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Top 12 War Strategy Games 2022

Best War Strategy Games 2022

Winston Churchill viewed a glimpse of France from an aircraft window in 1938 and thought it would make an excellent video game setting. Since then, there have been almost a hundred million different strategy games, simulating as many various forms of battles as there have been different reasons for humans to attack one another.

Fighting games and other games from twitchy video game genres do not always give you the challenge you are looking for. Without question, fast-paced, action-oriented games have their role, but you need the adrenaline rush that comes from smashing foes with your wits.

This is when strategy games appeal to you. In most strategy games, you are tasked with controlling all facets of the war, such as gathering energy sources and constructing bases or soldiers.

Strategy games are one of the most diversified and sophisticated categories of PC games; thus, compiling a list of the best strategy games available today is a difficult task. 

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Top 12 Best War Strategy Games 2022

There are genuine and turn-based war strategy games in the list given below. Let us get right into our list of top 12 of the finest war strategy games in 2022.

Let’s discuss each below:

Company of Heroes

Company of Heroes is a real-time strategy game developed by Relic Entertainment and released by Sega for Microsoft Windows. It is one of the best war strategy games. The game has new themes and stages set in World War II’s Italian and North African theaters.

Company Of Heroes transformed World War II into an entirely new experience. It manages to merge the compassion of Band of Brothers with real-time strategy game components. Even when you deploy fresh troops to war to reinforce a squad that just died on a fool’s errand of your own choice, Company Of Heroes makes you feel that every warrior contributes to anything. This is partly due to the Essence Engine’s realistic portrayals, but it is also because of the missions’ methodical pacing. There is frequently a flurry of gunfire directed for cover even before the action begins.

Although these troops are merely pixels on a screen, do not be shocked if you find yourself executing tactical decisions in this fascinating game that secure their survivability rather than the shortest path to victory.

War Hospital

If you are not interested in fighting wars, you might be intrigued by what occurs during and after one. You can be a beam of hope in the midst of war’s gloom in War Hospital. In this one-of-a-kind societal survival game, you will be in charge of a British WW1 field hospital.  You will be fighting for your life, character, and compassion in a world that has turned its back on you.

The year 1917 serves as the game’s background. Major Henry Wells, a veteran British military doctor, has been conscripted back into the horrors of World War I. You are the final chance for numerous men on the French Front since you are overworked and underequipped.

In War Hospital, you will hold control of the British field hospital during World War I, ensuring that your patients live and survive through this, or at the very least have a less terrible death. To establish your hospital and make it successful in its mission, you must know how to manage resources, workers, and patients in this game.

War hospital best strategy games 2022

Total War: Warhammer III

The third episode of the TW Warhammer saga has just arrived. Total War: Warhammer III was created by Creative Assembly and released by Sega. It is a strategy and real-time tactics game. It is the third game in the Total War series based on Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy fictional setting.

Like its predecessors, this strategy and tactics-based wargame, Total War: Warhammer III, allows players to maneuver their troops across the globe and establish towns. Players can engage in uncontrolled combat or create short truces through diplomacy. Moreover, the players will be able to construct personalised battles and even multiplayer battles in the game’s customised combat mode. 

Warhammer Fantasy Total War games have improved the strategic genre, providing a more diversified and fascinating experience than ever before.

Project Have

Project Haven is a squad tactics game set in the slums of Earth’s last city. Players will control the Steel Dragons, a group of soldiers that have decided to make a livelihood in Haven City in Project Haven. They are tasked with various challenging assignments, including pestering corrupt government officials, combating gangsters, and other nefarious activities. Basically, they would do anything as long as the compensation is high.

You will have to manage this group’s resources and guarantee that they develop into a thriving mercenary organisation in the city’s cutthroat market. You will have to figure out how to attack your opponents’ flaws and push them out of the way.

Lead the Steel Dragons, a motley squad of mercenaries, on risky operations, upgrade your weapons, and remain one shot ahead of the competition in this fascinating game of 2022.

Diplomacy is Not an Option

Diplomacy is Not an Option is a tower defence sandbox in which players take on the role of a feudal lord tasked with defending his castle against a swarm of foes.

The title of this game is self-explanatory. You play as a medieval lord who has grown bored of the mundane life of dining, shooting, and fencing and desperately wants the thrill of combat in this strategy game. Diplomacy is Not an Option appears to have a lot of economy and city administration mechanics.

Diplomacy Is Not an Option takes place on a harsh planet. Your men may get hungry if food becomes limited on the battlefield. Homes must be safeguarded, illnesses must be controlled, and bodies must be removed and cremated with dignity.

Songs of Conquest

Top war strategy games Songs of Conquest

Lavapotion’s Songs of Conquest is a strategy game released by Coffee Stain Publishing. The game was released earlier this year for Microsoft Windows and macOS and was influenced by 90s masterpieces such as Heroes of Might and Magic III.

The game is a cross between a turn-based real-time strategy and an adventure game. Kingdom administration, such as hiring Welders and armies, creating and upgrading structures, as well as turn-based warfare battles, are all part of the strategic portion of the game. The adventure portion is accompanied by a distinct fantasy scenario and tale, which is portrayed using a mix of 2D pixel art, 3D settings, and volumetric illumination.

Governing your personal kingdom and ensuring its survival is the main focus of Songs of Conquest. You are in charge of recruiting warriors, expanding your kingdom’s infrastructures, and defeating adversaries.

Terra Invicta

Terra Invicta is a strategy game where the player takes command of the Earth’s defence against an extraterrestrial invasion. An alien army has landed in the Solar System’s distant reaches, investigating Earth’s reasons and preparing an invading fleet. The player must build a council of researchers, legislators, military leaders, and agents with the ultimate objective of uniting Earth’s states to take the battle to the aliens on the high ground of interstellar space.

In this game, players must assemble and train a council of leaders and operatives capable of influencing global events and bringing Earth’s bickering countries into the faith. You will be able to interact with a living model of Earth’s present dynamics and the effects of a hostile extraterrestrial intelligence’s invasion.


WARNO is the definitive World War III battle simulator from Eugen Systems, the experts of strategy. This game is genuine, engaging, and magnificent for players. As you lead hundreds of forces on a spectacular and terrible battlefield, a Cold War becomes dramatically heated in this game. Find a way to beat your opponents, outsmart them, and command your troops to victory.

WARNO is the supreme next-gen World War III warfare simulator and the intellectual heir to the famous Wargame series. With WARNO, you may immerse yourself in a genuine, vast, and painstakingly researched Cold War real-time strategy game.

The term WARNO stands for Warning Order. It allows you to control your ground force and lead battalions of Cold War-era forces to triumph on strategic, unpredictable battlefields. Demonstrate your strategic leadership skills in the turn-based Army General campaigns set in Western Europe during a deadly, innovative World War III.

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign

Knights of Honor II: Sovereign is an excellent introduction to the grand strategy genre. It depicts the planet as a living, breathing microcosm that is alive and ready to be conquered. Choose your royal court wisely since it will influence the fate of your kingdom, whether it be wealth, invasion, diplomacy, commerce, or defeat. 

Raise troops to protect your territory or wage war on the enemy, and even plunge into battle in action-packed real-time strategy conflict. Players will be able to enjoy intriguing complexity with greater approachability than ever before, ranging from religion to city building.  You may appoint marshals, clergy, merchants, diplomats, and agents to impose your commands over the nation and actively lead your army in tense RTS battles. 

This game has all of the sophistication that gamers are looking for and an open road to becoming the actual Sovereign of your kingdom.

Knights of Honor II Sovereign latest strategy game

Starship Troopers – Terran Command

Terran Command: Starship Troopers is an exciting real-time strategy based game set in the Starship Troopers world. It is a story-driven game with distinct missions, characters, and many Starship Troopers flavours, as well as dozens of other unit types, each with their own specific skills.

Players will be able to command a fleet of dropships, construct their base infrastructure, and conquer critical points in order to grow their forces and get access to new armament.

Players can take charge of their portable army and fight the Arachnid menace. In order to establish an efficient balance between strategic supremacy and numerical strength, create, expand, and govern your forces. Make sure that human civilisation, not bug civilisation, reigns supreme in the universe now and forever.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2

The Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 is the craziest and most outrageous battle generator in the war strategy game genre. This game lets players build epic fights with tens of thousands of warriors on the screen.

Sandbox mode is coming back, with endless army sizes and significantly more versatility than before. In RTS mode, you may direct your armies with complete drag-and-drop army control, or you can do it personally by playing as any troops.

Jump into several stories and player-driven missions in upcoming early access releases, or create your own and interact with friends. FPS intrusion, in which you play as a soldier battling off swarms of monsters in the first person, will be returning shortly.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator has 100 times the number of characters on-screen as its previous version, and it does it in significantly more depth and quality. Each person has superior decision-making and visualisation skills, and they all work together to achieve a shared objective.

Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator 2 strategy game for 2022

The Settlers

The Settlers is a real-time strategy city-building game developed and marketed by Ubisoft Düsseldorf. It is a remake of The Settlers game series. A game mode and a Skirmish mode are included in the game, with 1v1 and 2v2 multiplayer options.

The Elari, the Maru, and the Jorn are three separate factions in the game. The player begins with a skeleton staff and must expand their communities by gathering resources, creating fields for sustenance, and establishing military facilities for both attack and protection, like in previous series games.

According to The Settlers’ director, the team had to modify the game since the gameplay elements were unnecessarily complicated and did not work well together. The game was supposed to be launched in March 2022, but owing to criticism gathered during the Closed Beta, The Settlers team announced that it would be postponed to a later date since the game’s quality was not yet up to standard with the team’s goal.

This is a comprehensive list of 12 of the best war strategy games of 2022. All of these games have superior features and will undoubtedly delight you while giving everything a gamer desires.
We are confident that you will not be dissatisfied if you choose to play any of them.

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