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Destiny 2: How to Farm Exotic Engrams [FAST]

Destiny 2: How to Farm Exotic Engrams [FAST]

Exotic engrams are one of the best engrams that you can get in Destiny 2. They represent special gear that only exists in a singular form. What that means is that there is only one variant of exotic weapons and armor and there are no others like it. They all have special attributes that can really affect the way you play the game.

There are many exotic weapons and armor in the game and some are tied to quests and raids whereas others are just random drops that are tied to your RNG luck.

In this article, we are going to be going over those luck-specific drops as they are the only ones that can be attained through engrams. The others just drop in an already usable form and thus leave no room for surprise or suspense when getting them.

There are many ways that you can get these engrams but there are a few farming techniques that you can use in order to get as many as you can as fast as you can.

Ways to Farm Exotic Engrams fast in Destiny 2

There are many ways that you can get exotic engrams to drop for you in the game. There is no exact science as to how and why exotic engrams drop because they can drop from just about any enemy.

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Random Drops

Exotic engrams can also randomly drop from completing any activity although the chances for that happening are extremely rare. This is a way that cannot be discounted because you can actually farm for exotic engrams by taking on a lot of enemies in a short amount of time.

This can be accomplished through a lot of activities that have waves of enemies although there are a few that are best suited for it. The first activity that you are going to want to look into is public events. Public events usually have a lot of enemies that are pretty low level. You can take them out pretty easily and you’ll always find people to do them with as they are open activities that anyone can join without an invite.

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There is one thing to remember about public events though, they can always be made heroic by doing certain things in the event. All of the events have certain criteria that if met will trigger the heroic version of the event which increases the number of enemies that spawn, makes the event harder, and gives you a better reward at the end. This should be your way of dealing with public events so that you get as many enemies to spawn as possible.

The other event that you should look into is the Altar of Sorrows which is an amazing event for racking up kills. The event is kind of a public event where other people can join without needing an invite.

There is a difference between Altar of Sorrows and public events in terms of difficulty and complexity because it will actually take some skill in order to complete it successfully.

The reason Altar of Sorrows is so good for racking up kills is because enemies keep spawning for 10-20 minutes straight. They are all Hive as well so they can be defeated really quickly. If you are looking for farming random drops then this is the place to do it because it is easy, filled with enemies, and will give you lots of teammates to do it with so that you aren’t overwhelmed.


Xur is a godsend for players that don’t have all the exotic gear yet. Every weekend Xur will come around to one of the destinations that he can spawn in and will always offer an engram that you don’t have yet. He will sell you the engram for legendary shards and that is a great way to build up exotics that you already don’t have.

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Along with the Fated Engram, he will also offer an exotic weapon as well as a piece for each class. This is heavenly for new players as the exotics are on a rotation and you can pick up a bunch of exotics within a week because of Xur.

Need help finding Xur? Click here to find Xur

Master Nightfalls in Destiny 2

Master Nightfalls

The more common sources of exotic engrams end up being specific activities although there is one specific activity that can really help you out when it comes to exotic engrams. That activity comes in the form of Master Nightfalls. That activity is the Nightfall for the week but bumped up to the max difficulty. This should not be taken lightly as it is incredibly hard to complete successfully and takes a long time to do.

If you plan on doing the Master Nightfall then you should definitely be the recommended light level and have competent members in your fireteam. This activity is one of the most difficult in the game and can be brutal.

It requires you to have a loadout that fulfills all the modifiers that the game includes. If you are familiar with Halo LASO then this activity is something akin to that.

Master Nightfalls need the special mods or seasonal exotic weapons to deal with the champions that spawn as well as a weapon with the matching element to break the shields of certain enemies. Hard Light is heavily recommended for this because it can take care of all the shielded enemies that spawn in the level.

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You should also make sure that your armor is decked out with mods that will help you survive as well as find enough ammo because ammo will be extremely limited during this activity.

Seasonal mods will help in this regard as well as any mods that increase ammo pickups or increase the frequency of enemies dropping ammo. Do not take this activity lightly because even a small mistake could cause a team wipe.

The rewards are well worth it though because the activity has an 80% chance of giving you an exotic engram as well as a high chance of Ascendant Shards so you will find people wanting to farm Master Nightfalls. If you want to go on a farming spree for these items then you should either have a preset team or post an LFG for that purpose because you simply cannot do this activity alone, at least not without significant pain.

Final Note

These activities are the 3 best exotic farming ways in the game currently but don’t forget that there are vendors that give you exotic quests as well as gear that is no longer accessible so make sure to pay them a visit if you are looking for exotics that don’t drop from engrams.

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