Logging item and increases the number of things acquired. 

There are various requirements that you should meet to receive rare stuff. These milestones can be acquired simply by leveling Logging, but they may be reached faster with the assistance of the resources.

Best tricks to level up logging like a pro

How to Carry More Weight in the Modern World

In addition to food buffs, which you may spend when Logging for increased luck, you may find yourself with packed bags and being burdened due to your logging activities. Having a burden on your back indicates that you will stroll rather than run, and you will not be able to remember to go to an inn or travel quickly. When attempting to have a large amount of wood hauled before returning to town, this might be a significant setback.

The good news is that there are presently three encumbrance potions available that may be used to enhance the amount of weight you can carry temporarily. This may be plenty to allow you to harvest more and return with all of your treasures. 

  1. Powerful Encumbrance Potion
  2. Infused Encumbrance Potion
  3. Strong Encumbrance Potion

Locating tress- Finding the best place for farming

To level up in the game you need to find the best place for your farming and for that you would need to locate the best trees. Below are the trees you would be needed to cultivate.

How to find Mature Trees (Aged Wood) and Young Trees (Green Wood)?

You will find both Aged wood and greenwood are quite simple to cultivate and maintain. We won’t go through all locations where you can farm them since they are virtually everywhere you look! These two may be found everywhere there is a tree.

Finding greenwood

It is possible to collect Green-Wood by cutting down shrubs, or you may use your logging ax to cut down Young Trees anyplace you see a thin tree growing.

Finding aged wood

Aged wood may be acquired from mature trees, which are often thicker and shows traces of being deteriorated to a higher degree. The difficulty is that it isn’t obvious visually until you get up close to a tree, at which point it informs you what kind of tree you are looking at

Locating Ironwood Trees in New World

Knowing where to look for ironwood may be difficult, so knowing where to look for it is always a plus.  Located in Edengrove, New Zealand, this location is the best for ironwood.

1. Edengrove- The best place to look for ironwood

Edengrove is the finest and most densely inhabited area within the New World for growing Ironwood. From Valor Hold, either go south or take the south quick travel point to proceed west, whichever is most convenient for you. There are several Ironwood trees along this path that may be harvested.

2. Shattered Mountain – Another good place for ironwood

The extreme east side of Shattered Mountain is the second finest location for Ironwood farming, and it is also the most accessible. Many spawns may be found here. However, they are a little more dispersed than in the Edengrove area.

Additionally, Wyrmwood likes to congregate in this particular location. It is possible to come into angry earth wolves in this location, and they respawn in short succession. As soon as you kill one of these wolves, you will have the option of logging them precisely as if you were skinning them.

Locating Wyrdwood Trees in New World

New World Wyrdwood Trees are responsible for producing the highest-quality tier 4 wood. It may be challenging to locate these trees, so we have included the ideal locations to hunt for them if you are primarily seeking them in the New World. 

In the regions around Wyrdwood trees, angry Earth wolves are another source of Wyrdwood, as they are hunted down and killed. While you kill these adversaries, you will be able to log their corpses, just like you would when skinning a beast.

1. Brightwood – The best place to look for Wyrdwood

In terms of growing Wyrdwood Trees, Brightwood is an excellent location to be discovered. A large number of spawns may be found in close proximity to one another in the southeast area of the region, right next to a fast-travel shrine. You’ll locate a few more widely spread nodes in the north-eastern half of the land than you did in the beginning of the game.

2. Shattered Mountains- Another good place for Wyrdwood

This is the second-best place to look out for wyrdwood. Angry Earth wolves may be found in large numbers all around this location, and their respawn timer is also quite fast. It is possible to farm these wolves to the point that their bodies may be logged, resulting in Wyrdwood logs.

3. Other regions to look out for Wyrdwood

Wyrdwood Trees also exist in a few other places in the New World, although the volume or density is less. Nonetheless, you may locate a handful in Cutlass Keys, First Light, Windsward, and Everfall, to name a few. Don’t forget that you may also use the Interactive New World Map to discover them.

Best tips to level up logging like a pro

The Bottom Line

That’s it from our comprehensive guideline to level up logging like a pro. Now you know how things work to quickly level up your logging to reach the desired level and improve your gameplay. If you have any confusion do let us know.

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