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Far Cry 6: [Best 10] Weapons 2022

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons 2022

Ubisoft has come back with another adventure-packed first-person shooting game Far Cry 6 just a few months ago and it’s getting all the hype it rightfully deserves. Available on numerous platforms, Far Cry 6 is the sixth version of the Far Cry series, succeeding 2018’s popular Far Cry 5.

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It continues to bless its loyal players with new maps, locations, war zones, and extravagant weaponry to choose from. Ubisoft is no stranger to weapons and introduces a plethora of weapons in the new version of the Far Cry series. With the beautiful island of Yara now in control under the tyrannical dictatorship of Anton Castillo, you have a huge responsibility for your shoulders. 

As Dani Rojas, you are to bring the fighters of Yara together and combat through all the hurdles and missions to defeat Anton Castillo and liberate the island of Yara. To do that, you’re going to need lots of weapons but there are too many to choose from. 

You can’t go into enemy territory with a bazooka and decimate everything. Every weapon has its abilities and needs to be carefully chosen depending on the mission’s requirement.

Best Weapons 2022 Far Cry

Types of Weapons in Far Cry 6

Whenever there’s a revolution, war and blood are a part of it and when we talk war, we talk guns and the Far Cry series has never been a stranger to either of the things.

Unlike many other shooting games, Far Cry 6 offers you a chance to choose from a wide variety of guns with different scopes and ranges including Assault Rifles, SMGs, Snipers, and a lot more. In addition to that, there exists a weapon for every situation. 

Be it conventional or outlandish resolver weapons, Far Cry 6 has something for everything. But to decide which weapon is suitable for the situation is rather difficult to decide and that’s what is entailed here.

Here’s a list of top-tier weapons every gamer should be looking out for as you begin playing Far Cry 6 in 2022.

Top 10 FAR CRY Weapons You Need to Know About

Here are the top 10 weapons that you should know:

308 Carbine

For every rookie or even pro shooter, .308 Carbine is most often the prime choice at Rank 1. Over time, the player starts to get very familiar with the .308 Carbine and most likely holds on to it for quite a long time. 

This is one of the best sniper rifles every new player should opt for and since it’s easily accessible it becomes an early-to-mid-game sniper rifle for many players before they get a hold on SVD or MVP.

The .308 Carbine is a mid-tier rifle and offers very high velocity and in terms of handling and accuracy, it comes a little above par level which is pretty efficient as a starting weapon. However, when compared to other sniper rifles, it wouldn’t give pretty good stats. Upon modification with four attachments slots and one stat-boosting mod slot, this .308 Carbine becomes a force to be reckoned with.

Compound Bow

Someone loyal to the Far Cry series has very solid knowledge and understanding of the importance of Compound Bow. A compound bow is an excellent weapon to have on hand considering you value your stealth more than anything else. What makes it a special addition is that you can use it while hunting and take down enemies swiftly.

In Far Cry 6, there are 4 bows in total to select from but there’s a reason why it’s in the ‘best’ weapons list. 

It yields great damage output and is useful in mid-range as well as long-range showdowns. Looking for something extra? The damaged power increases as the draw period are prolonged. If you want higher damage from a bow, make sure you prolong the draw period as well.


Talk about the globally acknowledged best Sub Machine Gun to exist to date. MP7 can be easily purchased at Juan’s Arms Dealers and is available in one of the three main base camps in Yara. In Far Cry 6, you have to play strategically to ensure you prevent chaos at all times.

However, in case the stealth is disrupted and chaos breaks out, you wouldn’t want to have a Glock at hand and be at the mercy of your teammates to cover for you.

An SMG is an SMG for a reason and MP7, with its rapid-fire rate and accentuated grip makes it the most formidable weapon in your arsenal for dangerous and violent shootouts.

While MP7 on its own is a massive asset, its damage output can be increased as you attach mods. However, attaching the Gut Wrencher mod lets you be worry-free about hitting accurate shots. This is because when the damage output on the body is increased, even inconsistent shots yield high damage points.

Best Weapons for Far Cry 6

Sniper Rifle MBP .50

Purchased from the Guerilla Garrisons and reaching rank 4 with the hero Dani, MBP .50 sniper rifle can be called the best sniper rifle in Far Cry 6. 

On its own, the sniper rifle has an excellent damage output and has an optimum velocity and fire rate as expected of a top-class sniper rifle. It’s easily the most reliable and convincing primary weapon for any rookie or a pro league player as well.

If you’re looking for a basic long-range weapon, Sniper Rifle MBP .50 is going to be your go-to choice. Apart from that, it also fancies numerous modifications that add a lot to its already high-performance abilities. 

When upgraded with relevant modifications this sniper rifle becomes a dangerous one-shot dead nightmare for the enemy. Moreover, it wouldn’t even require Dani to take a headshot and kill the opponent easily with one shot.


If you’ve got to the point that you’re no longer caring about stealth, then why not go all out? In the quest of liberating and freeing the island of Yara, you’re destined to come across competition way out of your league or specifically, out of your weapon’s league. 

Encountering helicopters, planes and heavily armored tanks is all part of Far Cry 6’s adventure-packed gaming experience. It’s needless to say that not even the best of your shooting guns can do any damage to it.

That’s where RPG-7 jumps in and becomes the umami to your shooting experience. It is your standard rocket launcher that works perfectly fine just the way it is to bring fireworks off a plane. In Far Cry 6, planes and tanks are nothing but nuisances, and what better to get rid of them than blasting with the gold ol’ RPG-7 rocket launcher?

Throughout the gameplay, the helicopters and planes are constantly out there looking for Dani and that hinders a lot in the success of the mission. RPG-7 is the primal choice for taking down air-based enemies in one or two hits at max. 

While it’s extremely dangerous and useful as it is, putting on some modifications makes this a top-tier weapon not to be messed with. Upon unlocking, equip the Trigger Discipline, Nimble Shooter, and Gunslinger as that will improve your speed, weapon’s aim, and draw and holster speed. Now say goodbye to the helicopter and planes in one smooth go.

Far Cry 6 Best Weapons


Talk about high precision, on-point maneuverability, and long-range altogether, that’s SVD for you. Purchased from Guerrilla Garrison and Juan Arms Dealers, the SVD sniper rifle is one of the debatable rifles when put up against MBP .50 rifle. 

One advantage is that the SVD sniper rifle has over MBP .50 and more of sorts, it doesn’t require the shooter to reload after every shot. This certainly gives the shooter the leverage they want to have but only with good aim can Dani advance through in quick successions after taking down the enemy.

This sniper rifle is purchased by Arms Dealers at Rank 9 but you can easily get your hands on this beauty at Rank 2 as well from Guerrilla Garrison. One of the best long-range weapons in the 6th installment of Far Cry 6 boasts high marks in all mod categories while being at base level and making the owner feel high and mighty.


There’s a reason why SSGP-58 is called the pain train in Far Cry 6. With its high velocity and accuracy, SSGP-58 becomes one of the most feared lethal weapons in the entire game. 

The MS16 S is all good and comfortable for the long run but everything’s history when you get hands-on with this piece of beauty.

Even though its accuracy is high on its own, attaching a few modifications converts this into a beast of a weapon. Attaching a Laser Pointer, Compensator, and Blast Rounds to the mix, SSGP-58 becomes the definition of an absolute powerhouse. Putting a cherry on top, this weapon does a great deal of damage to helicopters as well.

Far Cry Top Weapons

La Varita

Everyone has seen many, or few in some cases, cowboy movies and there’s a conventional shotgun existing in almost every other movie. 

There’s not much to say about those when even those come up against La Varita. There’s no comparison to what La Varita can do but its ability to shoot through the walls is its defining factor.

In Far Cry 6, you can expect your enemy to be hiding behind the walls or being stealthy to get the upper hand on you. La Varita makes no mistake in yielding potential damage to the enemy that’s in hiding. With an extremely high damage output, you can take out your enemy in one shot almost every single time.

If you want to get the most out of La Varita, there’s a special combo that manifests absolute results. Along with this weapon of greatness, when you combine a Supremo called Triador, you’ve created the deadliest combo to exist in all of Far Cry 6. 

La Varita is famous for being able to shoot through the wall while Triador helps Dani see through the wall. When you have the enemy in line of sight with the Triador, landing an accurate hit becomes a piece of cake from thereon.


If you’ve obtained the Blood Dragon pack, you’re in for a real treat. Presenting you, Kobracon, a cyberpunk-shaped sniper that’s easily one of the best ones out there. If you’re going against a tough opponent, Kobracon’s rigid exterior isn’t just for show. 

It can take out strong opponents at ease and give in to some game’s inner perspective, the reload animation for Kobracon is worth every penny spent.

Kobracon yields a lot of damage output and with a high-powered scope attached, it’s a premium choice for expert snipers. Looking for a reliable and tough weapon, Kobracon is to go for. To get your hands on the priceless Kobracon, you first have to complete “The Guerrilla Mission” and it’s all yours!

Rococo Loco

This is one of those weapons that are little in size but the amount of damage they yield, it’s hard to ignore that. Rococo Loco is an auto-pistol that’s nothing short of a small SMG. Attached to it is huge drum-fed ammo and it fires shots at a very high and ferocious rate. It’s a horrible mistake your enemy line would make to stand against you. Rococo Loco does go ‘Loco’ on the enemy. By the end of ammo, the enemy is at its wit’s end too.  


Far Cry 6 was just released last year in October and within the scope of the previous 4 months, it’s become one of the best-selling games on Xbox as well as PlayStation. 

This goes far to show how successful the game was and the wide array of weaponry to select from makes the player feel exhilarated and contribute to the franchise by investing their time in the game and playing with excitement and passion.

Regardless of how enjoyable the game maybe, when it comes to shooting games, every player needs to have a good and steady weapon. This curated list of weapons is a sure-fire means of bringing forward the best weapons out there in Far Cry 6. Let’s free the land of Yara!

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