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Valheim: How to Farm Iron [EFFICIENTLY]

Valheim: How to Farm Iron Efficiently

Suppose you are a frequent player of Valheim. In that case, you are probably aware of the gameplay and how much iron is important to survive and enhance your characters’ capabilities, especially to obtain stuff for supporting your character in the game. However, a lot of players have issues with collecting and finding iron in Valheim. 

Since iron is very important for sustaining your character’s life, it is hidden in various parts of the game. This makes it difficult to stock up on the iron; though we have come up with an easy-to-understand guide for you to easily gain iron and stock it up for future needs. This has all the information regarding the issue of iron.

Locating Iron

Locating the iron is an initial skill you need to adapt to. There are basic ways to get iron, such as getting it from your enemies’ ruins once you defeat them. There are characters that have keys that can lead to finding a huge amount of iron once you defeat them. One of those characters is the Elder, also known as the boss on the second level, who has a key called the Swamp.

Once you obtain the swamp key, you need to discover the Swamp Biome. The key will help you to go towards it till you see a door made up of rocks. That door will lead you towards the sunkey crypts, which have a bunch of iron in them. While you are at it, you must find the bronze pickaxe, which will help you to get ores of iron in the future.

This is where you will also be able to find things like additional weapons to deal with the enemies. This biome will also lead you to the other major biomes, such as the mountain biomes, where you will be able to find poison crypts and ores for iron as well.

Obtaining Smelting iron

After knowing ways to locate iron, it is important to know about the importance of smelting the iron as well as the need of the smelter as well. A smelter is very important and can not be obtained premade since it can only be built. In order to build a smelter, you require about twenty special stones and five cores known as the surtling cores. In addition to those two, you also require a workbench as well. 

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Once you have made the smelter from smelting the iron, you need to give it a small amount of coal with a few ores of iron that see it working in no time. The smelter will easily produce iron bars. In addition to that, it will also provide you some amount of bronze bars. Those iron and bronze bars can work wonders for your gameplay as they can easily be converted into tools with the help of a forge. 

The forge, however, has its own requirements in order to work. The requirements are four special stones, four pieces of coal, and ten wood bundles with bars of copper. Once the requirements are fulfilled, the forge provides you with initial tools and equipment.

Valheim: How to Farm Iron Efficiently

Importance of Knowing Methods of Farming

Once you know how to locate iron and the importance of iron smelting, there is a heavy need to fulfill the other information parts on how to actually farm the iron in Valheim. Farming iron is not everyone’s cup of tea since acquiring iron has its own set of challenges. After finding and defeating the main bosses and getting iron through swamp keys. The dungeons can lead you to where you can farm for iron. 

The dungeons will lead you towards the crypts where the route is very even and had killed plenty of players as they try to go through it to frame for iron. There are heaps that you need to deal with in the back. There are also two other major blob-like structures in route. Make sure to avoid them as well. You need to make sure you know the importance of methods because through the methods’ help you can easily farm iron.

Essential Iron Tools

Find the iron is an important part of the game; however, using it intelligently is also crucial as it can determine your character’s ability in the game. It is said to be the main essential thing needed for multiple resources for a character in the game as iron can easily provide you character with major hands and create tools and weapons for the sustainability of the players’ life as well. If you are lucky enough to have enough iron in your collection following are some ways you can use that iron. 

  1. The character needs major tools like iron pickaxes and iron bars that can help you get those. All you need is fifteen bars of iron and three pieces of wood to get your iron pickaxe.
  2. The other main tool is called the iron ax, which can help you in dangerous situations and is sustainable for climbing and fighting with enemies. You can acquire iron axes with fifteen bars of iron and three pieces of wood.
  3. The third major tool is the iron longsword. It is more of a weapon. It helps in maintaining the health of the player by enhancing the fighting capabilities of the player. The sword is long and sturdy. You can obtain the sword with twenty-five bars of iron and two pieces of wood. The iron longsword can help you killing the grey dwarf in few hits.
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Methods of Farming Iron

There are two main methods that you can alternate with; one is the regular method while the other is the world-hopping method.

The Regular Method

The regular method is not known as the fast method since it takes a lot of hard work; however, the result is worthy if and only if you have enough patience.

  • Find the weightlifting tool, which is basically a belt known as Megingjord.
  • Move to the farming ground after defeating the bosses.
  • Get yourself some iron tools from the merchant on the way to the farming ground. 
  • Build a boundary for the goods to be secured.
  • Start adding the ores once you reach the mud piles.
  • Check the inventory.

The World Hopping Method

It is the second method on the list. The method starts with you acquiring a position in the farm world. Once you are in the farm world, this will help you create your own space like the swamp world. Now note where is the way to go in the main world once you find it go towards the main world. This is where you will have access to all the iron you own. Now you need to put it inside the house you have there. This is where you basically are empty-handed and put all your iron tools there. This is the time to park the character you own in the game by the game by logging out. Once you love out to get moving toward the direction of the Swamp:

  • Opt for the TSaHwhQCa8 seed on the initial level.
  • Check the number of your crypts.
  • Farm the crypts simultaneously.
  • Find a suitable swamp as most of the Swamp has at least seventeen iron ores.
  • Start farming all over and within the spaces in between the rooms as well.
  • Now switch to the main world and check the inventory.
  • Put all the iron inside the chest and continue mining.
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The best method of the two methods will be the world hopping method. The reason that this method is better for farming iron is that it is a faster procedure when compared to the regular method. It is more conveniently executed, and it also helps in killing the elder boss too.

Getting Limitless Iron

There are a few tricks and tips known in the players’ community that can help you earn a limitless amount of iron. Valheim provides an exotic feature that can help players have all the items with themselves while they shuffle through worlds. Getting that item to the other world helps build credit in the main world and enhances seed quantity. This way, once they shift to the real world, the inventory will be filled with iron ores and other needed resources as well. However, the other world will not give you access to those ores and iron.

Wrapping it up

The game is relatively easy once you get the hang of it and know about the tips and tricks about getting iron and farming it. This will be an easy guide, especially for the players at the beginning of the gameplay; this will enhance their characters’ capabilities. Take time to practice and learn more about the adventure in the Valheim world and enjoy the gameplay. Hopefully, this article helps you have more control over the players’ gameplay and statistics. To find the hidden tricks inside the realm and take advantage of it as there are plenty of iron ores are premade tools laying around rooms, and the main world as well.

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