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Valheim: How to Locate and Defeat the Troll

Valheim: How to Locate and Defeat the Troll

Valheim is a popular survival game in which the player competes against several ancient and terrifying enemies. One such enemy is the hideous troll, twice the size of an average man, with a deathly glare and skin as blue as ice. Most players admit competing against the troll is quite a challenge, especially for players who are new to the game. 

One of the reasons that motivate a large number of players to bring down this giant is the amazing loot they acquire in case of victory. However, if you want to have a chance against this tyrannical beast, you need to strategize!

Locating the Troll

Valheim is full of enemies inspired by Viking mythology. The troll is the first of the many horrific beasts a player encounters as soon as they enter the Black Forest. As expected, the troll proves to be massive in size, and extremely grumpy. This is why competition against this enemy is going to be a tough battle for the new players.

To begin the battle and get your hands on precious loot, you need to find the troll first. It is not a challenging task given the size of the troll is about 25 feet, and the ice blue color of its skin is really hard to miss. If the player continues to run through the Black Forest, chances are they will spot the troll from far away. However, it must be noted that the troll is not always inside the forest, but it can be found lurking outside the borders of the forest as well. This is why you should always be on guard while nearing the Black Forest area.

What is The Troll and Its Habitat Like?

The troll, as mentioned earlier, is bright blue and massive in size. The behavior of the troll is expected to be hostile and angry, thus the player must be ready to face a competitive battle. The troll must never be mistaken as a tameable creature. The enemy spawn code for the troll is ‘Troll’. The biome of the troll is the Black Forest. The Black Forest is basically dark and mysterious woods where the player often encounters other hostile creatures as well such as Skeletons, and Greydwarves. Trolls can also be found in dungeons or caves. To identify a troll cave, you need to make sure a number of bone piles are stocked in front of the cave entrance.

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Looting The Troll Cave

If you do not want to go through the trouble of locating the troll by running around the Black Forest, you can choose a more convenient method. Other than the forest, the troll can be found in his cave. The troll cave is an exciting and attractive place for a player searching for loot. Oftentimes, trolls tend to gather valuable loot and dump it in their caves. 

If a player has the guts to enter one, they can get their hands on some very precious and useful items like coins, pearls, amber pearls, mushrooms, and other necessities like food. When entering the Troll Cave it is best to put your guard up and be extremely careful.

Strategy To Defeat the Hideous Troll

Although it is possible to beat the troll with very basic weapons such as Arrows and Crude Bow, the strategy is what really matters. Until and unless you do not strategize properly, equipping yourself with advanced weapons will be of no use.

One of the methods to defeat the troll is through melee combat. However, it is a risky method and too technical for most of the new players. Melee combat is not considered the best strategy since the attacks of the troll are very strong. Even if the player is equipped with bronze armor and a bronze shield to protect himself, the strong blows by the troll are too powerful for the armor to bear. 

In melee combat, another risk involved is the falling down of the nearby trees on the player and damaging them. The following steps propose a much better strategy for new players to adopt and raise the chances of their success:

  1. If you spot the troll at a distance and want to sneak up on it, do not run. You need to jog briskly until you are about 6 to 9 meters away from the troll, or 20-30 feet.
  2. Maintain that distance, pull out an Arrow and shoot it across the forest towards the troll.
  3. Since the troll is quite a distance away from the player, it will take time for it to come closer. While the troll is running towards the player, they must keep on shooting the arrows at the troll.
  4. As the troll comes closer, the player must steadily move backward. However, if for some reason the player stays at the same position in order to keep on shooting the Arrows, and the troll has arrived close enough to attack the player, it is time to run. Run as fast as you can to get away from the attacking range, instead of jogging away.
  5. The key to the ultimate defeat of the blue troll is to maintain the distance between the player and the troll. In addition to maintaining the distance, the player is required to continue shooting the Arrows non-stop but making sure the troll is still quite a considerable distance away. You can run in big circles in order to attack with arrows and maintain the distance simultaneously.
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Things To Keep In Mind

Following this strategy, the players can beat the troll easily. The distance strategy is also helpful for players who do not have armor or a Crude Bow. If you want to build armor just to be safe, you need to keep a lookout for Troll Hide that he tends to drop occasionally. 

Troll Hide can be used to construct a strong Troll Leather Armour that is resistant to the vicious attacks by the troll. Trolls also tend to drop Coins so players can watch out for those too. It is important to note that Trolls must never be competed against if you are standing over or near a wooden base. One blow of the troll will cause the wooden base to crack up in pieces.

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