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Vanguard: Best Weapons 2022

Vanguard Best Weapons 2022

Video games have been popular in past times with the advancing technology; the gaming world also took on its own transformation. From the first video game to now, you will find countless video games and many more yet to come. Even after a video game is released, it goes through various updates for some games, yearly updated versions come out.

Especially during the ongoing pandemic, many people turned to video games to pass the time in quarantine or during the isolation period. The question that stands today is what is the most important component of an action-based or shooting-based video game. It is a weapon your character equips themselves with.

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One of the popular games you will find is Call of Duty: Vanguard. Similar to any action-based or shooting-based game, choosing and equipping yourself with the best weapons is essential if you wish to succeed in the game. You may be confused about which weapon is the best among the various options. In order to help you in this case, underneath, you will be finding the relevant information on the best weapons in Call of Duty: Vanguard for 2022 that you should consider equipping yourself with. 

Vanguard Different Weapons 2022

Categories of The Best Weapons

You have a number of weapons to choose from in the Call of Duty: Vanguard. You have various guns you can equip yourself with from a range of shotguns, rifles, LMG to SMG. It can get difficult on which one to choose. Therefore, underneath, you can find the top best guns and weapons in the game being categorized so that it may be easier for you to choose a weapon for yourself and only the best one so that you can skillfully master the game using them.

Among the various weapons in the game, you have Automaton, Einhorn Revolving, Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, Cooper Carbine, MK 11 Launcher, FS Fighting Knife (Katana, Sawtooth), Combat Shield, Panzerschrek, Type 100, Machine Pistol, and many more.

The Top Tier Weapons

The first category you will be getting to know about is the S-Tier weapons. Considering the weapons under this category as the best weapons among all the available weapons in the game, you should aim towards equipping yourself with them. The weapons being covered in this category are strong and the best to use if you want to take down your enemy and put up a tough fight for them. 

These weapons consisting of STG44, MP-40, and Volk are ones that you may want to consider prioritizing when choosing your weapon. Underneath, you will find all relevant information on them to help you know further about these weapons’ strengths and the benefits you can achieve from them. 


Starting from one of the Primary weapons you will find in the game, you have STG44 that you should consider equipping yourself with. Belonging to the class or category of Assault Rifles, it has an overall low recoil, which most players in the shooting game look forward to in a weapon. 

It also has a quick time-to-kill, good stopping power, and can come in quite handy when you plan on defeating or taking down a number of enemies. Therefore, it is safe to say it does not only belong to the category of Assault Rifles but stands as an incredible one in the game. If you use a good STG44 loadout alongside, you can gain even more benefits in the game. 

Additional Tip

One of the loadouts that you can go for consists of attaching a VVD 750mm 05B barrel with an M3 Ready Grip under the barrel and an F8 Stabilizer muzzle. You will have to keep the proficiency as focus, ammo type of lengthened, the rear grip of fabric grip, stock of Konstanz Tactical, kit of on-hand, and optic of Slate Reflector. 


Another of the Primary weapons you will find is the MP-40 which falls into the category of SMG. It has a good time-to-kill and handling as well. During the course of the game, you will find yourself involved in various short-range battles or combats, and in that scenario, your preference can be MP40 which can majorly help you in such short-range combat. It is a versatile weapon and provides ease of control. 

Additional Tip

One of the MP40 loadouts consists of pairing it up with a stippled grip, lengthened ammo type, quick kit, optic Krausnick ISO2M, set proficiency to brace, and use Krausnick 33M Folding as stock. You can attach an SMLE pistol grip underbarrel with a Krausnick 317mm 04B barrel and an F8 stabilizer.


It is a primary weapon belonging to the group of Assault Rifles, and you can witness a combination of Assault Rifle and SMG playstyle through it, which allows you to fight through any short-range or mid-range combats. You will notice how it has a high rate of fire and can help you with mobility which is important in the game in some scenarios.

Additional Tip

You can pair up Volk with a .30 Russian Short 45 Round Magazine, lengthened ammo type, F8 stabilizer, underbarrel of Carver Foregrip, a barrel of Krausnick 428MM 05V, a fully loaded kit, stock of Krausnick S12V PS, a pine tar grip, set the scope to G16 2.5X and proficiency to Sleight of hand. 

Vanguard weapons

The A-tier Category

Moving on to the next category of weapons in the game, the A-tier list consists of another round of good weapons in the game. You read about the S-tier list above and the weapons that have been pointed out as among the best ones weighing their pros and cons. The A-tier list consists of weapons that are second best, weighing their pros and cons. Among these weapons, you will find BAR, MG42, Kar98k, and M1928. Underneath, you will find all relevant information on these weapons and their strengths. 


Once again, you have a primary weapon of the class of Assault Rifles, which can be quite helpful in the game. This weapon makes its way to this list as it is lighter and therefore helps in mobility. If you are involved in long-range combat, then you can consider going for this Assault Rifle. 

Although, it is important to note that, on the other hand, it does have a slow rate of fire, and therefore, it does not make it to the S-tier list. You should try using this weapon and decide if its pros win over its cons for you or vice versa. 


This weapon is a primary weapon that, unlike the previous one, falls into the category of LMG weapons. LMGs are generally really good weapons and provide benefits with the firing rate and a high number of bullets. Similarly, this LMG weapon has two major benefits, provided by its firing rate and magazine size. You should consider using this as it does prove to be a great LMG weapon with a high fire rate, good recoil control, and a magazine size of one hundred and twenty-five bullets. 

It is a good way to add pressure on your opponent. Therefore, you should consider using this if you wish to go for an LMG weapon in the game, especially since a good firing rate and magazine size can help you through the game.


So far, you have read about many Assault Rifles, an LMG and an SMG. Now, moving ahead in the A-tier list, you will find this primary weapon belonging to the class of Sniper Rifle. Kar98k does stand as a popular sniper rifle among the players and can be considered one of the best sniper rifles in the game with its fast ADS speed.

It does do great damage, and if you want to kill your opponent with one shot only, then this weapon is to go for. If you have a good aim, this weapon overall can come in quite handy for you. Therefore, if you do want to go for a Sniper Rifle, Kar98k is one to consider. Although, it is important to note that it might not have the best mobility, so do be mindful of it.


Once again, you have a primary weapon belonging to the class of SMG weapons. You may already know this weapon by its other names, such as Thompson or Tommy Gun, or you might have heard about it just as the M1928. This SMG weapon makes its way to our list with its good rate of fire, magazine size, and use in short-range combats. If you are running around and aiming at your enemies that are nearby, then this SMG weapon with its fast fire rate can come in quite handy as you do have more bullets too. On the other side, it is important to note that it might not have the best recoil.

Best Weapons 2022 in Vanguard

B-Tier Weapons

Now that you have read about the top two categories, i.e., S-tier and A-tier, you will be finding out about the weapons that fall into the category of B-tier weapons which is the third category. These weapons have their cons which deprive them of a position in either of the former two categories. Among these weapons, you will find Itra Burst, 1911, M1 Garand, a 3-line rifle, as well as Sten.

Itra Burst

You have another primary weapon belonging to the group of Assault Rifles in the game. It does act to be as an overall great weapon and Assault Rifle for the players interested in burst rifles, and it does decent damage, but the reason why it fails to make it to either of the former categories is that comparatively, the rifles that are fully automatic stand better than this one. It is a good weapon if you are battling in long-range or medium-range combat. Therefore, if your enemies are at a far distance from you, you can use this weapon to take them down with a few shots.


Now, moving on to a new category of weapons in the primary weapons, i.e., Handguns.1911 is a handgun, or it can be known as a semi-automatic pistol. It does do a decent amount of damage to your enemy but still fails to make it to our top two categories. 

You may be wondering what the reason is, and the answer to that is that Machine Pistol stands as a better weapon than this one. Machine Pistol is the 1911’s counterpart and a better one too. Therefore, if you do not plan on getting a Machine Pistol, you can alternatively go for a 1911. It is up to you which weapon’s pros win over the con for you.

M1 Garand

This primary weapon comes in the category of the Marksman’s Rifle, which is one to consider even if it may lie in the B-tier category. It does do great damage, and players do look for a weapon that does such damage. If you are involved in long-range combat, then this weapon is one to consider in that scenario. Now to answer your long-awaited question, why is this in the B-tier category. The answer is that although it brings its benefits, it still has a downside that it does have overall slow gameplay. 

3-line Rifle

Moving once again to the category of Sniper rifles, you will find a 3-line Rifle as a primary weapon type. Similar to the way you can achieve great damage from M1 Grand, you can achieve massive damage from 3-line Rifle too. While M1 Grand stood as a Marksman’s Rifle, 3-line Rifle stands as a Sniper rifle. You can achieve that massive damage by hitting the enemy in and above the upper chest.

Now, what could be the downside of this weapon? The answer is that this weapon is overall slow, and among the available sniper rifles in the game, you should consider Kar98k more preferably over other sniper rifles, including 3-line Rifles. But if you want to try this Rifle too, then go for it.


Previously, you read about some of the weapons from the category of SMG weapons that lay in the S-tier and A-tier categories, such as the M1928 in the A-tier and the MP-40 in the S-tier. Now moving to the B-tier category, you once again have an SMG primary weapon, i.e., Sten. It has its pros and cons; while it brings you advantages, it also brings along some drawbacks. 

While it proves to be a flexible and reliable weapon with its mobility and overall fast gameplay, compared to the other available weapons in the game, it does lack time-to-kill. Although having a good recoil favors you, this weapon’s weakness is its massive recoil. Once again, you should weigh the pros and cons and decide whether this SMG weapon is right for you.

The C-tier

Moving on to the last category of the weapons in Vanguard. You now have about four weapons that come under this category. While they do have their advantages, their downsides still weigh over, and that is why these weapons might put you at a disadvantage rather than an advantage. You have FS Fighting Knife, Bren, Panzerschreck, as well as Revolving Shotgun in the C-tier category. These weapons range in the categories of Melee weapons, LMG, Launcher, and Shotgun. Underneath, you will be finding out more about them and why they have been chosen under this category.

FS Fighting Knife

Now moving on to the Secondary weapons in the game, you have FS Fighting Knife, which is a melee weapon. Therefore, if you are a fan of Melee weapons or simply enjoy playing with them, then you can equip yourself with this FS Fighting Knife to take down your opponents in combat. On the good side of this weapon, you are able to have an overall fast attack speed and provide instant stealth takedowns. 

Both of these advantages make this weapon appealing, so you may be wondering what the downside is. The answer is that this secondary melee weapon does not stand best in any long-range battle. You will be required to be close to your enemy and engage in a hand-to-hand fight. While your enemies may be attacking you from far distances, this weapon might not be of any use in that scenario for defense. 


You read about other LMG weapons previously and now have one in this category too. This Primary LMG weapon may come off as appealing to the players, but it does bring its own downside, which may push you away from using it. It does have a generally big magazine with about a hundred rounds, but overall it provides slow gameplay and does not set best for mobility purposes. Eventually, it does not stand as appealing to players to use. 


Previously, you got to know about LMG, SMG, Sniper Rifles, Marksman’s Rifle, Melee, and some other classes of weapons in the game. Now you have with you a secondary weapon belonging to the class of Launcher. For any action game, if you have launchers, it can be generally more fun to use through the game and may add more excitement to it. But this Launcher in-game is more difficult to utilize in the game, and therefore, it might not be as much fun.

Revolving Shotgun

Moving on to the last weapon in this category, you have the Revving Shotgun. You may have already received an idea from its name or guessed from it that it does belong to a class of Shotgun weapons in Vanguard. It is also, being one of the primary weapons in the game. This shotgun is a semi-automatic one, and it does prove to be better than the other available shotguns you will find in the game. 

While it does stand better than them, it still is not the strongest weapon in the game, as you may have guessed, since it has been categorized under the C-tier category. It does have a magazine size that is small, and overall the weapon does seem to be weak to use. It may have you rethinking if you really want to continue using this weapon or save up time instead and use another and better weapon such as the ones mentioned in the S-tier and A-tier categories. 

Best Weapons 2022 Vanguard

Additional Weapons

After this final category of weapons, there are some additional weapons that you may want to know about. Weapons such as the Bazooka Launcher, Ratt Handgun, and Auto-Loading Shotgun are also some of the weapons in the game that might not give you the best of benefits and may instead weigh you down in the game. 

Now you have read all about the weapons that have been categorized under the S-tier, A-tier, B-tier, C-tier categories, as well as some additional weapons. You may be able to differentiate between the good and weak weapons in the game by using this information. Although, it is important to note that these weapons are some of the many weapons in the game, and you may feel one weapon is easier to use than the other. 

These are the top-picked weapons from among the weapons in the Call of Duty: Vanguard. After careful consideration, the S-tier weapons were chosen, and the others were categorized in a similar manner. It is up to your personal preference that may have you shift some of the weapons up or down their set positions in the categories mentioned above.

Using the information mentioned above, you will be able to pick only the best weapons for yourself in the game and enjoy the various benefits each weapon brings to you and how it can help you take down your enemies in a more efficient manner and help you achieve your aim of mastering the game skillfully too. Shooting-based games are incomplete without the appropriate weapons. You should choose for yourself only the best weapons, and this guide may help you do so. In the end, remember to have fun. All the best! 

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