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Genshin Impact: Where To Find Chilled Meat [Best Top 3 Places]

Genshin Impact Where To Find Chilled Meat

The players can take their time and tour Genshin Impact’s Dragonspine while working through difficulties during the most recent Shadow Amidst Snowstorm event. The snow foxes and Snowboars are just a few of the unusual living things found in this place, where it snows constantly.

Similar to a typical boar species in Teyvat is the Snowboar. Their only distinguishing features are the color of their fur and the type of flesh they shed during their lifetime. The Snowboar will tumble to the ground after being hit by a player and dump chilled meat. In Genshin Impact, you can prepare a dish using this meat and feed yourself. 

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What Chilled Beef Is And How To Find It In Genshin Impact

As the name implies, chilled meat is a component that is easily found near icy places. Genshin Impact comes from boars that roam haphazardly around the Dragonspine, close to the Skyfrost Nail Mountains.

What Chilled Beef Is And How To Find It In Genshin Impact

Snowboar King

The Great Snowboar King resembles a monster since it has an enormous amount of HP. However, unlike bosses, it only drops chilled meat. When battling this monster, Genshin Impact players should pay attention to the following advice:

To combat Sheer Cold, they should light the adjacent Ruin Brazier and resetting Sheer Cold is also possible with a warming bottle. Goulash can also be used to lessen the rate at which Sheer Cold builds up. The Great Snowboar King won’t succumb to a single blow like ordinary Snowboars. Thus, the players should send in combat-ready troops. In addition, the shields continue to be beneficial in reducing damage. The Great Snowboar King will stun itself if forced to rush into a wall (for the first three times only, though).

The attack patterns of the Great Snowboar King are predictable and pretty easy to avoid, despite its powerful blows. The northern Ruin Brazier can be approached to warm up if the player is experiencing Sheer Cold, but they shouldn’t linger there for too long because this enemy may disappear. They can also use a warming bottle as an alternative.

To make the most of their time, Genshin Impact players need to engage with the Great Snowboar King on the northern side of the battleground. This monster can also be beaten by some Travelers, so they don’t need to worry about Sheer Cold. It’s essential to keep in mind that these boars don’t always spawn in the same place. To find refrigerated beef, travelers must go in a few different directions nearby.

Genshin Impact Snowboar King

Spot One

It’s recommended that you glide from the Sculpture of the Seven to the area of the Ice Mountains once you arrive in Dragonspine. A wild pig that must be defrosted with the Pyro skill can be found there frozen into the ice. To obtain chilled meat, locate the boars at last. 

Genshin Impact Spot One

Spot Two

The players can also locate three more wild pigs hidden in the ice directly above the last position. Similar to the previous one, use the Pyro ability to melt the ice and kill every single one of them. You may simply add ten chilled meat to your collection from these two places after a brief combat, which is sufficient to fulfill the quest’s intent.

Spot to find Chilled Meat in Genshin Impact

How To Use Chilled Beef?

In Genshin Impact, defeating a Snowboar will yield cold meat. As soon as the creature stops moving and collapses to the ground, any attack—basic or penetrating—will do. On average, a Snowboar will release two chilled types of meat. After being killed, the Great Snowboar King dumps six to ten chilled meats.

There are just two choices for using refrigerated meat at the moment. The first involves using the kitchen stove’s processing method to turn refrigerated meat into raw meat. Then, you can use raw meat to prepare any cuisine you like. The second choice is to simply cook goulash with the cold meat, which will help all party members from developing “Sheer Cold” while on an adventure in Dragonspine.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that finding chilled meat is extremely easy if you don’t mind some combat. So, keep up the pyro attacks to melt the ice and free all the boars!

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