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Valheim: How to Farm Coal [QUICKLY]

Valheim: How to Farm Coal Quickly

Games like Valheim are very complex, and the only way to go through various stages inside the game is to indulge in shortcuts and majorly focus on the collection of resources. There are different kinds of resources spread around the gameplay of Valheim. The game features a variety of materials that can be used to enhance the characters’ capability on various stages of the game. Materials like iron and coal are highly appreciated in the game’s early stages to have a stronger foundation as a player.

The widely made mistake by various initial players is underestimating the power of coal in the gameplay. However, senior players tend to focus on getting each material, including the coal, because if you add coal with other resources, it can be a major booster for your character as well. This is why this guide is formulated to help the player know about coal and how to farm the coal and benefit from it.  

Coal in Valheim

Coal is the most underrated material in the gameplay of Valheim. However, small pieces of coal can definitely boost up your character. 

Individually coal may not seem beneficial for the player; however, adding coal to other materials and resources can do wonders for the player. It can easily help in the survival aspects of the character as well. Mainly coal is a basic form of material, and its weight is four grams. Coal is mainly found in the forms of lumps in various places in the main world. The maximum capacity of coal is recorded to be about fifty lumps. The code of the item in general, which is ‘coal.’

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Ways to Get Coal

The main objective is to farm the coal, which is why you need to invest your time in finding ways to get your hands on the coal before everyone else since the amount of coal per area is constant. There are various different ways to gain coal. Some are conventional, and some are not, and it is up to the player what way they choose. Following are various ways to get coal in Valheim.

With Charcoal Kiln

Charcoal kilns are one of the best and effective ways to get coal in Valheim, but you need to build the kiln first. The method requires getting as much wood you can. The player can get one coal per piece. However, you need to make sure to have built multiple bundles because of the limit of wood per player at a time. This will also help you gain sufficient surtling cores. The main material required for this is wood, which is one of the most easily found materials as the player can get it when they chop a tree or pick up a random beach lying around on the ground.

From Burnt Food

This is one of the unconventional ways to gain coal in the game. The food is in various places in the game and is provided for the player to maintain his health for his survival. If you have enough energy and need to have coal to move forward, you can go to the cooking station and intentionally burn the food. However, the downside to this is that the amount of coal you get is very low, and the food and energy are also wasted; hence you can’t really rely on this method in the long run; however, it can be used in desperate conditions.

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Through Enemies

It sounds weird, but enemies can sometimes benefit you when searching for coal in Valheim. Most of the time, your enemies mistakenly drop their resources, and if they do not acknowledge their loss or come back in time to get it,  you can take the dropped coal and use it.

There are calculated rates for the drop on various levels of the game, and most of them are always from the surtling enemies. On level one, the quantity of coal is recorded to be four on the drop rate of one hundred percent. On level two, the quantity of coal is recorded to be doubled as there are eight in there with the drop rate of one hundred percent and lastly the level three has the most amount of coal as it has about sixteen lumps of coal in there with the drop rate of hundred percent as well.

With the help of Console Command

This is also one of the unconventional ways of getting coal to farm in Valheim, which is basically considered cheating. If you are ok with cheating for a little bit, you can try this method. You can do it by spawning the coal with the help of writing commands on your console. In order to spawn, you need to have a working cheat code environment; once you operate that, try trying ‘devcommands’ on the console. Most consoles are on the F5 setting. Now you will have lumps of coal to work with. If you want more coal, try repeating the procedure; however, keep in between beaks of ten minutes for this to work.

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Farming Coal

Once you have got a way to get the coal, the next main thing is to know how to farm it well. The farming method involves various techniques. The main ways involve various cheat codes to get your enemies in a line and under the radar. 

You need to make sure to be safe and not get killed in the process, which is why opting for God mode will be an intelligent choice. Here is how you can farm the coal:

  • Start by pressing the F5 button.
  • Input imacheater.
  • Get God mode.
  • Input God in the text box.
  • Starting surtling by typing event surtling where you get coal with every kill.
  • Repeat the event again to get more.


The main thing to understand is that the first thing you need to do is find ways to get coal and then opt for the options to farm them and move forward in your game. Hopefully, this will benefit your gameplay.

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