Best Horror Games On Steam 2022

Best Horror game 2022

Looking for something horrifying? Horror games could be the best for playing on weekends with your friends. Horror games are primarily based on disgusting and frightening people for entertainment. Horror games can amaze you with drastic gaming experiences.

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However, these games can help people to deal with multiple situations in the real world much better whenever they encounter something horrifying that they were not expecting.

In this article, we will enlist some of the terrifying games on steam of 2022, but before that, we will mention different types of games. It is often difficult to know which one you like the most, so let’s find one by one. 

Sub Genres of Horror games

There are several subcategories of horrors games:

  • Survival Horror Games: One of the most popular games, in these games, technically, something is trying to kill you, and you need to survive it. You will be provided with limited resources and need to survive the whole game using them.
  • Action Horror Games: Resident Evil and Dead space are some popular action games that include shooting, combat, and much more to complete the levels.
  • Stealth Horror Games: This type is not very popular or alluring but still, some people prefer playing these games. You need to pass the enemies from one point to another.
  • Psychological Horror Games: Design for scaring the player. The story and the levels will all be mind-boggling, and you will get to know how the games play and care you off by tripping your mind.
  • Reaction/Jump Scare Horror Games: This type is relatively cheap. It is probably based on jump scares (biological reaction), making you densified at a certain point.

Top 7 Horror Games on Steam

Let’s find out about some of the intense horror games on steam with an immersive experience:

Dying Light

Dying Light is a game based on a zombie apocalypse produced by Techland and debuted in 2015, but it’s still popular. The entire atmosphere of the game is quite horrifying and dark. The game’s main idea is to kill the zombies, but that’s not the end. You also need to stop humans from achieving evil goals.

Dying Light Best Horror game 2022

Moreover, the resources provided in the beginning are pretty limited and not advanced, but as the game progresses, you will be provided with more valuable weapons, skills, and better abilities. The better you perform in the game, the more rewards and weapons will be unlocked. To smash the zombies, you need to have good aim and backup. You can create your team with your friends to make it a more enjoyable and smashing experience.

Left 4 Dead 2

Left 4 Dead 2 is a new series with more thrilling campaigns and updates and a new world to experience. It is a campaign-based game in which you will be required to finish some missions to move on to the next round. 

You may encounter some supernatural zombies, which are monsters to deal with, but as the game progresses, you will be allotted more weapons and better attributes. So team up with your friend and try to buy katana, an extremely rare weapon that can kill a myriad of zombies with one swing. So do not waste time quickly downloading and enjoy the horrifying experience.

Resident Evil 4

Another trending survival horror game is Resident Evil 4. This is the fourth series with better features, weapons, enemies, and more classical survival games. The game surrounds Leon S Kennedy, whose primary focus is to find his partner Sheva Alomar who has disappeared. But he needs to save the president’s daughter to save his partner. During the game, they must face a crowd of enemies and scary moments to reach their partners.

State of Decay 2

If you are aware of Dead Rising before, you will love State of Decay 2. The game has been quite trendy for over a decade, but this new sequel marks the beginning of a new world.

It is the first-ever survival game where you can tag down three friends to play with you. You will be required to build some territories and fight against the undead enemies. Moreover, you will have to hunt down your food, water, health, and other resources to survive in the game. 

It also deals with armored vehicles and advanced features as the journey progresses. It is pretty alluring and fun to play with your friends. Protect yourself, your friend, and your settlement, so fight against the zombies and expand your settlement.

Days Gone

Another open world with a bunch of zombies. It is another trending survival game formed by Sony BendThis game is quite similar to the Last of Us but is much more enjoyable with better graphics and survival experience.

In the game, a teenager is looking for his lost wife, surrounded by zombies and infected land. The start man moves in search of his wife to find a cure. The entire journey will be horrifying. The zombies will run to prey on you. So be careful!


Visage is another survival sub-genre horrifying game. This game is quite a success. You will be provided with scarce demon crystals with great phantom designs. With crystal on your side and scary things trying to haunt you down. 

The entire game is quite chill and brutally shot down. Face the hidden ghost and stalk in the shadows once you face them. Don’t be frightened to gather all your creepy strength and fight back; otherwise, you will lose. Overcome your fear and face the house of terror and fight till your last breath.

Dark Deception

Lastly, we have Dark Deception, the first-ever terrifying maze game. Around each corner, death is stalking you, just waiting to kill you. You need to face the horror and scope this scary maze.

Once you are killed, it will start again from where you have left off, same layout and obstacles. If you are ready to face your fear, ride on. Monsters are waiting for you. The dark secret of the haunted house survives until you reach the elevator at the end of the lockup.

The story is quite thoughtful and alluring. You need to think with an open mind and fearless mind: quite great graphics and awful, terrifying music. So enjoy the scary experience.

Wrap Up!

Horror games are scary and exciting to play, so don’t waste your time. Download some of the fantastic, horrifying games mentioned above. Be tactful and open-minded while facing the enemies; otherwise, the loss is on your side.

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