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Halo Infinite: [COMPLETE] Guide 2022

Halo Infinite: [COMPLETE] Guide 2022

Halo Infinite, a first-person shooter game, has already earned quite a reputation for being a world-class game that provides hours of free entertainment to its players. Halo Infinite came about through joint efforts of its developers, i.e., 343 industries and publishers, i.e., Xbox Game Studios.

Now that it is here, it is important to point out that it does not matter if you are a newcomer or a seasoned veteran returning to the Halo world. Because everyone needs a little guidance, this guide contains certain tips, tricks, and advice from experts to help you beat other players.

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Just like the previous versions from the Halo franchise, you will still be targeting aliens and driving Warthogs. However, the latest Halo Infinite gives you more freedom and a handful of mysterious and exciting tropes. Therefore, naturally, this requires extra caution. You will find that this guide details everything you must know to be a top player.

Halo Infinite Complete Best Guide 2022

Make Full Use of The Weapon Buffet

The first few hours of Halo Infinite are preceded by the open world. It would be best if you used this time to the fullest. Since there are a lot of guns in Halo Infinite, you should pick the two most basic weapons; a standard pistol and an assault rifle. You can choose others too if you are skilled enough.

A lot of ammo is lost due to taking out the aliens. Therefore, regularly change your loadout or as per requirements. Moreover, make good use of Halo Infinite’s introduction to weapons as the knowledge and skill you earn from here help in the battlezone or during the firefights.

halo infinite weapon

Frequently Use Your AI Scanner

Now that we have established the importance of ammunition. The next big question is how to spot them? The answer is pretty straightforward. Use your AI scanner. You can activate your AI scanner by pressing the D-pad of your controller.

An AI scanner illuminates things like weapons and crates around you. It can even highlight stuff on the other side of a wall. Remember that weapons appear blue. However, interaction items like the explosive coils or controlling terminals appear yellow.

Your AI scanner will also highlight current missions or objectives on the HUD. Begin using AI early on in the game, as this will give you a headstart over others as it is better to be on the offensive rather than defense.

Have Your Grappleshot On The Offensive

The fan-favorite addition to Halo Infinite is master chief getting a rather scientific version of link’s Hookshot from the legend of Zelda. But there is much more to do than simply dilly dally around the Zeta Halo. You can use Link’s Hookshot for navigation and climb over numerous things.

However, other strategies that give you an edge are:

  • Hit with precision: If you hit a jackal’s shield with your grapple shot, it will hinder your opponent and knock him to the side. Thus vulnerable to headshots.
  • Close distance in an instant: when you hit an unshielded enemy with a grapple shot, you are instantly transported over to them. In the blur of events, you can aim for a melee hit that will effectively incapacitate your enemy. This is especially beneficial when you finally unshield an Elite.
  • Hijack vehicles easily: as mentioned above, a grapple shot zips you over to your target. Therefore if you use your grapple shot on a vehicle, it will drop you on the target. Thus, it makes the hijacking process way easier and efficient.
halo infinite grapple shot

Upgrade Your Shield and Grappleshot Early On

Halo Infinite allows players to upgrade their grapple shot, shields, thrusters, threat sensors, drop wall, and much more early on. All these gadgets are essential to your survival in the first few chapters of the game. You can upgrade them with Spartan Cores.

Unsurprisingly though, everyone’s favorite upgrade is the grapple shot. Upgrading your grapple shot will improve its aim and range. The update will also add stunning electrocution to it. The best thing is that all of this costs a couple of spartan cores.

The second favorite upgrade is that of shields. Every time you upgrade your shield, you increase its protection by 15 percent. On the battlefield this means, you will spend less time dying and more time taking out the bad guys.

Explore More, and Even After Missions

There is always something happening in the Zeta Halo. It is best to explore the surrounding area as you will find numerous collectibles, spartan cores (that you need for upgrading, remember?), outposts, and even some brief combat encounters.

These numerous side activities and missions make up the rest of the world of the Halo Infinite. They certainly make the game way more interesting and time engrossing. Moreover, you get to experience stuff outside of the story too. Not only this but you are also rewarded for your efforts! It’s like a win-win situation.

Prioritize Your FOB Claims

FOBs, short for forwarding Operating Bases, are resupply platforms scattered around the Zeta Halo of Halo Infinite. On a forward operating basis, you can do several things such as pick up ammo or weapons, call in a vehicle and even take up marine reinforcements.

Besides, as you earn more Valor, your weapons, ammunition, vehicles, and marine recruits at FOBs under your control get even better. It is quite easy to control a FOB. All you have to do is make sure that none of the banished control it. Once it is under your command, you will be told various areas of interest. Moreover, the FOB also acts as a fast travel location.

Therefore, make sure to reclaim FOBs at every opportunity. This way, you will never run out of ammo and travel rapidly around the halo without much effort.

Surround Yourself With Marines

Once the FOB is under your control, the UNSC marines will return to the area. You, as the master chief, have complete authority over them. Therefore, you lead the squad, and they do as they are told. Once you have unlocked Razorback Warthog Variant, you can take up to five marines in a car.

If anything, the marines make up good bullet sponges. They provide extra cover during a fight. Marines are bad fighters independently, either, so you can use them for combat. All in all, Marines make up a good backup.

halo infinite marines

Halo Infinite Achievements

There are a great number of achievements present inside the game. You can check them out even before you have loaded the game. However, certain achievements can only be accomplished after doing a specific task. There are four main types of achievements:

Customization achievements

It includes achievements like “Need a Weapon?” and “Passion for Fashion,” requiring the player to try out a new weapon customization item and wear a new armor customization item.

Multiplayer achievements

These kinds of achievements include “We Have a Job for You” and “Slaying with Style ” which require one to complete a weekly challenge and earn a mythical creature, respectively.

Gameplay achievements

Gameplay achievements include A True Test of Legends that requires the player to complete all of the main campaigns on Legendary difficulty. Moreover, it also requires the player to use different tools and power-ups. Such as its Aegis fate, which can only be accomplished by deploying the drop wall fifty times.

Secret achievements

The final kind of achievement type is secret or story achievement. It includes the famous “Ascension” achievement you can obtain by defeating the banished warlord Tremonious and “One Down,” where you have to obliterate a banished anti-aircraft gun.

Halo Infinite Campaign Difficulty

You can’t change the game’s difficulty level while actively playing. However, you can make the game more difficult or easier by going to the menus.

To change the difficulty level of the game, you have to follow the following three subjects:

  1. Go to the main Campaign menu and click on Load Save rather than Continue.
  2. After selecting the save of your choice, click on Difficulty, and choose any one of the four options: Easy, Normal, Heroic, or Legendary.
  3. Hit Play and test your skills on the new game level.

Another option available on the screen, right under Difficulty, is Skulls. You must access this to customize various aspects of the game, such as making more huge explosions or making rare forms of combat moments more common.

Halo infinite campaign


Halo Infinite is the new addition to the preexisting halo series. It is an action-packed game with a lot of missions. Players can increase their chance of completing more and more missions by following different tricks and tips.

Achievements also award good players. You either have to fulfill a certain kind of mission or perform actions to unlock an achievement. There are four kinds of achievements in the game.

You can customize Halo Infinite to your taste whether you want it to be difficult or easy, mundane or legendary. The choice is entirely up to you. Moreover, you can also fine-tune some of the game’s other, more visual aspects. No wonder it is admired and loved by loads of people.

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