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Genshin Impact: Where To Find Wheat [Top 3 Spots]

Genshin Impact: Where To Find Wheat

Genshin Impact is one of the most exciting games to play with various adventures, and cooking is undeniably one of them. However, to follow the cooking process, you need wheat as it’s an essential cooking resource.

In simpler words, you’ve to collect wheat, process it into flour, and add it to the cooking recipes. But again, where do you get the wheat from? Isn’t that a puzzle every player has to go through? Well, we have all the answers!

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Top 3 Locations to find Wheat In Genshin Impact

Wheat is an essential cooking ingredient available in the game and is crucial for completing the Pigeon, Duck, & Child quest, commonly known as Timmie’s commission. For the quest, you must find wheat and feed the ducks. Many beginner players have difficulty determining the correct location to find wheat, so let’s see where you can get it!

Drunken Gorge

The first place to find wheat is the Drunken Gorge, which can be found in the south of Mondstadt and west of Springvale. Drunken Gorge was once a shopping avenue, but now, it raves with monsters (these monsters are known as Hilichurls), which means you’ve to be extremely careful. You need to loot all the crates, barrels, and carts you can find, and you will be loaded with wheat in no time. 

This is the most accessible place to find wheat, as wheat is farmed here consistently. With one run, you can net around eight to ten wheat pieces. In addition to wheat, you find various other resources, but you must search through the stalls and crates. At the end of every gorge, making it an excellent processing place for soil wheat. 

Drunken Gorge in Genshin Impact


If you don’t want to go to Drunken Gorge, you can walk to Mondstadt and purchase wheat. For instance, you can get the quest from Timmie, who usually stands on the bridge that leads to the town. For this purpose, go up the stairs, reach the octagonal fountain, and shift to the right side. When you turn on the right side, there will be Mondstadt General Goods and converse with the shopkeeper, Blanche. From here, you can purchase wheat for a hundred gold per pop. 

It doesn’t matter how you get the wheat, just move back to the bridge, talk to Timmie, and he will tell you all about feeding the ducks. Similarly, the game will identify where you have to go. In simpler words, you can go wherever you want from here. 

Mondstadt in Genshin Impact

Liyue Harbon

Another merchant you can visit to purchase wheat includes Second Life in Liyue Harbor. You can purchase a hundred pieces of wheat for a hundred Mora a pop. This is a more time-efficient method and an excellent choice for people with sufficient Mora (it’s the in-game currency). If you reach the 4th rank in a region, you might get around a 10% discount. 

Liyue Harbon in Genshin Impact

Using The Wheat In Genshin Impact

Once you access the wheat, you can use it to make flour. Flour makes a great base for recipes, particularly if you don’t mind some carbs (just kidding!). For instance, you can make fisherman’s toast, cold noodles, fried radish balls, red Bolognese, and whole moon eggs. Not to forget, it’s essential to complete the quest!

Using The Wheat In Genshin Impact

The Bottom Line

Genshin Impact is a great game, but users always had issues finding wheat. However, we are sure you can go to Timmie or general stores to purchase wheat. So, are you ready for the quest and try out different recipes?

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